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Best Ceiling Fan for Office

Days at office somehow get longer and more boring during summer, and we all know why. Who would want to be at the office when they could be at the beach, feeling the hot ocean breeze, and becoming one with the sea? Recent studies show that most people find it harder to work during the summer, and the results prove that workers need to exert more effort to maintain their performance at the office since their motivation to work is lower as well.

That is why, it is for the benefit of every employer to create better work environment for their employees, during summer and winter as well. Many of them dislike summer because of the heat created at the office. It is hard especially for small businesses that have just started up to afford air conditioners.  Because of that we suggest to every employer to install ceiling fans at their workplace, so their employees can feel cooler, especially during July and August when the temperatures reach their peak. You will not only hear your employees not complain anymore, but their productivity will increase as well.

Below, find 5 of the best ceiling fans which are perfect for every work environment:

Stiles Anderson

This enclosed ceiling fan with light combination is perfect for small offices. It is perfect for bigger offices as well since you can combine more than one in one place, since they are quite small and do not occupy much space. They have an air flow capacity of 1437 CFM and you can control it with a single remote. It is very powerful at its highest setting and very stylish as well.

It is made of metal and glass, and has a color of brushed nickel. It can also be used for outdoor spaces since it is closed, and it comes with an included 24-Watt LED light. It probably goes perfectly nice with your office environment because of its shape and color.

If you like it, you will be able to order one for your home too, especially for rooms with bunk beds, for which big open ceiling fans are not an option.

Westinghouse – Contemporary Alloy

A six bladed ceiling fan of contemporary style, in rosewood finish and contrasting light maple, would add character to your office. This pretty fan has a high-quality motor with an airflow capacity of 4584 CFM. IT is made of metal and glass, and weights around 16 pounds, what makes it very easy to mount it to the ceiling.

It has a pull chain, to make it easier for you to turn it on and off. It also comes with a remote winch you can use it not only to turn it on and off but also to change the speeds.

The fan hangs close to the ceiling, what makes it suitable even for offices with low ceilings. It is very quiet, so the employees will not be disturbed during their work.

Its 40 watt light bulb, which is also included, in bright enough for smaller offices. However, if you want more light especially for night shifts, then you can change the light bulb very easily for one with more watts.

Hardware House – Arcadia

A gloss white, little ceiling fan with six blades and a mushroom light kit, of Arcadia style. It weighs less than 11 pounds and has an air flow capacity of 3900 CFM. To some, it may look like a Lilliputian fan, but you will be surprised by its capacity, the amount of light and air it actually supplies.

Not only that it moves air very efficiently but it is also very quiet you can hardly notice. It is the ideal example that sometimes some things are capable to offer more than meets the eye.

It can also work as a bathroom ceiling fan at the office, since it is small and compact. If you office is big, you can mount more than two in the ceiling, and your workers / coworkers will be more than happy about it.  We strongly recommend it to everyone in search for a cheap, quiet and small fan with high performance.

Air King

An unusual ceiling fan constructed of powered-coated steel for long lasting durability and fully enclosed. It has the capacity to move a lot of air with its three paddles, and at its lowest speed you can barely notice a vibration-like noise that it makes, whereas at its highest speed it creates little noise for all the air it moves.

It has three rotary switches located on its back that permit you to turn it on and off, and change between its speeds according to your wish.

Hunter 51022 Conroy 42-Inch Snow White Ceiling Fan

This slow-like white ceiling fan by Hunter has a motor that delivers ultra powerful air movement with an air flow capacity of 2825 CFM, while you can barely hear it making any noise. Its five blades do not wobble at all and the motor is reversible, in order for you to be able to change the direction of your fan for winter.

It is very light and easy to install, and comes with an incandescent light bulb included. It is made of metals and glass, weights 17.25 pounds and has a snow white color. Also, if you have a Hunter 99122 Remote at home / office, you can use it to turn this fan on and off and also to change its speeds.

If you have a bigger office you can install two of them without trouble, or even more for bigger environments. It is also perfect for your home, including your bedroom and kitchen.

If you really liked any of the above reviewed office ceiling fans, remember that you can use any of them for your home too, if they match your home environment and decor. I bet that just a week after you install any of these ceiling fans at work you employees or co-workers will be more than happy about it, and you will notice a slight increase in their productivity and motivation to work.

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