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Best Garage Ceiling Fans

When people think about placing a ceiling fan somewhere in their house, you never think that could be a garage. Well, a lot of people spend a considerable amount of time in their garage, whether that is for doing housework-related tasks, or because they have turned a corner of the garage into a small workshop to enjoy their hobby.

Many others have built bigger garages in which they spend a lot of time practicing their profession, or even hobby, at a larger scale.

Finding a good ceiling fan for a garage is not an easy task, as one would think. There are things that should be taken into account as performance, size, number of blades and many others.

Here we have listed the top 10 garage ceiling fans, highly rated and recommended by those who purchase them.

Westinghouse Lighting 7800300 Industrial 56-Inch Three-Blade Indoor Ceiling Fan

This Westinghouse Lighting 7800300 Industrial ceiling fan is a perfect fit for any garage with a high ceiling up to 360 square feet – 18 by 20 feet. This three-bladed ceiling fan is of an industrial style, with a color of brushed nickel black blades and brushed nickel finish.

It has a blade span of 56 inches, designed especially for commercial, industrial and other larger spaces, as garages, workshop spaces, lofts, and two-story entryways.

It has a powerful motor with an airflow capacity of 6,846 cubic feet per minute, which creates a comfortable environment, and efficiently operates at 60 watts on high speed, giving it an airflow efficiency rating of 113 cfm per watt.

The package includes a lead wire 54 inches long and half an inch by 12 inches down rod. It also comes with a ball-hanger installation system, and four-speed wall control unit so that you can switch between its four different levels of speeds through it.


  • It is reversible, so you can use it during winter also
  • The motor and bearings are silent


  • Does not work for smaller garages
  • No handheld remote

Big Air Industrial Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan

This ceiling fan by Big Air comes in three different sizes – 2 inches, 84 inches, and 88 inches – so you can pick the most convenient one according to the size of your garage.

It has a unique design with nine blades, which complements casual settings as garages, as it is made of aluminum, in the color of silver and a traditional style.

Its large diameter blades make it possible for the fan to move a lot of air, what makes it also very functional and not only pretty. Moreover, the motor of the fan is reversible, so you can use the fan during the winter as well, to cut the costs of your heating.

When purchasing the fan, you will also receive a six inches long down rod length and a remote control with which you can switch between the three levels of speed so you can get the desired airflow at any time.

Another wonderful thing about this fan is that it has a DC motor that is energy efficient, and as such has been rated with and energy star, since it saves up to 65 per cent than traditional AC fan motors.


  • It has six speeds
  • Comes with a remote control


  • It is not rated for damp locations

VES Industrial Grade Garage Ceiling Fan

Pick your favorite color – matte black, white and brown – of this VES industrial grade garage ceiling fan so you will have the perfect air movement in your garage. You can also purchase your fan in the size it fits your garage best, as it is available in two sizes – 56 inches, and 60 inches. You can also get it moisture resistant or nonresistant, with or without the control. Of course, they range in prices.

The package, when purchase, includes an 18 inches long don rod, sealed bearings so no maintenance will be required and an extra 24 inches lead wires coming out of the fan for easy adapting to longer down rods.

This is a fan with a low energy consumption maintenance and it is UL & ULC approved. It has a very quiet motor, which can be reversible so you can also enjoy it during the winter. It is controlled through a wall-mounted control.


  • Super long down rod
  • UL & ULC approved


  • No remote or pull chains

Minka-Aire F833-WH Protruding Mount, 3 Blades Ceiling Fan

The three-bladed Minka-Aire F833-WH Protruding Mount Ceiling Fan is a perfect fit for garages. A sleek-looking ceiling fan of a contemporary style, the fan is available in several colors, for those wishing to purchase it: black, high gloss pure red, silver, white, and red.

This fan comes packed with two down rods: a 3.5 inches long down rod and another one which is 6 inches long.

The package also includes an angled ceiling adapter, as it is possible to mount it in angled ceilings up to 21 degrees. Those wishing to mount in ceilings angled over 21 degrees and up to 45 degrees, can separately purchase a A245-WH.

The fan has three blades with a sweep diameter of 52 inches and a blade pitch of 20 degrees.

It has four levels of speeds which can be changed through the wall control, included in the package. The fan is reversible, however not through the wall control. Instead, there is a manual reversing switch on the motor.


  • Four speeds
  • Lifetime warranty available
  • Can be mounted in angled ceilings


  • Manual reversing only
  • No remote

Minka-Aire F896-84-ORB, Xtreme H2O Ceiling Fan

Minka-Aire F896-84-ORB, Xtreme H2O is an eight bladed ceiling fan, available in four colors – brown, brushed nickel wet, coal and flat white.

