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Belt Driven Ceiling Fans 2023

Belt driven ceiling fans are some of the very first ceiling fans ever created and have been around for longer than some other more famous types of ceiling fans.

belt driven ceiling fans

Belt driven ceiling fans are unique and beautiful, and they work from a single motor that has a pulley which drives a belt which is stretched between each fan. The belt drive motor is connected to the ceiling or the wall. 

Originally, the belt was driven by water wheels located outside the building with an elaborate belt and a pulley system but nowadays, there is no longer need for that as we have electricity. Some belt-driven fans have a single fan while others can have multiple fans.

The length between each fan can be up to 20 feet or so and there can be up to 5 fans run by a single motor and belt. 

Belt driven ceiling fans are normally seen in commercial applications, although some people will install them in their homes if the layout of the home lends itself to this application and the budget is relatively unlimited.

The majority of belt driven ceiling fans that you see in restaurants and hotels and magazines are made by Fanimation, the premier manufacturer of belt driven ceiling fans. Belt driven fans move a small amount of air because they are designed more for show than they are for function.

They are quite helpful in the hot and cold days. However, ceiling fans can also be used as a type of decor for your room. For example, if you are the type of person who likes vintage stuff of the interior of your room is vintageish then belt driven ceiling fans are for you.

Here are the best belt driven ceiling fans for 2023:

Fanimation FP1280BL-220 Brewmaster 220-volt

Fanimation-Brewmaster, is a belt driven ceiling fan by Fanimations, a company which carries a reputation for reproducing unusual, yet functional, belt driver fans. The fan is available in three different colors:

  • Antique Brass
  • Black
  • Pewter

You can also choose between two styles – the 220-volt one and the standard one.

The fan design creates a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, an old elegance and beauty that comes to life from this stunning collection. Clean lines, quality design and an affordable price are three simple reasons on why they are a great addition to any type of room. 

The fan weighs 16 pounds, uses a bulb voltage of 220 volts and uses corded-electric as a power source.


  • It is super easy to install
  • It comes with a remote controller included


  • It is a little bit expensive

Fanimation HA7966DZ Kellan Housing

 Kellan is a quiet belt driven ceiling fan which has a lot of power and an overall unique and awesome look. The fan is available in two colors: Brushed Nickel and Dark Bronze.

The fan is pretty remarkable, well built, well finished, and has a beautiful aesthetic touch to it. The item is quite light (5 pounds) and uses a bulb voltage of 120 voltage.

It also has three different speeds among which you can switch according to your desired airflow, which are: fast, faster, fastest.

Its dry location rated and uses corded electricity as a power source. The modern blends perfectly with antiques to create a one of a kind masterpiece.

The Kellan design features a neoprene belting, a gearless direct-drive motor, and sealed ball bearings. It can be tailored to fit any type of style. 


  • It comes with a remote control
  • It comes in reverse speeds


  • The slow speed is quite fast
  • When you tighten the height adjustor screw, it leaves a mark in the bronze finish
  • There are no instructions 

Fanimation FP580BL Bourbon Street, Black, Motor Only

Fanimation-Bourbon is another belt driven ceiling fan manufactured by Fanimation that was originally produced in the late 1800s. This type of fan is available in two colors:

  • Antique Brass
  • Black

It has a traditional style to it that can look good in any type of room. It uses corded electricity as a power source. The fan weighs 26 pounds and uses a voltage of 110 volts. The products dimension are 9 x 15.5 x 9 inches. The item carries on Animation’s reputation for representing unique, yet practical, belt-drive fans.


  • It doesn’t require batteries
  • It has a reversible motor


  • Motor, head, and blades are sold separately
  • It can only be used for dry places

Fanimation MA7966DZ Kellan Ceiling Fan Motor, Dark Bronze

Kellan-Ceiling-Fan is another item from Fanimation where the modern blends in perfectly with the antique to create a one of a kind masterpiece. It comes in the color dark bronze. This design features a

gearless direct-drive motor neoprene belting and sealed ball bearings.

It has three reversible speeds and has a blade sweep of 56 inches. It can be installed in the middle, and two fans directly opposite the motor in a row with a fan about 5 feet each side of the motor.

The item weighs 22.5 pounds, uses a voltage of 110 volts and uses corded-electric as a power source.


  • It includes a remote 
  • It doesn’t require batteries


  • It’s only rated for dry places
  • The belt is a little noisy 
  • The blades, motor assembly, and fan assembly are not included

Quorum 97215-86 Indoor Windmill Ceiling

Windmill Ceiling Fan  is a fan from Quorum that has a beautiful look that would look stunning when you hang it on the ceiling and is available in four colors:

  • Black
  • Bronze/ Dark
  • Brown 
  • Galvanized

The fan comes in with a 6-inch down rod, uses electricity of 23 Watts . It has a DC- 165L Motor. It uses 23 Watts, Airflow Efficiency: 88 Cubic Feet/Minute/Watt

DC-165L Motor.

The fan has 6 reversible speeds and 15 blades. The item weighs 48 pounds and uses a voltage of 120 volts. It’s rated for indoor use only. It has an airflow efficiency of 2008 Cubic Feet/ Minute.


