If you’re looking for the best ceiling fans available you’re at the right place. They still remain one of the primary choices for many, when it comes to cooling during summer. However, one might not understand the real importance of having such a fan, until one owns it, and understand how necessary it is to have one in your house or office, especially if you live in a country with super hot summers.

Having an interior element like this is a way to improve your life, but choosing a good one might be pretty troublesome especially for people who have no experiences of their own. That is why when choosing the right fan one must take a few things into account, among others.

best ceiling fans

Some people just go at a random shop nearby, maybe one that looks prettier to the eye or a cheaper one, and go home with it. Later on, they start believing that the fan they bought is not a good choice for cooling, and decide to change it for something of more advanced technology, that costs a lot more, and maybe is not that environmental-friendly. The thing is that, when chosen correctly they’re not only a perfect way to survive your summers inside, but also a way to help the heating of your house or workplace during winter.

How is that even possible?! In order to understand that, you need to know more about the functions of a good ceiling fan. This article will tell you more about the functions and also will help you chose the best one if you are in search of one, by showing you what makes some particular fans and what makes them the best.

Brief History of Ceiling Fans

Before you start the ‘process’ of deciding what you need or which is the best for you, it’s good to know a thing or two about ceiling fans. Though pankah-type fans (manual) which are native to India date back to year 500 BC, first rotary fans appeared at the second half of 19th century in the US, and were powered by a stream of water.

Electric fans were invented just few year later and from then on, they have become a common part of every inside environment. Today they are still very popular especially in countries with hot climate that face high temperatures throughout the whole year.

How does a ceiling fan function?

In order to have it easier to decide which would be the best fan for your environment, it would be good to firstly understand how their main functions. Ceiling fans are a simple technology since they consist of two main parts: the blades, which are also often called paddles, and the electrically powered motor.

Many people believe that they are capable of lowering the temperatures, which is actually not true. A ceiling fan only circulates the air in the room, pushing the cool air downwards and making people feel cooler due to the wind chill effect known concept.

Someone might thing that “If all these fans function the same, then why make it such a big deal?! Just pick one and it is done!” But the thing is that there are a lot of factors that affect the performance such as the number of blades, the power of the electric motor, the material, the size, the design and others. Moreover, some of the fans can be really noisy, and who would want to work or spent free time in a room with a fan that is continuously buzzing.

Winter Ceiling Fans

It might sound strange to you, especially if you hated physics at school, but ceiling fans can save up to 10% on heating costs during the winter.  In order to do so you will just have to reverse the direction of the blades.  This happens because when it is cold, the warm air generated by your heating system naturally goes up to the ceiling while cooler air stays at the bottom of the room. When the blades start turning in the reverse direction, then the cooler air goes up, pushing the warm air to go down.

Usually, it is very easy to reverse the way the paddles run, since nowadays this can be done with a single switch placed somewhere in the fan.

What to look for in a ceiling fan?

If you go at a store without having a specific type of fan in mind, don’t just take the prettiest, the biggest, the cheapest or the most expensive, blindly believing that all of them are the same. If you have decided to spend money on a fan, at least take care to pick the right one.

Sometimes a perfectly good fan, will not be the right one for you, because many times it depends on the size of the room and the height of the ceiling which fan would be more suitable for you. Therefore, when you go to pick your fan, take into account the following factors:

Size – This is the main thing you must be careful for when buying a ceiling fan that is why we have listed it as the first. The smaller the room you are going to place the fan, the smaller the blades have to be. If you place a small fan in a big room, its effect will hardly be noticed. Whereas, if you place a big fan in a small room, not only it will take most of the space in you ceiling but it will also probably cause you headache, because of the windy effect. Even worse, if it has a noisy motor, you will be unable to stay in that place with the fan on.

CFM & Motor – The CFM is the cubic feet of airflow per minute, and it is a very important thing you must be careful about when purchasing a ceiling fan. It is related to the motor, since the bigger the motor the higher the CFM will be. Therefore when buying the fan check for the ones that have the highest CFM since, the higher it is the more money you will save.

About the motor, some of them can be very noisy, and despite the fact that at first it might seem not disturbing to you, later on you will find it hard to deal with the continuous buzzing. Attempt to find a fan that among others is a little quieter.

