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Best Floor Fans of 2022 Reviewed

It is normal to be unable to decide which floor fans are the best, especially if you have never owned a fan before in your life.

That is why, we have checked and selected five floor fans which are the best floor fans of 2022. Their features, performance and quality without a doubt make them the very best floor fans which will not disappoint you, if you choose any of them.

The best floor fans of 2022 with the highest rated quality and performance:

Lasko 2265QM 20-Inch

A silver floor fan by Lasko made of metal and very comfortable to carry around. This is exactly what you have been looking for if you like to sleep with a fan on but you hate buzzing and wobbling sounds.

Its speed control is mounted on the front, which is very easy to find and operate with. It has three rubber feet that prevent the fan from scratching the floor and also keep it from vibrating or moving. Also, if you do not want to carry this fan from one place to another, you have the opportunity to mount it on the wall, since a mounting bracket comes included.

It has been rated with 4.5 out of 5 stars by customers on Amazon, what clearly shows its quality and wonderful performance.

Honeywell HT-908 Turbo Force Room Air Circulator Fan

A floor fan that weighs only 5.64 pounds, what makes it super easy to carry it around, even through stairs. This is the floor fan you must own if you have an apartment that is not suitable for a ceiling fan, neither the less an air conditioner.

It has 3 speeds with air movement up to 32 feet, so you will be able to adjust it to your needs. It also has a removable grill, in order to be able to clean it easily. It has a frame of 15 inch and three blades of 10 inch.

This light fan moves a lot of air despite its weigh and is very quiet, you can barely notice it is on. You can also choose between black and white, since it is produced in both colors.  It is so good; you will totally become a huge fan of this fan!

Patton 20-inch High Velocity Fan

A floor fan perfect for your workplace or home, if you have been searching for a black metal floor fan. It has a powerful motor and blades large enough to move a lot of air. It is not the quietest fan in the world, since its noise at its highest speed is capable of drowning out your neighbors barking dogs and the garbage truck noise.

It has three speeds and its tilt adjustable head allows you to focus the airflow where you need it. It is build out of metal (no plastic, not even a little), and you can choose between three sizes:

  • 14 inch
  • 18 inch
  • 20 inch

The bigger the fan, a little bit higher the price will be.

Cleaning it is very easy since you will only need to turn a few levers.

Lasko 3300 20″ Wind Machine Fan

Another Lasko floor fan with a plastic body, made in the USA and ETL listed with patented safety plug. It has three high performance speeds and a pivoting head for directional air flow, so you can point it in your direction to wherever you need. You can also tilt it toward the ceiling to maximize airflow in the room, or down toward the floor for drying after a good mop, what very few fans can do.

It is not the smallest floor fan, but you can still easily carry it around. It has five blades and makes no rattling noise and does not wobble, though at its highest speed it is a bit louder. Since it is white, it can match with every environment. It has some wonderful reviews in Amazon with people clearly being more than happy to have chosen this floor fan as their way of cooling during the sumer.

Stanley 655704 High Velocity Blower Fan

A portable plastic floor fan that looks a bit differently compared to most of the floor fans, and has been rated with 4.5 ot of 5 stars by consumers. It has three powerful speeds and features a circuit breaker with a reset button. It also includes two 120 volt grounded outlets for accessory use.

It is made for you, if you like to let your fan on all day long. It even has a pleasing-less of a purring sound than a normal fan. It can be used in both, indoor and outdoor environments and you can carry it with you wherever you go. Another good thing about it that no other fan can do, is that is can be used to dry floors, carpets and even furniture.

Why is it recommended to buy a bathroom fan?

Everyone has their ways of staying cool during the summer, but that does not mean that everybody’s happy with their solution. Many struggle to find new effective ways, trying this and that, spending money in super expensive air conditioners that will later collect a lot of dust in the winter. And to many they look so ugly they can’t help but wish they lived in a cooler country.

However, there is one way of cooling the air in your home faster and cheaper, and most importantly carrying this ‘way of cooling’ from one room to another, according to your needs. What else can this be but a floor fan, which is not only very economical, but also a more practical tool than any other.

For years now, floor fans have proved that they are man’s best friend during summer. However, not every floor fan is a good fan, so if you are thinking about buying one, just picking the first floor fan that comes up is not a good idea.

In fact there are so many types of floor fans which have so many features that you must open your eyes and look carefully before choosing. In this article we have reviewed some of these features and not only. Read about the things that make a floor fan the best floor fan, and also below you will find a list of the best 2019 floor fans reviewed.

What to look for in a floor fan?

There are so many types of floor fans you wouldn’t believe it. That is why you have to make your eyes four when you go to purchase one or order one online. Some of these fans might look perfect at first, but they will not last a week. Others will last too long but their performance will not be that high and also there are the others that are so noisy you will feel like having the whole jungle inside your room.

That is why, before deciding which floor fan you need for your home, it is good to know a thing or two about floor fans. If you have already decided to spend some money and buy a floor fan, at least take care to spend that money wisely by picking the right fan.

Each fan is characterized by some feature, so when you go to pick a floor fan, take into account the following factors:

Size – Many people believe that bigger floor fans are for bigger rooms, which is not exactly true. Actually the performance of a fan floor does not lie only in its size but also in its motor. However, a floor fan with a powerful  motor and big blades placed into a small room can cause you a headache thus becoming unbearable even at its lowest speed. That is why you should try to buy a fan big enough or small enough for your room.

CFM & Motor – The CFM means the cubic feet of airflow per minute, or the amount of air that a fan can move per minute. The CFM and the motor are very related, since a bigger motor has higher CFM. Therefore, try getting a fan with a higher CFM if you have a bigger room.  Do not forget that some of the motors can be very noisy, which sometimes is a result of their high performance. However, if you hate noises check how noisy the fan you wish to purchase is, since it is meaningless to get a fan that will cool you while getting on your nerves all the time.

Blades – Usually floor fans have three blades. However there are fans with five blades or rarely even more.  Keep in mind that the fans with three blades work best, but that does not mean a fan with four or five blades cannot be listed among the best fans.

Another thing you must keep in mind about blades is that they must have an angle of 12 degree since anything less is to flat to be capable of moving air efficiently in order to create the chill effect.

Design – the most important thing about a floor fan is its quality and performance. However there are some very pretty fans that work perfectly, and aside of helping you relax in your room during summer, they will also look good in whichever corner of the room you decide to place them.

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