  • Wall Control included
  • It looks like a piece of art


  • Doesn’t move a lot of air
  • Takes a couple hours to install

Metropolitan Modern Double Ceiling Fan in Satin Nickel with Light & Remote

Metropolitan from Gulf Coast Fans is a beautiful ceiling fan that throws a good amount of air while reaming quiet.   It has a double motor that articulate 45 degrees. It has 24 inch long blades that are reversible in Black or Sating Steel.

It has 3 speeds that are reversible and also includes a remote control. It uses a voltage of 120 volts and has a cutting diameter of 24 inches 


  • It includes a remote control 
  • The ceiling fan looks great
  • Fan is pretty quiet
  • Runs well at low and medium speeds.


  • Slight wobble at high speed. 
  • The fans can’t be controlled separately
  • It cannot be flush mounted

Tips for Installing Belt-Driven Ceiling Fan

Install the system in a way so that the fan is in the center of the ceiling. This way, you will get even airflow throughout the whole room. For optimal airflow, hang your belt-driven fan 8-9 feet above the floor.

Ceiling fans sometimes can be pretty heavy, so you need to make sure that they are installed securely. A good idea is to hang the fan from the electric box that you apply for the lamp. Otherwise, you’ll need to reinforce the mounting area.

 Make sure that the mounting area isn’t broken. The blades must be at least 6 feet 4 inches above the floor and at the same time, the blades need to be at least 8 inches beneath the ceiling.

There needs to be at least 18 inches between the blades and furniture, light fixtures, doors, and any other objects in the room.

Belt Driven Ceiling Fans

  • Belt-driven fans are not just addicted to electricity.
  • Its Belts use a similar system for a pulley to move to the fan blades
  • It reduces the engine load, resulting in lower energy consumption.
  • These Belt-driven fans are also easier to maintain than electric fans
  • Maintenance of the belt and bearing can be performed while the fan is running
  • No need to turn it off and lose valuable cooling.
  • Ceiling fans powered by belts are considered more environmentally friendly
  • They use less energy without sacrificing style and function


  • Usually, belt driven ceiling fan parts have an engine placed in another room or cabinet.
  • This can be aesthetically appealing, but it can take up more space than you think is necessary.

Belt Powered Ceiling Fan


  • Belt powered ceiling fans provide more flexibility in speed.
  • Generally, such fans are cheaper than direct-sized fans of similar size.
  • They tend to be quieter than the option.

-More friction between moving parts

-It can lead to higher energy costs

How to Pick the Perfect Belt Driven Ceiling Fan?

Before you purchase one you need to know some key elements about the fan so that you choose the best one.


You belt driven ceiling fans need to fit your style of the room. For you to pick the right belt driven ceiling fan you can look for models online so you can see the designs and colors that are available.

That way you can have a similar idea of what type of belt driven ceiling fan you want. The fan should complement the look of your room otherwise it will only ruin the look of the room.

Blade Span

Blade span influences the amount of airflow a ceiling fan can circulate in the room. The longer the blades, the higher the airflow. The right length of blade spans depends on the type of room that you have.

You need to measure the width and length of your room in square feet and multiply the number for example: 15ft x 15ft = 225 square feet. In order of picking the right size, you need to know the area of your room so you get the right length of blade spans.

Number of blades

The number of blades in a belt-driven ceiling fan plays a big role in how much airflow it can produce. The higher the number of blades are the more air the fan can move. However, there is a diminishing return with each additional blade added.

Researchers have shown that 2 blades are the best in terms of energy efficiency. They can deliver adequate airflow while not consuming too much power. 3-4-blade configurations have been shown to have the best scale of power consumption and airflow, so they can be good if you are looking to get a good worth for the money.

6-blade fans have the most powerful airflow, but their power consumption is beyond desirable.

Your choice depends on how much you value energy efficiency. If it is very important for you, a 2-blade fan would be better.


Wattage is very important when assessing the power efficiency of a ceiling fan. The bad thing is that Fanimation doesn’t provide wattage information for the majority of their belt-driven fans. They should provide you with the data if you contact them.

On the other hand from airflow, efficiency should also be examined. Measured in CFM/W, it indicates the amount of airflow a fan produces per watt. You should go for the lowest wattage and highest airflow efficiency that can satisfy your needs.


Airflow should also be considered when you are buying a belt-driven fan. Again, just like it was with wattage, Fanimation provides airflow data only for their Kellan fan.

The right airflow also depends on the size of the room for example:

    Room size (square feet)                                             CFM rating

Under 1441000-3000

 UL rating

The UL (Underwriters Laboratories) rating denotes where a belt-driven ceiling fan can be installed. There are 3 UL ratings that you need to know:

  • UL Dry rated fans can only be installed in dry indoor places.
  • UL Damp rated fans can be used in closed humid areas. They can’t resist direct contact with water.
  • UL Wet rated ceiling fans are resistant to snow, water, and rain, so they can also be used outside.

So, when you are choosing a belt-driven ceiling fan, you need to be assured that all its parts have the desired UL rating.