Blades – Unlike the belief that the more blades a fan has, the more powerful it is, the truth is otherwise. A fan has the best performance when having only three blades, but four or five blades are quieter than three and this does not mean that a four-bladed fan is not good. Actually some of the best fans we have listed below in our guide, have four or five blades.

Another important thing when it comes to the blades, is also their angles, which must be at least 12 degree, since anything less is too flat to move air efficiently, either for cooling or heating.

Watts – Always check how much watts does it use, meaning how much electricity it spends when operating at its highest speed. Just because the motor is bigger or smaller, that does not mean that the fan uses more or less electricity. And also, just because a fan uses more or less electricity that does not mean it has a better or worse performance. The fans that use less electricity and have a good performance, among other factors, are usually rated as the best ceiling fans.

Design – Of course just picking the fan with the best performance is not enough. You don’t want an ugly thing rotating in your ceiling no matter how efficient it is. You may thing that since it is at the top of the room, a ceiling fan would not be that noticed, but you have no idea how much impact it has in how your room looks as a whole. Nowadays you can find all types of designs, with different materials and colors, of wood metal, plastic and even glass, therefore pick an efficient one that goes better with the environment of your room and is more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

The best Ceiling Fans with the highest rated Quality and Performance

Of course choosing the best one for your room is not easy, especially when taking into account that in general people do not change their ceiling fans for up to 15 years and more. It is an investment that stays, but everyone wants it to be a worth it investment.

Sometimes, it is hard to find out what you need without having someone to push you towards it. That is why, after a bit of research we have decided to suggest to you the best ones, which are actually the highest rated by our expert team and the ones that got the best reviews in Amazon.

Below you can find the six top best rated ceiling fans on Amazon and also their features.

Emerson Carrera Grande Eco

Emerson Carrera Grande EcoThe Carrera Grande Eco by Emerson is the first in our list, and not only, since this fan is among top rated fans in Amazon and other online stores. The Emerson has a longer than a century tradition in the production of ceiling fans, that are not only of high performance and quality, but also beautiful, and offer a wide range of choices in color and design.

The Emerson Carrera Grande Eco which has five blades can be used for both, indoor and outdoor. One of the best things about it is that the blades are sold separately, which means you can choose the types of blades according to your wish among more than 50 types of hand carved wood and weather resistant blades available. These blades can create a fan span of either, 54 inches, 60 inches or 72 inches, depending on the size you decide to choose, making it suitable for rooms of all sizes.

You also have a variety of colors to choose among, as follows:

  • Antique Pewter
  • Brushed Steel
  • Gilded Bronze
  • Golden Espresso
  • Oil-rubbed Bronze
  • Satin White
  • Venetian Bronze
  • Vintage Steel

The fan uses less than 33 watts of electricity at its highest speed, which is why it has been rated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency with the Energy Star that is given to products which deliver exceptional features while using less energy.

Take notice that if you decide to buy this fan and you have a pitching ceiling, then you will have to buy separately the Emerson Sloped Ceiling Kit.

The Emerson Carrera Grande Eco also has very good reviews in Amazon, where a lot of people have especially praised it for not wobbling or buzzing, calling it worth the cost because of its wonderful performance.

Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe With Light

Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe Ceiling Fan With LightAnother ceiling fan with five blades that is without a doubt one of the best ones you could choose for your home. In color of Cherry / Stained Oak, this indoor only fan is capable of delivering ultra-powerful air movement, while making almost no noise at all.

Made of metal and of a size of 52 inch, the item weights only 20 pounds and comes with two 60W candelabra incandescent bulbs included.  The motor is capable of running in reverse, for what the product has very good reviews in Amazon, in particular.

Something very special about it is that the fan is very easy to install and comes with very clear instructions on how to do that. Also, because of an included pull chain you can quickly and easily turn it on or off and adjust its speed (you can choose between its three speeds).

Westinghouse Alloy 42-Inch Three Blades Ceiling Fan

Westinghouse Alloy 42-Inch Three Blades Ceiling FanThis 42 inch fan has three blades, and weights only 10 pounds what makes its installment very easy and pretty quick. Made of metal and glass, the fan is capable of moving a lot of air with airflow of 4,083 CFM, and is suitable especially for smaller rooms of around 120 inches.

The item is of indoor use only, and uses Incandescent light bulbs. It comes with a remote (which is sold separately), therefore there is no need for chain extenders, what makes it super easy to work with, since you can change its three speeds (high/medium/low) without changing your seat.

