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Best Ceiling Fan Downrods

Ceiling fans are one of the most common home appliances for many people because they provide commodity and cut down on your electric bill. Unless you have a low ceiling, a downrod is an essential part of the fan. A downrod is the pipe that connects the fan to the motor that’s mounted on the ceiling and they can come in different sizes so you can customize it and adjust the heights based on your ceiling.

One common question that we get is whether downrods are universal and the answer is no – they might be similar yes, but that’s only if the same manufacturer makes them. There are other things to consider such as the type or diameter or the downrod and then compare them to the manufacturer.

How to Choose the Right Ceiling Downrod Length for your Room

This is a crucial step that you need to follow because it makes all the difference and of course, it affects the fan’s airflow, stability, but even the way your room looks. First and most important thing you need to do is check for the height of your ceiling and to make this easier for you, this chart below can help you find the height of your ceiling and its appropriate downrod length:


There’s not really anything interesting about a downrod if we look it from a design perspective, it’s just a metal tube but that’s what makes or breaks your ceiling fan and its airflow efficiency or stability. Downrod mount ceiling fans are adjustable and that’s their number one feature that we love so much because if you pick the right downrod length (like we showed you above) then you won’t have face any difficulties during the installation process or afterwards.

Our carefully selected downrod mount ceiling fans will help you a lot because they include different optional downrods that fit your ceiling just right. Whether you’re looking for a downrod mount ceiling fan which there’s more to it than just looks, you’ll be happy to hear that this is the perfect place for that. Our list includes the best ceiling fans with downrods that are unique in style, are made out of high-quality materials and they match any interior or exterior because they’re always versatile.

Honeywell Ceiling Fans Honeywell 50608-01 Xerxes Ceiling Fan

Let’s start off the list with something classic like this Honeywell Xerxes ceiling fan that’s perfect for larger spaces and tall ceilings. It has a standard downrod and it comes with an optional downrod of 4 inches and an angle bracket that’s sold separately.

Features: The blade span of this one is 62 inches, making this a perfect addition to a large area like a living room or master bedroom. This one is tri-mount compatible system with a standard, close and angled, and it measures 14.33 inches from ceiling to the bottom. Additionally, it comes with an accompanying 54-inch lead wire if you want to get a longer downrod, it’s all up to you!

As always, the motor is silent and powerful, with a reverse function to keep you cool at all times. It comes with an integrated LED light kit that’s very energy-efficient (18 watts only) and a remote control with 3 speeds that’s extremely convenient to use. Bonus – it works with Google Home and Amazon Alexa through the Bond Home app.

Design: This is a classic yes, but it’s also a very contemporary piece with a bold and sleek design that elevates your room at an instant. The dual-finish blades are there to give you an extra hand so you can mix and match the blades with the brushed nickel finish of the body which makes this a great combo. Besides this, it’s also available in a black, oil-rubbed bronze and white finish so there’s a variety to choose from. The Xerxes never lacks in functionality or design. When it pairs up with the frosted white glass, the fan takes on a very rich and even industrial look that’s just exceptional.

What we like:

  • 3 different mounting options and downrods
  • Easy to install
  • Reversible blades with a beautiful finish that’s great for traditional or contemporary areas
  • A great amount of airflow and wind
  • Build quality is top notch

What we don’t like:

  • Installation is time-consuming

EKIZNSN 52 Inch Outdoor Black Ceiling Fan

Another great farmhouse-like ceiling fan is this one by EKIZNSN store which measures 52 inches and comes with three included downrods to match different ceiling heights so it offers a slightly better variety than the one above.

Features: This is great for a medium space around 100-250 square feet and it has 3 different sized downrods: 5-inches, 10-inches, and 20-inches and the best thing about it is that they’re very easy to mount and fit just right, even on slopped ceilings up to 15 degrees. It also comes with a pretty silent motor that delivers a great amount of airflow but the best feature is the smart light memory function which you can use to turn on your favorite light (automatically). All of these settings can be operated by the remote control that has 3 different speeds and it’s very convenient to use.

