Best Ceiling Fans

If you’re looking for the best ceiling fans available in the market right now, this article will guide you through some of the best models available.

The right ceiling fan will feel just right in your home. It will embrace your family like its own. It will serve them with diligence and commitment. Keeping them cool in the summer and spreading that warm air evenly in the winter.

However, it can be challenging to choose a ceiling fan whether you have done it before or not. The market is continuously changing with new upgrades every other day. We have applied our extensive experience and qualified opinion to introduce you to 10 of the best selling ceiling fans on the market right now.

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Here is a list of the best rated ceiling fans for 2021:

Honeywell Carnegie Ceiling Fan 51459-01

  • Dimension: 52″
  • Color: Copper
  • Material: Metal and wood laminate

The Honeywell Carnegie brings that countryside feels to the city and vice versa. It is a majestic 52-inch fan with a black dual mount 4-inch downrod. A bracket is sold separately for angles larger than 17ᵒ.

The fan has five blades with an elegant Mopane finish on one side and a rustic burnt oak finish on the other. It will be up to you to decide which fits better into your decor. The blades are reversible. You can cool the room when it is scorching hot outside and circulate warm air when it is cold. At the bottom are three dimmable Edison bulbs with a color temperature of 2700K encased in a copper steel mesh.

This model has remote control capability. It is also compatible with both Google Home and Alexa. You never have to get off the lounger to adjust the temperature of the room. You can ping pong between the three-speed settings of the Honeywell Carnegie with your feet on the table. For the really high ceilings, there is a 54-inch lead wire for a longer downrod.

Prominence Home 51584 Alvina Ceiling Fan, 44, Farmhouse Bronze

  • Weight: 14.77lbs
  • Dimension: 44″
  • Color: Bronze
  • Material: Glass, metal and wood laminate

Would you like to improve the airflow in your mobile home? Are you constantly bumping your head against the blades of regular fans in your cozy apartment? No more of that. The Prominence Alvina Ceiling fan is the perfect choice for you. It is a 44-inch flush mount fan. You can stick it right onto the ceiling. A downrod would have the fan whirring in your ear all night. Speaking of which, this model makes its presence known by keeping the air cool or warm. It will not keep you up at night with noisy rotations. The five blades are reversible making this fan the perfect companion for both a hot summer afternoon and a cold winter morning.

The Prominence Alvina’s five blades have an ‘outdoorsy’ rough pine finish on one side and a sophisticated chocolate maple finish on the other. No reason your cozy space should not also be stylish. Operated by a pull chain, this type of fan is attached to an LED bulb ensconced in a frosted glass case. You can enjoy that calming white 2700K light in your cool room. You do not have to worry about spending hours on a ladder either. You can have this fan installed and ready for use in under an hour.

Portage Bay 50252 Hugger 52″ Brushed Nickel West Hill Ceiling Fan with Bowl Light Kit

  • Dimension: 52″
  • Color: Brushed bronze
  • Material: Glass, metal and wood laminate

The combination of distinguished walnut or delicious chocolate maple with LED light hitting the brushed nickel as a backdrop is a sight to behold. The Portage Bay West Hill ceiling fan screams complex simplicity and old money. It is simple and traditional in its build and yet complex in its appeal. The 52-inch 5-blade fan is operated by a pull chain. It is perfect for low ceilings as it is a hugger with a full length of not more than 12-inches. The fan’s reversible blades will hug you when you are sweating in the sweltering heat of summer and when you are shivering in the stifling cold of winter.

The Portage Bay West Hill fan comes with powerful yet stealth motors. Like a tiger crawling through the meadow. You will enjoy good air circulation without suffering the deafening sounds of blades cutting through the air. The frosted cased LED lighting is adjustable 100%-10%. You can read in a cool room. You can also lounge by the fire in a barely illuminated but not quite dark room.

Hunter Dempsey Indoor Low-Profile Ceiling Fan with LED Light and Remote Control, 44″, White

  • Weight: 18.29 lbs
  • Dimension: 44″
  • Color: White
  • Material: Glass and metal
  • Airflow capacity: 2591 ft3 per minute

Hunter has been in the business of making rooms more livable for more than a century. They were there when ceiling fans were merely a necessary tool. They are here now when ceiling fans serve both decorative and practical purposes. The Hunter Dempsey is a pure white 44-inch ceiling fan. It is a flush mount with four blades. It is ideal for low ceilings. It is attached to a glass-cased white light with a color temperature of 3000K. Your rooms can be both well illuminated and perfectly aired at 2591 cubic feet per minute.

The reversible motor and energy-efficient bulb can be commanded from a small handheld remote control. With three speed settings and the ability to change ambient light, you can put down that tedious magazine and lose yourself in fantasy. Because losing your remote to the seat cushions is too frustrating, you get a wall-mounted remote control holder, so you never have to move big couches and heavy tables in search of the elusive gadget.

Honeywell Carmel 48-Inch Ceiling Fan with Integrated Light Kit and Remote Control, Five Reversible Cimarron/Ironwood Blades, Oil-Rubbed Bronze

  • Weight: 18.11 lbs
  • Dimension: 48″
  • Color: Bronze
  • Material: Glass, wood, and metal
  • Airflow capacity: 5202 ft3 per minute

This brand is one of the simplest designs on the market. It is a minimalist combination of blades, motor, and only a smidge of pizzazz. It has three mounting options. It can hug the ceiling on a flush mount. It can be hung from a downrod. It can also hang beautifully from an angled ceiling. With a 48-inch diameter, the Honeywell Carmel is mostly metal and wood with a bit of glass for the lighting casement. All five blades come in luscious brown Cimarron on one side and brooding dark ironwood on the other. The lighting case is a white delicately carved bowl made out of glass.

With a 3-speed remote controlled capability, you can set the blades to rotate as quickly or as slowly as you need from your preferred position of comfort. Set ambient light to mellow and settle in for some down time devoid of fan noise interruptions. The Honeywell Carmel has reversible blades. Your fan can keep you cool or warm you up, your choice.

Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50603 Eamon Modern Ceiling Fan with Remote Control, 52″, Bronze

  • Weight: 15.52 lbs
  • Dimension: 52″
  • Color: Bronze
  • Material: Glass, wood, and steel

This is yet another Honeywell classic. This ceiling fan has a subdued but prominent aesthetic. It is simple and quiet but still commands attention. It has three mounting options: closed mount, downrod, and angled mount, where one might be required to buy a separate angle bracket. With an effortless flow of curves, the 52″ Honeywell Eamon is the embodiment of modern and upwardly mobile. The three dual-finished blades give you the option to choose the side that appeals to you the most. One side is a tasty chocolate maple. The other side is a handsome ebony finish. The light fixture is a 2700K energy-efficient element with a 10% -100% dimming capability. It is fitting for a roaring night with friends or a quiet evening with the one.

Like a mouse, the Honeywell Eamon ceiling fan will do its work quietly but powerfully with its high performance motor. You will enjoy controlling the blades and lighting from your remote control, Google Home or Alexa. You never have to drag yourself to the wall knob ever again with the Honeywell Eamon.

Honeywell Ceiling Fans 51473-01 Xerxes Ceiling Fan, 62, Matte Black

  • Weight: 32.2 lbs
  • Dimension: 62″
  • Color: black
  • Material: Glass, wood laminate, and metal

At an impressive 62″ and 32.2 pounds, this ceiling fan is big and beautiful. The Honeywell Xerxes is unapologetic and will shamelessly flaunt its unique character. It is not afraid to stand out with eight blades. The blades have smooth and severe lines with a matte black finish on one side and a gentle ash finish on the reverse. It is attached to a 2700K lighting fixture that is dimmable 10%-100%. These elements can rotate on a standard 4″ downrod or an angled bracket. This fan is created for the large rooms. For your large, high ceiling rooms, you have a 54″ lead wire for a longer downrod.

You can control this big beautiful epitome of masterful workmanship by a remote, Google Home, and/or Alexa. You can use this 8-blade piece of simple creativity to circulate warm air evenly in your home on cold days. You may also remotely reverse the blade rotations to cool down your rooms on particularly hot days.

Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50515-01 Glen Alden Ceiling Fan, 52″, Brushed Nickel

  • Weight: 13.94 lbs
  • Dimension: 52″
  • Color: brushed nickel
  • Material: wood laminate and steel

The sole purpose of a ceiling fan is to improve the airflow quality in a room. To make every point in the room equally cool or warm. The Honeywell Glen Alden raises the bar just a little bit by being highly functional, pleasing to the eye. All the while maintaining that prideful uniqueness that is synonymous with the Honeywell brand. The five blades are dual finished with Cimarron and medium oak. Holding them in place is a well-assembled steel contraption with a brushed nickel finish. It is all attached to the ceiling in a closed mount.

This fan is sassy with a sharp tongue and a dark brooding nature. With three speeds ranging from low to high, the Honeywell Glen Alden can be operated by a pull chain. Although it does not come with one, it can be operated by a universal remote. The motor is reversible. You can save energy in your home by evenly distributing air, no matter hot or cold. There are other styles of the Honeywell Glen Alden:

  • Brushed nickel four-light is attached to four bulbs in addition to the style specifics of the model.
  • Brushed nickel bowl has white glass bowl at the base instead of a simple brushed nickel covering.
  • Oil rubbed bronze four-light swaps out the lustrous backdrop with a dark refreshing finish and added lighting capability.
  • Oil rubbed bronze bowl which cannot be used for light and has a curvy bowl as the base.
  • Oil rubbed bronze no-light, which has a simple base covering in the color of strong coffee.
  • White no-light maintains the sass of the model but tones it down a little bit with the suggestion of purity in white.
  • White 4 light is attached to four bulbs to illuminate a room to your liking.
  • White bowl light classes it up a little bit with a curvy underside.

Honeywell 51036 Kaliza Modern Ceiling Fan with Remote Control, 56″, Espresso

  • Weight: 23.2 lbs
  • Dimension: 56″
  • Color: espresso
  • Material: wood laminate and bronze

The Honeywell Kaliza has three other equally unique and breathtaking colors apart from espresso: gun metal, pewter and white. With 6 blades built to rotate within a diameter of 56″, the model is made for big rooms. It is a double mount ceiling fan with an angled option and a standard 4″ downrod. The blades have a dual finish of a thoughtful grey oak and light hearted light oak. It is attached to a lighting source boasting 3000K worth of 10%-100% dimmable light.

You can operate your Honeywell Kaliza from a remote control that comes in the packaging. You can also hook it up to the light switch. You may add it to your Google Home and Alexa. You have a choice of operation options or you could enable all and use whichever one tickles your fancy in that moment. Hanging at 23.2 lbs, this fan can go either way. It has a reversibility capability that allows instant change in room temperature.

Prominence Home 51429 Benton Hugger/Low Profile Ceiling Fan, 52″ Walnut/Maple Blades, LED Globe Light, Bronze

  • Weight: 15.25 lbs
  • Dimension: 52″
  • Color: bronze
  • Material: wood laminate and steel

Each of the Prominence Benton’s five blades has one side with a walnut finish and the other with a chocolate maple finish. They span 52″ in diameter and hang from a bronze flush mounted steel frame. You can utilize the 8″ lead wire to extend the hang length a little bit. At the base of the fan is a frosted globe light with a 3000K color temperature. The model maintains the feel of heavy baritone on the back of your neck with the other color options too. You can get brushed nickel for a little bit of luster. You can get matte black for a delightful sensory shock. You can also get white for the fresh and clean feel. You can adjust to any of the 3-speed rates using the pull chain.

For enhanced air circulation and movement in any room, you may consider installing a new ceiling fan. In case you’re looking for the latest ceiling fans, this article will inspire you with some of the best fan models for 2021.

