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Best Bathroom Fans of 2022 (The Only Complete Guide On The Internet)

This is the most comprehensive guide about the best bathroom fans available online.

The average human spends approximately 2 years of their life in the bathroom. So, who would want to spend such a long time in a hot bathroom that smells mold and mildew?! That, and not only, is the reason why every bathroom MUST have a bathroom fan, in order to avoid not only unpleasant smells, hot suffocating air and foggy mirrors, but also to stop humidity which causes the mold and mildew to grow around and damage your bathroom.

No matter if you live in an apartment in 10th floor, or in a big country house, if you have a two meter square bathroom, or a huge luxury one, you still need a bathroom fan. To your surprise, there are so many types of bathroom fans, that you without a doubt will find the right one for your bathroom.

However, to many, picking the right bathroom fan is a pretty hard decision, since they are unaware of the types of bathroom fans, the way they function, and even why a bathroom needs a fan in the first place. That is why most people hit up friends or relatives to ask for suggestions, or just go and pick a random one at the closest store.

None is the right decision to make.

A bathroom fan may not be forever, however it is an investments that stays for a long time in your house. That is why you should be careful to pick the best bathroom fan. How can you do it? Read this article to learn what you should look for in a bathroom fan and also read our reviews for some of the best bathroom fans which can fit in every type of bathroom, their features and what makes them the best choice for you.

It is not an easy decision, to pick up a fan that will most probably stay with you for many years. Not everybody has the means to replace something after a few weeks or months; just because they find out they haven’t gotten the right one. So if you still feel lost after reading our article, do not worry. We have six suggestions for your bathroom, among which you can choose one as your next bathroom fan. They are the highest rated bathroom fans in Amazon, and you will not be disappointed if your get one of them, since their features without a doubt make them the best bathroom fans you could ever pick.

The best bathroom fans of 2020 with the highest rated quality and performance:

Panasonic FV-11VH2 Whisper Warm 110 CFM Fan

This white ceiling mounted bathroom fan is a small and quiet fan which is very easily installed. It comes in two ways, with and without the light, and in two colors as well: white or cream.  It weighs only 20.2 pounds, made of steel material and is one of the most quiet bathroom fans one could ever pick. What truly makes it exceptional is that it is a combination of a fan and also an inbuilt heater.

The fan has an Air Flow Capacity of 110 CFM and it is one of the best reviewed fans in Amazon, what further highlights the fact that this is just the perfect bathroom fan worth the price & labor.

Air King High Performance Bath Fan, 90 CFM

This white, polymeric grill which measures 10″ x 10″, and weighs 13 pounds comes in multi colors and multi materials and has an Air Flow Capacity of 90 CFM. A good thing about it, is that if you have a bigger bathroom, then you have the chance to pick an identical Air King High Performance Bath Fan with a CFM of either 100 or 120.

It is ceiling mounted and capable to run continuously. It has been rated for ceilings insulated to R-40, Culus-listed, HVI 2100-certified, and UL-listed for installation over a tub or shower on a GFCI circuit. The super easy installment process and the very cheap price make it even more ideal for every bathroom.

Delta Breez GBR80MHL 

This is a small fan which weighs only 7.9 pounds and has a capacity of 80 CFM. This is enough information just to show how good this product is. Actually it has a dual Speed, and Humidity Sensors. When humidity is below the set-point, the fan runs continuously at a pre-set lower level at 50 CFM thus saving your energy.

Moreover, the fan has an indicator light underneath the grille which assures you that this quiet fan is running.

Broan QTXE110FLT Fluorescent Light Ultra Silent Bath Fan and Light

This super silent fan by Broan weights 11.95 pounds and has an Air Flow Capacity of 110 CFM. It includes a 42 Watt Fluorescent Light and a 4-Watt Nightlight.

This bathroom fan is made of galvanized steel in order to withstand moisture and is rust proof what makes it even better. It comes with hanger bars included, what makes its installation easier and faster.

For cost saving operation it has been rated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency with the Energy Star that is given to products which deliver exceptional features while using less energy.

Panasonic FV-08WQ1 WhisperWall 70 CFM Wall Mounted Fan

A bathroom fan that is mounted to the wall, designed especially for bathrooms in which a ceiling mounted wall is not possible. It comes in two choices, white and cream colors, and weighs 13.25 pounds. It has an airflow capacity of 70 CFM and has been certified with the Energy Star for being an energy saving product.

Its blower wheel has been designed to draw air in both sides thus allowing more area for air to enter the wheel. It is fairly quiet and easily installed, what makes it worth every cent.

NuTone 781WHNT Corrosion Resistant Decorative Ventilation Fan

Another Energy Star Rated of white finish and white alabaster glass. It has a LED light bulb enough bright from every bathroom and weighs 9.3 pounds. It is made of glass and metal, and has an airflow capacity of 100 CFM. This ceiling mounted bathroom fan is not only pretty to see, but also very quiet that you can barely hear it. A perfect combination for those who want a decorative light plus fan in one.

Benefits of having a bathroom fan

One might ask himself/herself why a bathroom needs to have a fan in the first place. Well, take a look at the reasons listed below and feel free to say ‘you were right!’:

Helps you get rid of odors – the fan is capable of drawing out every odor in your bathroom, keeping the air fresh and pleasant.

No foggy mirrors – with a bathroom fan your bathroom mirrors will no longer be all foggy and mist after your long showers.

No humidity or moisture – this is one of the main functions of a bathroom fan. It has the capacity to reduce humidity in the bathroom, which otherwise causes mold and mildew, which could not only ruin your bathroom doors, wallpaper and paint, but also negatively affects your health. Moreover, if you let your bathroom door open after a shower, these may also damage your other parts of the house, especially the wooden ones.

Safety – in general people are used to cleaning their bathrooms with cleaners that contain a lot of chemicals. When inhaled, these chemicals can cause a lot of health problem, especially to children. The bathroom fan removes the smell of these cleaners within minutes making it safe for all your family members.

Keeps air fresh – if you live in a part of the world with hot long or never-ending summers, then a bathroom fan is no longer a choice, but rather a must. Nobody wants to take showers in a bathroom that makes you feel like suffocating, neither the less put their make up on or shave.

How to choose the right bathroom fan?

Before you decide what bathroom fan you want, keep in mind that there are many aspects to consider in order to pick the best ones, as its size, capacity and design.

First of all, try to pick a quiet one, since some of the fans can be really noisy, and easily get into your nerves even if you have to spend just five minutes in the bathroom.

Secondly, pick a design that goes with your bathroom. Most of the fans are white, but you can also find something close to silver, black and others.

Lastly, and most importantly, the airflow capacity. According to the Home Ventilating Institute bathroom fan guideline, for small bathrooms up to 100 square feet in area, it is recommended that a fan provide 1 CFM per square foot in order to properly ventilate the bathroom.

Whereas, larger bathrooms that are above 100 square feet in area, as stated by HVI, need a ventilation rate based on the number and type of fixtures present, as listed below:

  • Toilet, Shower and Bath Tub – 50 CFM for each (150 CFM in total)
  • Jetted Tub 100 CFM

So, while picking a bathroom fan, try to calculate the area of your bathroom, and pick a fan with the right ventilation.

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