Design: It’s a mix between a vintage and modern ceiling fan and it’s suitable for pretty much any type of interior. The thick and sturdy blades do their work effortlessly and it’s a simple design that looks like an airplane propeller – once you see it, you can’t unsee it, and we’ll tell you that! The blades have a walnut finish, while the motor housing has an almost matte black finish and these complement each other so well.

What we like:

  • Downrods work on slopped ceilings too
  • LED light has three different color temperatures (neutral, white, and warm)
  • 3 speeds and a timing function (1/2/4/8 hrs)
  • Remote control is very easy to use and put up
  • Well-balanced (no rattling whatsoever)
  • Minimalistic rustic design

What we don’t like:

  • Some would like for the light to be brighter

MINKA-AIRE F853-BN/DK Protruding Mount, 3 Distressed Koa Blades Ceiling fan

Minka-Aire never fails to deliver the best ceiling fans, especially if you need one with a downrod mount. This one measures 12-inches from the ceiling to the bottom along with its included 3.5 inch downrod that you can adjust it.

Features: It has a blade span of 60 inches and it works perfectly in medium or larger areas. If you have a tall or slopped ceiling, don’t worry because this contemporary piece can be mounted up to 21 degrees with the included adapter; but for angled ceilings from 21 degrees up to 45 degrees, there’s a separate kit that’s sold separately. The motor works at a high rate and it includes a remote control with 6 different speeds and a reverse function so it’s pretty efficient. One last thing, this also works with Amazon Alexa through the Bond Home app but that’s sold separately, though we totally recommend it.

Design: Its design is unlike any other downrod mount ceiling fan, really. The brushed nickel body and the 3 distressed Koa blades are a combination to die for! The blades are also carefully carved out and they have a unique shape which is hard to beat. The great thing about this modern fan is the fact that it’s available in 5 other different finishes such as:

  • Brushed Nickel – Ash Maple
  • Brushed Nickel – Maple
  • Brushed Nickel – Silver
  • Soft Brass – Coal
  • White

All of these finishes are pretty and they’re versatile, making this a great option for many interior styles. It’s like a work of art type of fan because of its wood material and it has that antique-like look that never fails you.

What we like:

  • Adjustable heights thanks to its downrod
  • Moves a ton of air even on its lowest speed
  • Very energy-efficient
  • Basic installation process
  • Blades are made out of a polymer resin but they’re lightweight
  • A sleek and attractive addition to your room

What we don’t like:

  • Weak instructions

warmiplanet Ceiling Fan with Lights Remote Control, 52 Inch, Brushed Nickel Motor

Sometimes you just need something for you vaulted ceiling fan because it’s a rather difficult type of ceiling, and that’s where this warmiplanet fan comes in help. It also comes with two downrods that are optional but they’ll definitely come in handy when you need to adjust the height.

Features: This fan is available in two sizes: 44 inches and 52 inches, so it’s ideal for small or medium-sized rooms. Whether you have a flat, slopped, or vaulted ceiling, this one includes two downrods: 5-inch and 8-inch and they fit snuggly. The reversible motor is definitely powerful; LED light is energy-efficient with 3 different color temperatures that you can adjust with the remote control to change the ambiance of your room.

Design: The nickel-brushed ceiling fan has a modern design but the double layer lampshade has a more elegant look so it becomes this really beautiful and stylish fan. It looks great and the light gives it that bright illumination which is a great contrast. The blades look clean and sharp which only adds to that modern design that we love so much.

What we like:

  • 2 optional downrods for different types of ceilings
  • The blades deliver a tremendous amount of airflow
  • Tri-color light
  • Simple to install
  • It’s really quiet

What we don’t like:

  • Instructions are not detailed
  • Lights are not dimmable but that’s not a big deal since they have three color temperatures

Minka-Aire F864L-HBZ Barn 65 Ceiling Fan

This Minka-Aire Barn ceiling fan has such a rich finish and it gives off rustic and farmhouse vibes but it’s actually pretty modern in terms of functionality because it’s compatible with smart home devices like Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Nest and Ecobee, all of which are a great addition to this fan.