Ceiling fans are an essential home item for many families to regulate home temperatures during summer than an AC or other alternatives. If it’s your first time owning a ceiling fan, you might not comprehend the actual significance of having one until you buy one and discover its benefits in your home or office.

If you are used to having a ceiling fan in your home, you understand how the more minute details make all the difference when selecting the ideal fan. Such details may include whether the fan has a remote or not, whether it has a light kit or is made of plastic or wood, etc.

Honeywell Ceiling Fans 51473-01 Xerxes Ceiling Fan, 62, Matte Black

This black Xerxes fan by Honeywell comes in a show-stopping style. This stylish ceiling fan spans up to 62 inches and is ideal for large rooms such as playrooms, dens, and master bedrooms. The fan offers contemporary illumination and the proper air circulation to your spacious indoor spaces. The fan is designed with a fully-integrated dimmable LED board to illuminate a room. This ceiling fan boasts 1400 lumens, 18 watts, and a dimmable 2700K color temperature.

Its motor adjusts airflow to whichever of the three-speed settings, while the dimmable light enables you to alter your room’s illumination. The Honeywell Xerxes is remote-controlled. The easy-to-use remote control enables you to connect the fan with Google Home and Alexa at the comfort of your couch.

The materials used are glass, metal, and wood laminate and comes with two mounting options: standard and angled. This ceiling fan has dual-finish reversible blades that enable you to run it warm or cool. The product is crafted with a unique finish on each side of the blades. The elegant matte black finish and a lovely ash finish, as well as its beautiful design, make it one of the best ceiling fans that you should consider when upgrading your home furniture in 2021. You can choose the side that best complements your room!

Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50614-01 Carnegie LED Ceiling Fan 52″, Indoor Fan

Another modern-style industrial ceiling fan by Honeywell and a trend-setter. This ceiling fan comes with warm rustic, dual-finish chestnut/rough pine blades and a bronze finish motor housing. If you are looking to add style to your home, the fan has Edison-style light bulbs. It is delivered in a Matte Black color and boasts rustic Barnwood blades and industrial cage light.

This fan had to feature in this list; it has clear glass Edison bulbs that illuminate your room, and with up to 25,000 hour’s lifespan, as well as 2700k, dimmable 100% to 20%, it has a (360) Beam angle and Lumens (450) that make it ideal for spacious rooms. This brand model has an excellent style and is made of alloy steel. The product has an assembled length of 23.07 inches, a height of 14.8 inches, and an assembled width of 9.29 inches.

The five-blade fan has dynamic hanging qualities such as a three-position mounting system that allows for standard (downrod), angled (sloped), or low ceiling mounting. The reversible motor option enables you to change the fan’s direction depending on the weather, to keep breezy in summer and warm in winter.

It has a three-speed reversible and conveniently quiet motor that makes it ideal during the winter season to circulate warm air thus conserving energy costs. You will be fascinated by this ceiling fan that comes with a remote control included! You can use the Smart Sync control for quick setup, apply the ‘Walk Away Light Delay’ as well as the light dimmer to control your ceiling fan much more effortlessly.

Big Ass Fans Haiku L Smart Ceiling Fan, 52″, White

Big Ass Fans brings you Haiku L, the world-class iconic fan design of Haiku in a white finish. This fan must be present in an assembly of 2021’s best fans. It boasts a standard integrated LED, voice integration, and a mobile app capability. The fan boasts two diameter options that will make you forget the days of pull chains and particleboard blades.

The iconic smart three-blade ceiling fan by Haiku L features three sleek airfoils made using a hybrid resin that does not fade, dent, or droop quickly. Each airfoil is hand-weighted for long periods to provide a silent operation that is perfectly balanced and smooth.

The Haiku L’s Fan Eco mode makes the fan a world-leader in efficiency, you can operate it from your phone. The Fan Eco technology can be used with Haiku’s mobile app which enables the fan to deliver unrivaled energy savings and cooling airflow properly.

It’s easy to activate the Fan Eco with the touch of a button via the Haiku by Big Ass Fans mobile app. Haiku L brings advanced functionality with unique control modes that you can activate from your fan’s mobile app or remote control. The Whoosh function allows Haiku to mimic a natural breeze by regularly changing your fan’s speed up and down. The Sleep function slowly lowers the fan’s speed over a user-specified period; that way, the fan stimulates a gentle sleep that remains cozy as conditions vary.

This elegant ceiling fan boasts an optional Wi-Fi module that enables you to connect it to your home network and control it from any room using the fan’s integration with innovative home technology and mobile app.

Hunter Dempsey Indoor Low-Profile Ceiling Fan with LED Light and Remote Control

Hunter brings you the Dempsey indoor low-profile ceiling fan that is designed using a modern style. It is made of metal, with a clean and lovely compact design. This modern contemporary Hunter Dempsey fan is equipped with LED light enclosed in a white glass case that will upgrade the home interior design. This four-blade fan has an assembled height of 44 inches, length of 44 inches, and an assembled width of 11.03 inches and comes with a multi-speed reversible motor.

Its motor is designed to generate optimal airflow at whichever of the different speeds set, plus the reverse feature. Thus, you can use it all year round.

This modern ceiling fan has a whisper wind motor that provides ultra-powerful airflow with serene performance. You can use this fan all year round by adjusting the direction from updraft mode during the winter or downdraft mode during the summer.

It comes with energy-efficient dimmable LED light bulbs that enable you to adjust the living room’s lighting and ambiance. The fan’s long-lasting bulbs provide a longer lifespan than incandescent bulbs.

This ceiling fan by Hunter is designed with a universal handheld remote that enables you to adjust the speed of the blades or the brightness of light with ease from any location in the house. The fan is designed to be installed in rooms with low ceilings and is perfect for the living room, bedroom, nursery, children’s room, and lounge.

The limited lifetime motor warranty and an airflow efficiency of 69 cubic feet per minute per watt, durable materials, and quiet motor technology make it one of the best ceiling fans that you should consider when making an upgrade for your house fixtures in 2021.