This Westinghouse Alloy ceiling comes either in Brushed Nickel color what makes it suitable for every type of environment, whether modern or more classic.

The blades are reversible via a switch for winter so the blades can run clockwise to recirculate warm air from the ceiling, eliminating cold spots and drafts.

Minka Aire Wave Three Blades in Distressed Koa

Minka Aire Wave Three Blades in Distressed KoaThis Country / Cottage style ceiling consisting of three blades may seem small and cute but it has the capacity to move a lot of air in your room, though it weighs only 3.5 pounds.

The 52 inch ceiling fan by Minka, is certified by Underwriters Laboratories which is the single most accepted Certification Mark in the United States, appearing on 22 billion products annually.

It comes in the following colors:

  • brown
  • silver
  • white

The opportunity to choose among three colors will make it even easier for you to take this home, since one of the colors absolutely has to match with your environment, whether if it is a bedroom, living room, or work place.

Made of metal, this fan includes remote control what makes it super easy turn it off and on and change speeds (three speeds). For ceilings angled 21° to 45° an A245-DK which is sold separately must be used. Also, the fan Requires Bond hub which is sold separately too, in order to work with Alexa.

Monte Carlo Discus 5DI52WHD-L

Monte Carlo Discus 5DI52WHD-LThis sleek and attractive fan would be a nice contemporary addition to your home in whatever color you decide to purchase it, since you can choose among the following colors:

  • 875 (Polished Nickel)
  • Brushed Steel
  • Matte Black
  • Roman Bronze
  • White

The item weights 19 pounds and it is 52 inches big with an air flow capacity of 72 CFM. It has five blades, and it comes with a light bulb included. It is also certified by the Underwriters Laboratories as frustration-free.  The speed can be adjusted by remote which you will have to purchase separately.

There are very good reviews about it in Amazon, with people claiming to own three to four ceiling fans of this type at their homes, since aside of being of high quality they do not wobble or make noise in comparison to other ones.

Emerson Tilo Low-Profile Ceiling Fan

Emerson Tilo Low-Profile Ceiling FanThis modern ceiling fan, produced by Emerson weights only 10 pounds and it is as small as 30 inches, perfect for smaller rooms. Though small, the fan moves a lot of air, exceeding the expectations of many Amazon reviewers, who have rated it as one of the best

You can choose an Emerson Tilo Low-Profile Fan and suit it to the environment you plan to install it in, since it you can choose between three colors:

  • Appliance White
  • Brushed Steel
  • Oil-rubbed bronze

The fan comes included with three curved blades, dual mount, decorative canopy and SW46 wall control whereas the remote control is sold separately. The remote is not a necessity since the fan has a Four-speed wall control; however a remote would make it even much easier to control the speed and turn it on and off.

Best Ceiling Fan Brands

best ceiling fan brands

If you didn’t find the right ceiling fan for you in the above listed, then there is still hope. You can always find the best brands, check out the types of fans they offer, and purchase the one the features of which fit your environment best.

We will not let you down once again, if we have been unable to help you so far. Below find the best brands, from which you can choose the model you need, and you will still not be disappointed.

  • Hunter – a company that produces ceiling fans since 1886 committed to quality, craftsmanship, and innovation.
  • Panasonic – a company with a long standing presence for more than 30 years.
  • Hampton Bay – an American home improvement supplies retailing company that sell fans, wall plates products, and services.
  • Emerson – a company that has a longer than a century tradition in the production of ceiling fans of high performance and quality.
  • Monte Carlo – is a Generation Brands company, a leader and innovator in the lighting, electrical wholesale, home improvement, home décor, and building industries.
  • Westinghouse – a family owned business that was started in 1946 and carries a full line of light bulbs, lighting fixtures, ceiling fans and lighting accessories.
  • MinkaAire – a leader in the decorative lighting industry that operates in two continents.

After you install the ceiling fan

After you have chosen your ideal fan you believe is the right one for you, install it carefully. Read the instructions with full attention and try to install according to the given advices. If you do not install it according to the instructions, you might do it wrongly and the fan will probably wobble, and make very unpleasing noises.

After the process of installing is done, take care to clean the blades at least once every three months. Wipe the blades with a wet wipe so you can remove the dust. When cleaning put a sheet on the floor so the dust will not fall and make the floor dirty. You can also clean the blades with a brush if you think it’s more practicable that way.

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