Features: If you have a large area that needs a lot of cooling, this one will do its job for you because it has a blade span of 65 inches which is more than enough for medium and large rooms. The lowest point from the ceiling to the bottom is 21.5 inches and you can use the optional 10-inch downrod to adjust the height based on your ceiling. The 40W LED integrated light kit is bright, efficient, and you can control that with the remote control or you could get a wall switch separately. At its highest speed, the fan has an airflow capacity of 9155 CFM which is just insane!

Design: This just brings warmth to your room while also adding a modern flare and that’s like the finishing touch that you need. The blades are so unique and they bring a rustic look to your room, especially because the bronze finish keeps your interior updated. Additionally, you can find the fan in two other finishes: oil rubbed-bronze/grey and burnished nickel and they’ll have the same effect as the bronze one in terms of interior design.

What we like:

  • 10-inch downrod is very helpful for tall ceilings
  • Voice-activated and smart compatible
  • Extremely powerful airflow capacity
  • Great option when you’re redoing your house and you want to add an eye-catching fan
  • Easy to assemble and decent instructions
  • No noise or wobble even at its highest speed

What we don’t like:

  • Some people don’t like the design of the light fixture

SMAAIR 5 Blades Outdoor Smart Ceiling Fan

It’s beautiful, it’s smart, can be used outdoors, and it comes with an extension downrod…this is what dreams are made of! Another great feature about this Voyager fan is its DC motor which is 75% more efficient that your traditional AC fans and it has a noiseless performance.

Features: This 52-inch smart ceiling fan is damp-rated and fits in any covered outdoor area. It’s dual mounted: standard and angled, with an extension downrod of 6 inches that’s great for not so tall ceilings. A really important feature has to be the smart compatibility with smart home devices (Google Home, Alexa, Siri/shortcuts) and it’s voice-activated too. The motor is silent, efficient, and reversible at a 4120 CFM rate of airflow. Lastly, this has an LED light kit that is dimmable and very bright.

Design: The indoor/outdoor Voyager fits in pretty much any space because of its sleek design. It’s simple but elegant, with unique gold details on the bracket that make all the difference. The blades are made out of Plywood which ensures longevity, especially in a humid weather. The clean design of the blades, the gold airfoil bracket and the glass shade make a great trio that adds a sophisticated vibe to your room. The gold and black finish is beautiful as it is, but this one also comes in a dark walnut wood and an all-black finish which more or less have the same effect, but the gold details really accentuate the fan.

What we like:

  • Works for standard and angled ceilings (30 degree) for ceilings with a height of 8 feet or greater
  • Amazing smart features
  • 10 different wind speeds and timing function (1-8 hrs)
  • LED lighting has a lot of flexibility
  • You can use the remote control or the smart app to adjust every feature
  • Modern outdoor fan that’s attractive

What we don’t like:

  • There’s a lot of electrical work involved so a professional electrician is necessary

reiga 65″ DC Motor Indoor / Outdoor Modern Smart Ceiling Fan

You look at this and say ‘’WOW, that’s some fan right there!’’ This one has that wow factor that you’re looking for in a large area because let’s be honest, reiga is known for their amazing ceiling fans that match your preferences.

Features: This reiga fan comes in two sizes: 65 inches and 60 inches which match your large area just perfectly. It also uses a standard downrod mounting system with a 10-inch and 6-inch downrod that lets you adjust the height. The reversible motor is always a great feature that everyone enjoys; the smart compatibility is also another amazing feature that this fan possesses as well as the Anynet remote control that is multi-functional and highly convenient to use. Additionally, you can get this with or without a light; it’s totally up to you!

Design: There’s no way someone wouldn’t like the design of this fan, it’s just that pretty. It’s also a modern piece with leaf-like blades that extend beautifully, creating a sleek touch to your room. And the oil-rubbed bronze finish is that ultimate vintage element that’s just the perfect addition to your room. Aside from this color, the fan also comes in a white finish that’s just as pretty but it looks a lot simpler and not so vintage-y.