Honeywell 51036 Kaliza Modern Ceiling Fan with Remote Control

Another large modern ceiling fan by Honeywell to upgrade your space. This Kaliza modern ceiling fan is ideal for offices, living rooms, bedrooms, playrooms, and much more!

This modern fan comes with an integrated dimmable LED to light up a room the way you like it. The ceiling fan has an assembled length of 12.89 inches, and width of 52 inches, and an assembled height of 12.89 inches. The fan is made out of bronze material and has a transitional style and comes in an impressively compact design.

It is delivered with a remote control that enables you to control it from any location in the house! The fan is compatible with Google Home and Alexa with a Bond Home and includes batteries for the remote control.

This Kaliza contemporary ceiling fan has a reversible, 3-speed motor and has a reverse airflow feature that enables you to swiftly alter the inclination of the fan, for proper circulation of air. This fan is designed with dynamic hanging features for a multi-position ceiling enabling you to hang it much easier! It is suitable for large rooms up to 350 sq. ft.

This Kaliza ceiling fan by Honeywell has a bold and beautiful style and offers everything you need. The fan boasts a dual-finish blade model that enables you to easily pick the style that best suits your room. The fan has five blades and operates for maximum performance.

The three-speed motor technology, LED lighting, and durable materials, as well as a world-class design, make it one of the best ceiling fans that you need to consider while upgrading your house furniture in 2021.

Prominence Home 51585 Alvina Ceiling Fan, 44, Nickel

Prominence Home brings you this stylish Alvina ceiling fan that can help you level up your decorative aesthetic with elegant blades and finishes. The fan is perfect for dens, bedrooms, living rooms, and much more! This stylish fan comes with reversible blades that enable you to select the ideal match for your favorite spaces.

The fan has a high-quality motor that produces strong air movement and the motor provides a silent performance. This makes it one of the best ceiling fans that you can find in the market. Yet, that is not the only special feature about this fan, as you will discover in this review.

This ceiling fan’s five-blade brackets are off-centered, making it even more unique. It has a transitional design, made of metal, wood laminate, and glass with a nickel finish. Another significant feature about this ceiling fan is that it is very easy to install and does not make noise. You can install this fan in less than an hour whereas the quiet reversible motor enables you to use this fan throughout the year.

This ceiling fan by Prominence Home is specifically designed to be used for an interior setting. Its high-end motor enables you to save energy at even the top speed performance.

Harbor Breeze Mazon 44-in Brushed Nickel Flush Mount Indoor Ceiling Fan with Light

This Mazon fan by Harbor Breeze combines performance and modern style in a small package. The fan is ideal for small room usage and is designed to complement today’s modern trends. The brushed nickel colored fan features an integrated matte opal glass light kit that includes an 18-watt LED dimmable bulb that enables you to save on energy, yet provides ample light.

The 44-inches, 16-degree blade fan delivers airflow up to 2,069-CFM, making it perfect for compact rooms of up to 100-sq ft. Its 3-speed rating allows you to maintain the right comfort level with convenient remote control. The fan features a hugger/flush mount only that makes it suitable for low ceilings, it also includes a wall cradle. Its reversible blades are designed to complement today’s interior design trends.

This ceiling fan is designed with a manual reverse airflow switch that allows you to adjust the fan’s blade direction setting periodically, thus enabling cool air to be pushed down and warm air distributed evenly. That way, the ceiling fan cuts on energy usage all year-round.

The fan’s light kit produces up to 600 lumens when set to its top level and has a color temperature of 3,000K making it a must-have home appliance for those looking for the best fan models for 2021. If you are planning a home makeover or upgrading your home appliances, you should consider including this fan in your shopping list.

Modern Ceiling Fan with LED Lights, Akron fire 5 ABS Blades Remote Controlled

As its name suggests, this transitionally designed ceiling fan by Akronfire features a portable remote control that enables you to change the speed and brightness of light from anywhere in your house.

It is a very strong fan designed with 1 LED light and 5 premium ABS blades with a silver finish. The fan is delivered in a small lightweight package that helps to reduce space usage. For durability, the product is made using high-quality Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene.

The reversible motor enables you to regulate the direction of this iconic ceiling fan from forward to reverse. The motor enables you to use the fan in downwind mode during summer and upwind mode during winter. Its quiet motor can deliver super powerful air circulation while producing little to no noise.

The modern ceiling fan will help to keep the air nice and fresh by circulating it with the excellent design of a 52-inches pure copper motor made to save energy. The fan has the reversible option, so you can switch it depending on the weather, to keep you warm in the cold days and breezy on the hot days. Despite all these capabilities of the motor, the ceiling fan produces almost unnoticeable noise, whereas the stable blades do not wobble at all.

Its motor can run in coronation during the summer season to cool down us from the hot weather, and can also run in reverse to support operation during winter to circulate warm air down from the ceiling.

The fan is designed for small rooms and it can be mounted in the ceiling in three unique positions, standard, angled or flush from the ceiling depending on your preference.

Hunter Fan Company 59243 Hunter Dempsey Indoor Low-Profile Ceiling Fan with LED

Yet another top-quality ceiling fan by Hunter to help you upgrade your home in style. The contemporary Dempsey fan is designed in a mass appeal that will fit flawlessly in the modern interior design of your house. Its elegant, clean finish options complement the high contrast of angles that characterize the modern ceiling fan to create an illusion that will keep your room looking modern and inspired.

The fully-dimmable, high-efficient LED bulbs enable you to have total control over your room lighting. The fan’s 44-inches blade is ideal for small rooms where it gives your space a cool feeling

We have listed a diverse collection of Dempsey fans to help you choose the one that has the perfect features and size to fit each room in your home. This ceiling fan includes a remote control that you can use to dim the light and also adjust the fan speed. 

The fan’s three different speeds include high, medium, and low, and the reverse option enables the airflow function to create a warm or cold effect depending on the time of the year.

