An electric fan is one of the few inventions of the late 19th century that has undergone little changes throughout the years, since it was discovered by Philip H. Diehl in 1892. Throughout the 20th century, the electric ceiling fans have been human’s favorite cooling tool to withstand super hot and summers, and at the end of this period you could see them in almost every house.

Despite that manufacturers may have added some little elements and features in the structure of a ceiling fan, in essence its structure remains the same as when it was invented. Its main function, to cool down the air in your room, remains the same too.

However, these little updates to a ceiling fan have added more reasons to why one should own a ceiling fan.  In this article we have listed just 10 of these reasons, which at the same time make a fan that possesses the following features, the best ceiling fan.

They cool you down

Which is of course their main function and the main reason why one would own it. A ceiling fan does not actually cool the air down or decrease the temperature in your room. Instead it only creates a wind chill effect which makes you not feel the heat because of the breeze. If you manage to find the right fan for your room, you will find it better-functioning than an air conditioner. People who own a fan once, will hardly give up on it, knowing its worth and the benefits of owning one.

They are cheap

Even if you compare the price of the best ceiling fan, you will still find it cheaper than an air conditioner.  Other factors, as the fact that they last very long, they spend very little electricity and that they are very easy to maintain, make owning a ceiling fan even cheaper.

They spend very little energy

A ceiling fan uses electricity according to the size of their motor. However it is estimated that a typical 48 inch ceiling fan uses 75 Watts per 3 hours, what means it spends $0.10 per kWh. This makes it one of the cheapest ways of cooling down during summer.

They last long

We feel free to say that a ceiling fan is one of the home machines with the highest longevity. If you mount them rightly to the ceiling, and your take care and maintain it regularly over the years (which is actually a very easy and little time-consuming thing to do), you will not need to change it for at least 7 or 8 years. They actually last even longer than that, up to 15 years, and in some cases even more.

They can help with heating in the winter

You may be surprised, but it is true. Some of the best ceiling fans have a switch on them, and if you turn it on the other side the blades will also turn in reverse direction, thus contributing to the heating of the room. How does that happen?

It is a commonly known fact that warm air is lighter, what makes it go up, while the cold air goes down. When the ceiling fan blades start turning around they push the hot air down, thus helping to save up to 10% on heating costs during the winter.

They are easily maintained

If you righty maintain your ceiling fan, it will last more than you expect it to. The process is very easy and it does not take a lot of time. Just take care to clean the dust on the blades time after time, and also pay attention to the motor and its bearings. It is recommended to clean the bearings and oil them regularly. If you even notice some strange noise like clicking, or the blades wiggling then check it out whether something is wrong. The sooner, the better.

They can be very quiet

Of course there are all types of ceiling fans, and some of them can be very noisy. However, the best ceiling fans are considered to be those that make less noise even at their highest performance.  Many times the noise may come as a result of a bad work when mounting it to the ceiling. That is why, if you are unsure how to do it, best call someone who is a professional. Otherwise, it is not very recommended to buy a noisy ceiling fan, since even if you do not mind it at first, later it will be hard to do anything in a room with a constant buzzing noise, whether to rest, talk or watch TV.

You can change their speed

Good ceiling fan has three or more speeds which you can set according to your wish and the outside temperatures. The higher the speed, the more wind chill effect it will create. Ceiling fans tend to be a little bit more noisy at their highest speed, but most of them are hardly heard when on despite of doing a good job in cooling.

They are a good addition to your room

They may be classy but never old fashioned. Today you can find all types of ceiling fans that go perfectly good with any environment, whether a very modern one, or a little bit more classy. Today many architects suggest to their clients to get a ceiling fan in their room, not only because of their function but also because they add character to any room and any environment.

They are out of reach from kids and pets

Many people would get a floor fan or a tower fan, but because they have kids or pets, they cannot do it. A ceiling fan is perfect for these cases. No matter how tall you child is, or how high your pet jumps, they will be unable to reach the ceiling fan (unless you own a monkey), thus being safe, even if you take your eyes off of them for a minute or two.