What we like:

  • Built-in advanced suspension system
  • Timing feature (1/3/6 hrs)
  • Strong and noiseless motor
  • Different mounting options and downrod lengths
  • Sleek lightweight design
  • Voice-activated and smart home device friendly
  • Variety of speeds – 6

What we don’t like:

  • Installation manual could be simpler (seems to skip some parts)

Minka Aire F844-DK, Light Wave 52″ Ceiling Fan

The Minka-Aire Light Wave is that classic ceiling fan that you see everywhere and for good reasons too. This has amazing features and it measures 13.75 inches from the ceiling to the bottom and it includes an optional 6-inch downrod for adjusting the height.

Features: The blade span of the Light Wave is 52 inches which makes this the ideal fan for a medium or large area. It includes an integrated 16W LED light and a 3-speed remote control to operate basic settings. The motor is reversible and it cuts down on your energy bill but it also produces a great amount of airflow – 3086 CFM. Another great feature is that it’s compatible with smart home devices like Google Home and Alexa through the Bond hub app that’s sold separately but it’s always a convenient feature.

Design: This has been going around for a long time because of its unique shape and design which draws attention and the reason why it’s called a light wave is because it’s inspired from the ocean’s wave formations. The distressed Koa finish defines your space in the best possible way although it’s not real wood but it looks a lot like the real deal!

What we like:

  • It lets you customize the height
  • The look of the fan is simple but it really defines a room
  • Bright and dimmable light
  • Straightforward installation process
  • The steel blade pitch delivers a lot of air
  • Works with a wall switch too

What we don’t like:

  • The light bulb is sealed inside the unit and can’t be changed

Craftmade 3 Blade Ceiling Fan Without Light VE58FB3

If there’s one thing we love about this Craftmade ceiling fan is its insane amount of airflow rate which is 9208 CFM on its highest speed. Well, we also love that this is dual-mounted and great for any type of ceiling basically.

Features: This 58-inch ceiling fan is just the right size for a medium room and it measures 21.25 inches from the ceiling to the bottom. It also includes a 12-inch downrod and longer downrods based on your ceiling height so it’s always good to have options and it can be installed on flat, vaulted or angled ceilings up to 21 degrees. The AC motor is pretty silent, has 4 speeds, and a tremendous amount of airflow. And to adjust these settings, a handheld remote control is there to help you.

Design: The custom-made ABS blades are simple but clean so they give a fresh look to your room, without being too eye-catching. It has a modern and an industrial-like design but the matte black finish is just enough to spice up the fan. If you really want to take this to the next level, there’s a stainless steel or white finish which are even better than the black one and a little more elegant, so you can pick the one which best matches your interior.

What we like:

  • Includes longer downrods for more variety
  • 4-speed remote control is easy to use
  • ABS blades offer premium airflow
  • Old school design but works great with many styles
  • Pretty quiet, doesn’t wobble at all
  • Simple installation

What we don’t like:

  • Non-reversing motor

Westinghouse Lighting Westinghouse 7812700 Jax, Modern Industrial Style Ceiling Fan

Our list wouldn’t be complete without a Westinghouse ceiling fan, especially since this one is a downrod installation only, perfect for what you’re looking for. It offers a lot of amazing and simple features, but sometimes it’s better to keep it simple, don’t you agree?

Features: At 56 inches, the Westinghouse fan works for rooms up to 400 square feet. An important feature that we love is the high-quality motor which produces a really strong airflow at a rate of 4833 CFM and 87 CFM/W which is more than enough. It comes with 5 speeds and it’s a wall control that you can use to adjust these simple features.

Design: Pretty straightforward design, with an industrial flare that would look great in residential areas. The all-white fan comes with strong white steel blades that do all the work for you. The white finish means more versatility and you can install this anywhere and it would still look amazing. It also comes in a brushed steel finish which yet again, gives it that mechanical appeal but that’s what this is designed for. Industrial doesn’t always mean boring because this fan looks contemporary and sleek as well…again, it has to do with versatility.

What we like:

  • Downrod is long enough for tall ceilings and can be trimmed if necessary
  • Moves a lot of air on its highest speed
  • Metal blades equal strong and durable blades
  • Modern, sleek, and industrial appeal
  • 15-year limited warranty on the motor, 2-year warranty on other parts

What we don’t like:

  • A slight humming sound on its highest speed but it’s designed for industrial use so it makes sense