This Dempsey fan by Hunter is compatible with both Hunter and Casablanca accessories, except Hunter’s original accessories. The most distinct thing about this ceiling fan is its 3-speed, WhisperWind reversible motor that is designed to offer optimal performance during summer or winter seasons while remaining quiet.

You should ensure to consider this fan when selecting the ideal high-quality fan for use all year-round.

Prominence Home 51464-01 Espy Ceiling Fan, 52, Matte Black

We close the list with this three-blade Matte Black fan by Prominence Home. If you are looking for the modern touch, this Espy ceiling fan provides an enchanting simplistic charm. With a blade span of 52 inches, this fan is ideal for medium and large-sized spaces such as living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and much more!!

Its three blades come with a distinct finish on each side of the blades. One side is coated with a beautiful Matte Black finish, while the other side highlights an attractive Honey Birch finish thus enables you to select the look that best fits your style!

The fan is made of metal and wood laminate and has a fully-integrated and dimmable LED board to light up a room but also dimmable! It boasts 1400 lumens, 18.5 watts, and 2700K color temperature, dimmable 10% to 100%.

This fan includes a remote control that enables you to regulate it much easier! Its 3-speed settings and light output are designed for convenience. The fan is also compatible with Alexa and Google Home and is delivered inclusive of remote-control batteries. Its low-profile design makes it perfect for rooms that require extra space.

This ceiling fan complements the interior of every room, while at the same time fulfilling its primary functions of lighting and regulating room temperatures in your home. This very stylish three-bladed ceiling fan of a contemporary style is a perfect blend of function, form, and design, and very attractive for the human eye. Due to its very simple design, the fan will fit in any decor style.

10 Reasons Why You Should Own a Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan is among the few inventions borne in the late 19th century that has gone through a few moderations and innovations. All through the 20th century, ceiling fans have served us diligently as the most reliable coolers for super-hot summers.

It is doubtful that you will find a place that experiences hot climates without a ceiling fan installed in almost every home. However, as the days advance and welcome new technology, manufacturers have added elements and features to the ceiling fan. Despite the moderations, the structure and the concept remain the same. The primary function has always been to cool down your room, and this will not change anytime soon as long as there are hot summers.

While the primary reason to buy a fan is to cool down warm air, there are additional reasons why getting a ceiling fan for your home is the best idea this summer. These include:

Cooling Down Your Room

Nothing can beat the cool breeze of a ceiling fan on a hot summer afternoon. Additionally, having a ceiling fan in your bedroom will eliminate the stress of an unpleasant evening and a sleepless night because it is too hot to fall asleep.

It is noteworthy to understand that a ceiling fan does not decrease the room temperature in any way. Neither will it cool down the air in your room. It does create a wind-chill effect that stirs the heat away because of the breeze it gives.

Ceiling fans are the best at distributing cool air evenly to the room. While air conditioners circulate air, it is not optimal compared to a fan. It means that a ceiling fan will distribute air evenly, whether the air is naturally occurring or created by an air conditioner.

Many people who have fans will be ready to find an alternative cooling source. Especially if they already know all the benefits of owning a ceiling fan.

They Are Affordable

Electrical expenditure and energy costs in our homes always seem to keep rising. The decision to spend big on energy appliances like air conditioning seems more disillusioned every day. Instead of switching to air conditioning, most people install their homes with a ceiling fan. It is an affordable way to achieve the comfort you seek while spending time indoors during summer.

Ceiling fans are energy-efficient and only consume almost the same amount of power as a 60-watt bulb. Compared to an HVAC unit that can consume an average of 2000 watts, you would agree that ceiling fans are cheaper.

However, ceiling fans should not be seen as a cheaper alternative to an HVAC unit. Instead, a ceiling fan can supplement an HVAC unit to give out the room temperature you desire. You can lower your HVAC unit’s strength and switch on your ceiling fan, letting them run at the same time. By doing so, you can save up to 40% of your energy costs.

No matter what type of ceiling fan you get, it will never be as costly as an HVAC unit.

Ceiling Fans Consume Little Power

Your ceiling fan motor capacity (strength) determines the amount of electricity it will consume. Therefore, a powerful motor consumes more electricity. On estimate, a 48-inch ceiling fan consumes around 75 watts of energy in three hours. It means that such a ceiling fan only costs $0.10 per kWh. It is an energy-efficient method of cooling the rooms in your house.

In comparison, a 2.5Kw HVAC uses around 2,500w per hour to run efficiently. Despite these incredible odds, a ceiling fan will still move larger amounts of air in your home. The result is a cool breeze to reduce your home’s temperatures by around eight degrees while saving up to 40% on total energy consumption.

Ceiling fans Last Longer

A ceiling fan will be among the home appliances with the longest life-span in a home. Once mount on the ceiling, they require little maintenance and care every few months, which might only include cleaning. Cleaning a ceiling fan is hardly time-consuming and takes little or no effort at all.

Depending on how well you maintain and care for your ceiling fan, it can last up to 15 years or more. Because of their longevity, manufactures are incorporating ways to rebrand the ceiling fan to function alongside an HVAC system. It is a functional combination that is also aesthetically appealing.

Ceiling Fans Are Helpful in Winter

Winter is too cold to consider using your fan to create a breeze in the room. However, it does not mean that your ceiling fan will be out of commission. Instead, you can reverse the blades’ direction from counterclockwise to a clockwise rotation. As a result, the fan will heat the room by blowing warm air.

We understand that ceiling fans circulate the air inside a room. During summer, the air above the room is warmer compared to the air below. Therefore, the fan displaces the cool air from below to occupy larger parts of the room, causing a cool breeze on your skin making you feel cooler. The wind-chill effect does not lower the room temperature but makes it comfortable to stay indoors.

While a counterclockwise rotation creates a cool breeze in the summer, a clockwise rotation of the blades will displace the warm air above downwards, occupying other room parts and giving you a warm sensation. However, in winter, you should not operate the ceiling fan at high speeds as this will only result in a cooling effect.

Though it may seem surprising, ceiling fans indeed dissipate heat in winter when you switch the blades to rotate clockwise. Using a ceiling fan in winter in place of an HVAC system can save you up to 10% on total heating costs.

They Are Easy to Maintain

The best way to ensure that your ceiling fan serves you for many years is to ensure that you take proper care and maintenance. The process includes dusting and cleaning the blades after every few months. Equally, you should check that the bearings and motor function at optimum levels. To do so, you should clean and oil the bearings regularly.

If you have a ceiling fan that clicks and makes strange noises, it is an indication that something is wrong and should be fixed soon. During your routine maintenance, ensure that the blades are firm and don’t wiggle or wobble irregularly when you change speeds.

The only way to ensure that your ceiling fan needs little maintenance in the future is to install it properly. These are what you should consider:

  • Where to install the ceiling fan to get the best results?
  • How to install the ceiling fan? Follow manufacturer’s instruction in assembly and installation?
  • What style, color, type, and the material does the fan add to my home?
  • Does the fan come with all the switches, or should you install the pull chain?

Part of proper maintenance is buying a ceiling fan that comes with a warranty to cover repairs and malfunctions within a specified period. When purchasing your fan, ensure that you claim your warranty and receipt as proof of purchase.

Ceiling Fans are Quiet

If you have experience with older models, you might understand how a creaky fan can be unpleasant. Besides being notoriously loud, they can stir occasional headaches, particularly on a hot afternoon. Quiet ceiling fans, especially for the bedroom, are a must. Nowadays, manufacturers make quiet ceiling fans as their selling points, which has led to revolutionary strides in newer models.

However, not all noise that a ceiling fan makes are model malfunctions. If your fan makes creaky or buzzing noises, check if you have it properly mounted on the ceiling. A better option is calling a professional to ensure that you have a super tight and fitting mount.

As you delve more into silent models, you will realize what makes a ceiling fan more silent over another. For example, one with three blades tends to make more noise than a ceiling fan with four or five blades. Also, the blades’ material may contribute to making a model silent. For instance, timber blades are commonly used in bedrooms because they are super quiet. They offer the breeze in blissful silence.

You Can Change the Ceiling Fan Speed

The blades’ speed determines how much breeze you will have in the room. Therefore, a ceiling fan comes in adjustable speed levels. Some new models have a remote function that saves you the time and energy of always rising to switch up the levels. By pushing a button, the remote can power on and adjust your ceiling fun speeds.

Speed function allows you to maintain a constant breeze in your home. A steady breeze that you feel is comfortable for your home will give you the perfect temperature and even mood. Together with an AC unit, a ceiling fan can distribute either warm or cool air evenly to your home.

Most models have a minimum of three models, and some have even more calibrations. You need a ceiling fan with many speeds so that you can set the right temperatures if you plan to spend your summer afternoons indoors. High speeds mean a higher wind-chill effect, which can sometimes be noisy.

Ceiling Fans as Home Improvement Appliances

While ceiling fans have a multi-purpose use, it is not limited to heating and cooling air. Newer models incorporate lightings to add to the room’s ambiance and light sources.

Because ceiling fans offer a wide range of lighting options, you can solve your lighting problems by installing one. Some models come with up to four bulbs, while some use LED lighting to light up a dull room in all the right ways, making it aesthetically appealing at night.

However, before you buy and install a ceiling fan with its own lighting system, ensure that it comes with a complete lighting kit.

Also, the type of lighting you need might make you choose a different ceiling fan—Downlights shine direct light for spaces that need bright lights like the laundry room or kitchen. Up-lights are suitable for mood lighting and soft ambiance for spaces like the living room or bedroom. Consider a dimmer switch to enhance the mood with your lighting options in such areas.

Ceiling fans do not occupy large spaces and save you considerable space compared to installing an AC unit in your home. When working on your home interior, you will find more creativity if you have more room to work with. 

They are Safe and Secure from Kids and Pets

Because ceiling fans are mounted on your ceiling, they leave more room on the floor and walls for another home décor. Equally, it makes them safe from children who would otherwise try to stop the blades. There are no pet cases coming to harm from a ceiling fan unless you own a bird or a monkey.

When you have kids and pets, all home installations must be safe-proof. A dangling ceiling fan is always safe regardless of how tall your child is. You can afford to take your eyes off your little ones knowing that no harm will come to them.

Ceiling fans are also secure because of the mounting materials that contribute to making them stable. Because you might need it to spin in higher speeds, a proper mount kit is necessary to prevent cases of it falling from the ceiling to the floor.

Buyers give a significant placement on value for energy-efficient home appliances. Therefore, many people are buying more ceiling fans even if they already have an air conditioning unit in place. The idea is to get the most from your home appliances while saving on energy costs.

As a precaution, always switch off your ceiling fan when you are heading out of the room. Ceiling fans do not cool rooms but they col people. When your fan runs nonstop in an empty room, it is wasted energy as it does not contribute to cooling the room.

The Ultimate Guide to Buying A Ceiling Fan for Your Home

You might have experienced some of those dull summer days that are so hot everything seems to be uncomfortable. It can remove the joy from your summer because you feel suffocated every time you are indoors. It makes you feel trapped because the idea to venture outdoors is immaterial, considering the scorching sun.

Sometimes it gets so hot that you wish it were already winter, yet you might hate the cold more than the discomforting heat. However, there is a way you can wave the heat goodbye and get to enjoy the rest of your summer days. If you are looking for a convenient, cheap, and simple solution, you should get yourself a ceiling fan.

While there can be some misconception about fans today, it is just a bias. The idea that they are old-fashioned or, worse, ugly is not a reflection of their performance. Ceiling fans have a wind-chilling effect that will cool your living room, bedroom, and even the kitchen.

If you live in an area where you have long summers, you do not need many reasons to own a ceiling fan. However, there are four primary reasons why you should consider buying a ceiling fan for your house.

They Cool Your House Down

Perhaps it is the only reason that matters. Regardless of your previous experience with ceiling fans, the primary objective is to cool you down when you are indoors. If you have been to many houses, then you might have seen so many ceiling fans, and some did not amuse you. However, when looking for a ceiling fan, you should know that there are many types that you will find both suitable and exciting.

One insight you need to know is that a ceiling fan’s performance depends on the manufacturer. You can choose from a list of the top brands that will bring delight to your home.

Ceiling Fans are Cheap

A ceiling fan is the best alternative to an air conditioner. Besides the price factor, they last longer and require little operational knowledge. You will not be burdened with repairs, malfunctions, or replacement for many years.

Long Life-Span

Nobody wants a piece of equipment that needs replacement every few years. Some people can attest to owning a ceiling fan for more than fifteen years without the need for a replacement. With proper management, cleaning, and care, ceiling fans perform optimally to give you the relaxing effect that you deserve.

Ceiling Fans Can heat your House in Winter

Though not many people are aware, a ceiling fan can warm up your house during winter. Some models have a switch that makes the blades go in reverse, and in return, it pushes downwards the hot air that usually rises up. 

How to Choose A Ceiling Fan

If it is your first time buying a ceiling fan, you cannot rush into the action. You may discover when it is too late that you might not know how to choose the best ceiling fan for your house. The reason for this article is that you can use it as a guide before you commit your money and time to something that you will see every day for a long time. While there are many options online, finding the right ceiling for your home is not an easy choice.

You must decide if the ceiling fan you want will keep you satisfied all summer and winter. These are the features you should consider:


Some people assume that the bigger the fan’s size, the better its performance. It is not true. You should choose your fan’s size based on the room size it will fit in. If you have a small room, you need a small fan and vice versa.

If you get a small fan for a big room by mistake, the effects will be so minimal. Sometimes so minimal that it will fail to make a difference. Using a bigger fan for a small room is also discomforting. The wind-chilling effect can be extreme, making it impossible to stay in the room. The whirling noise can be irritating as it is distinct and therefore noisy.

CFM & Motor

The size of a ceiling fan is related to the motor and the CFM. CFM stands for cubic feet of airflow per minute. Therefore, a bigger fan will need a powerful motor resulting in a higher CFM. CFM is essential. After all, it determines the fan’s performance, saving you money because it will last longer.

Big ceiling fans have stronger motors that whirl and also make noise. The bigger the fan, the noisier you can expect it to be. It can be unpleasant to have a loud fan in your place of sanctuary and rest within your house.

Watts Usage

Ceiling fans are supposed to be affordable. It would help if you settled for one because of the overall maintenance cost. Before committing yourself to buy one, check the wattage that it requires. How much electricity will it consume, and can you afford it? When a fan operates at high speed, it consumes more electricity. You should confirm that you understand the cost of running the ceiling fan at top speeds is low.

Many people assume that the motor’s size determines how much power the fan will consume but that’s a false assumption. It is similar to thinking that a fan that consumes less electricity gives a low performance. It is possible to find a fan with a small motor and high performance but equally economical on electrical consumption.

Number of Blades

Choosing the number of blades can be confusing. Some people believe that a ceiling fan with fewer blades performs poorly than those with more blades. On the contrary, fans with three blades are known to give a better performance than the ones with maybe four or five. However, the performance of the blades is down to various factors.

Angles of the Blades

The blade’s angles play a significant part in either cooling or heating-up a room. The blades’ ideal angle should be at least 12 degrees to ensure that air circulation and movement are efficient. Check if there are options for customized blades where you can shift the blades’ angles as you desire. Never settle for a ceiling fan with blade angles less than 12 degrees.


You can get everything right when picking your next fan but fail on the design. Aesthetic beauty is as much important as the performance of the fan. You do not wish to dangle something that does not compliment your room. Consider the furniture and blend in the colors that make the room appealing and less conspicuous upon entry.

What are the Best Brands of Ceiling Fans?

If you have followed the criteria above and you are yet to be satisfied with the options available, there are still other ways to find a suitable fan for your home. Ceiling fans have many manufacturers hence are of different brands.

Brand selection is crucial because they offer different features suitable for the environment you prefer. The list below consists of some of the popular brand names for ceiling fans you can consider when purchasing one.


It is a company that has committed to making ceiling fans since 1886 and commits to quality, innovation, and excellent craftsmanship, among other vital features.


For so many years, Panasonic has been present and has forged its name as a reliable electric appliance partner.

Hampton Bay

Hampton Bay is keen on American home improvement gadgets. Ceiling fans from this brand have a reputation for aesthetic appeal and top performance.


Emerson has been in existence for over a century. It carries a rich tradition of excellence and perfection in home improvement appliances. They manufacture ceiling fans that are of excellent quality and performance.

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo is a reputable company and a lead innovator in the lighting, electrical appliances, home décor, home improvement, and industrial appliances.


Westinghouse is a family-owned business with a rich tradition of home improvement appliances since 1946. It has a legacy of a full line of lighting fixtures, bulbs, lighting accessories, and ceiling fans.


MinkaAire operates in two continents and is among the leaders of coveted decorative lighting appliances.

The History of Ceiling Fans

The history of ceiling fans is quite intriguing. It dates back to the native Indians who lived around 500BC. However, they used the pankah-type fans, which were manual. It is not until the 19th century that the rotary fan was discovered in the US, and it used stream water to power it.

It was not long after that the electric fans were invented and picked up in almost every home. Electric fans are still in use today, especially in environments that face hot climates and high temperatures throughout the year.

Understanding How a Ceiling Fan Works

If you are yet to make up your mind on the best ceiling fan for your home, you can settle the debate by considering how different ceiling fans operate. Note that ceiling fans use a simple technology comprising only two parts—the electric motor that powers it and the blades— also called the paddles.

There is a great misconception that ceiling fans can lower the temperature inside a room. However, it is a baseless notion since all a ceiling fan does is circulate the air that is already in the room. The wind-chill effect results from the fan pushing down the cool air inside the room.

Now that you know all ceiling fans operate the same way, you might feel that there is too much fuss about choosing a fan. Like you can just pick any fan for installation, and the results will be the same. However, as you must note, many factors determine a fan’s performance. The blades, size, motor, material, and design all contribute to giving you the perfect environment on a hot summer afternoon. A ceiling fan that makes noises is irritable, and no one wants to spend hours inside a room under a constant whirl and buzz.

Winter Ceiling Fans

Here is where it gets interesting—another lesson from a physics class. Learn how your ceiling fan can save you up to 10% on heating costs during winter. You do not need complex machinery to achieve this. Just turn your blades to go in the reverse direction.

It is a natural law that warm air rises while cold air stays at the bottom. By turning the blades in the reverse direction, the cooler air will rise, replacing the warm air that goes to the bottom hence heating up the room.

Nowadays, switching the blades’ direction is as simple as turning on a switch. It saves you the trouble and keeps money in your pockets that would have gone to alternative heating sources in winter. However, not all ceiling fans come with the winter option.

What Should I look For in a Ceiling Fan?

Not all fans at the store you visit are the same. Take note not to select a ceiling fan using only one factor. Combining the best features contributes to the perfect ceiling fan for your home. While the prettiest fan can be appealing, it can be expensive and lack the performance you expect it to deliver.

It is not enough to get the best fan if you do not account for the size of the room you will install it in. Consider the width of the room as well as the height. These are some of the things you should consider before choosing a ceiling fan.


Size applies in so many aspects, and it is what should form the basis of your decision. If the room you wish to install the fan is small, you should buy a fan with smaller blades. The reverse is true. A big room needs a ceiling fan with big blades.

The consequence of a big fan in a small room can be aesthetic and physical. Not only will it take up considerable space in your ceiling, but the windy effect can cause you headaches if you stay in the room for too long with the fan on. 

CFM & Motor

The CFM relates to the motor. If you buy a fan with a bigger motor, then the blades will produce a higher CFM amount. Therefore, it is advantageous to get a ceiling fan with a higher CFM because it saves you money and consumes less electricity.

However, you cannot readily determine if it will become noisy based on the motor’s size. When it is still new, the soft whirl and buzz might seem less disturbing, yet after many hours of continuous buzzing, you might regret your choice.

As they already come advertised, you can consider quiet brands, so it should not be challenging to find a silent model.


Blades contribute more to a fan than just a chilling effect. The number of blades does not determine a fan’s power to cool down a room. The number of blades is more related to the silence of the fan. The more blades you have, the more silent the fan becomes.

It is not to say that three-blade fans are ill-fitted for a house. Because on the contrary, you get the best chilling effect from a three-blade fan than, say, four or five-blade fans.

The blade angle also determines the chilling effect of a fan. Anything less than 12 degrees is too flat and will not circulate the air inside a room efficiently, compromising the heating or cooling effect. Thick blades consume more electricity than thinner blades and might need a powerful motor to power.


The higher the watts on a fan, the more electricity it will consume when operating at top speeds. A small motor does not mean that the electrical consumption will be less. And a fan that uses more electricity does not mean that it gives out a better performance.

There are economical fans that consume less electricity yet give out optimal performance. These are regarded as the best type of fans. Check for manufacturing brands that offer the same specs for their ceiling fans. Consider different brands that have economical specs that may appeal to you.


Despite having the most efficient fan, you may find that you are still not satisfied with your fan and even wish to replace it before it breaks down. Aesthetic appeal is important because no one can fail to notice an ugly ceiling fan dangling above their heads.

A ceiling fan has so much impact on the room that it can mess up its liveliness. The good thing is that most brands have aesthetically appealing ceiling fans that come with impressive designs. These fans are made from different materials, including wood, metal, glass, and plastic.

They also come in different colors enabling you to choose the ones that befit your room. A ceiling fan is more than an electrical appliance that emits a cooling effect. It is purposeful for home improvement and internal décor.

How to Determine the Best Ceiling Fans?

While the most comfortable choice is by choosing a pretty fan in the store, you should consider if the fan is environmental-friendly. It can be disappointing to buy a fan because it is aesthetically appealing, only to find that it is not the best option for your home.

If you find yourself replacing your recently bought fan for a more technologically advanced option just because it costs more, then you are buying a fan for all the wrong reasons. The only technology you need from a fan is that it keeps your summers cool and dissipates heat during winter. It should also save on costs and be conducive regardless of the hours you spend indoors.

Therefore, the best way to find the perfect fan is to understand the functions you need to perform. Not all fans can dissipate heat in winter. It would be best to be keen when selecting fans with a winter option. If you have alternative heat sources, there will be no need for a fan with this function, especially if it costs more.

A ceiling fan is a long-lasting investment that can take up to 15 years without replacing it. Care and maintenance are simple as it needs occasional cleaning of the blades with a dry cloth.

What Next After Installing My Ceiling Fan?

While installing a ceiling fan is not a complicated process, you may need an expert to fit one for you. The reason is that professionals tend to deliver a clean job because you pay them to do so. However, if you feel you can make the installation on your own, be careful to follow all the instructions without skipping a step. Ensure that you assemble the fan using the right pieces and joints.

Safety and precautions of a ceiling fan are essential. Ensure that it does not wobble or make creaking noises as it spins. After a successful installation, the blades’ maintenance should be done at least every two-three months, depending on the environment you live in. You can use a wet wipe to clean the blades to remove the piling dust.

You can also clean the blades using a brush if you feel it is more convenient than wiping. However, you should spread a sheet on the floor to catch the dust.


A ceiling fan is one of the long-term investments that you will get stuck with for many years once you buy one. You do not wish to regret your choices because you did not settle for the ideal fan for your home. There is nothing like a one-size-fits-all ceiling fan. Each room will need a different fan spec depending on its size.

Besides the fan’s primary cooling effect, they offer a room more ambiance when properly installed. Be sure to select the right brand, color, blade number, size, and material. When choosing the winter option ceiling fan, ensure that you understand how to operate it and perform tests if necessary before purchasing.