With a look and style that can define any room or space, including your garage, this fan is more than a pretty décor. The fan has an air flow capacity of 8,165 cubic feet per minute, what makes it wonderful for bigger garages.

F896-84-ORB Xtreme H2O had a blade span of 84 inches, and comes with a 6 inches long down rod included in the package, which is available in six different configurations: 60, 48, 36, 24, 12 and 3.5 inches.

It can be controlled with a handheld remote control or wall control to set the fan at the desired cooling level. The most special thing about it is that it can be activated by voice through smart-house systems.

It works for both, indoor and outdoor environments.


  • Wet rated
  • Down rod is available in six different configurations


  • Remote & wall controls sold separately
  • Light kit sold separately

Ciata Lighting Industrial 56 Inch Three Blade Indoor Ceiling Fan

This ceiling fan manufactured by Ciata, is created for long-lasting and substantial durability, and is designed particularly for industrial and residential environments as garages.

The Ciata Lighting Industrial ceiling fan has three blades made of steel and is available in three different colors: black, brushed nickel and completely white. It provides an excellent airflow with a capacity of moving 5,973 cubic feet of air per minute, in whichever setting that it is installed.

Aside from the capacity this fan has all due to its cold rolled steel motor with single capacitor, what makes it perfect for any garage, is that it comes included with 12 inches down rod and a slope angle of 24 degrees.

This Ciata garage ceiling fan has five different levels of speeds from the lowest to the highest, and a wall control system through which you can change the speeds. It also features ball hanger installation system for easy installation.

It is designed for indoor spaces, and is ETL listed for safety standards.


  • Has five different levels of speed
  • ETL listed
  • It is quite light (less than 14 pounds)


  • No handheld remote

Hunter 59262 Contemporary Modern 52 Inches Ceiling Fan from Cassius Collection

This contemporary ceiling fan by Hunter has an ultra powerful motor, which is capable of moving lots of air (5,537 cubic feet per minute) while at the same time making whispering noises that can barely be heard.

Aside from its quiet performance, this Hunter 59262 Contemporary Modern Ceiling Fan has a reversible motor, so you can change the direction of its three blades during the winter, in order save yourself money on heating.

The three blades are available in four different colors: fresh white, matte black, matte silver, premier bronze – and have a blade pitch of 13 degrees which ensures ideal air movement and a peak performance.

The fan is ETL damp rated, and as such it can be used in covered porches and patios.

The package includes a pull chain that makes it possible to adjust speeds and turn the fan on and off. IT also includes two down rods – a five inches long down rod and another one 3 inches long. They make it possible for the fan to be installed in three different mounting systems according to your choice:

  • Standard
  • Low
  • Angled


  • Has variable speeds
  • ETL damp rated
  • Can be mounted in three different positions


  • Does not have lights
  • Pull chain cannot be removed

Hunter 53091 Transitional 52 inches Ceiling Fan from Builder Deluxe Collection

Pick your favorite color of this Hunter 53091 Transitional Ceiling fan from Builder Deluxe Collection – rushed nickel, new bronze, or white, and enjoy it all year round in your garage.

This 52-inches traditional ceiling fan has a whisper wind motor, which is capable of moving lots of air per minute, at a top quiet performance, with an air flow capacity of 3,525 cubic feet per minute.

It is created for indoor environments, and can be adjusted depending on the height of your garage as it comes with two down rods includes: a 2-inches down rod and a 3-inches down rod. Through them, you can make sure this fan is hung at the proper distance.

The fan has a LED light covered by toffee glass that will keep home interior inspired. When purchasing it you will receive energy-efficient dimmable LED light bulbs let you control the lighting and ambiance of the living space.

You can switch between the speeds of the fan by only using the pull chain, with which you can also turn the fan on and off.


  • Dimmable lights
  • Has multiple speeds
  • Comes with two down rods included


  • Down rods may be a bit short for very high ceilings
  • Does not have a handheld remote

Honeywell Belmar 52-Inch Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Another perfectly suitable ceiling fan for every garage is the Honeywell Belmar, made for both indoor and outdoor environments.

This is a five bladed ETL damp-rated fan, perfect not only for garages but also for outdoor patios, workshops, breezeways, gazebos, pergolas and other outdoor spaces.

It is available in two colors, oil-rubbed bronze and white, with 52 inches blades and 12 degrees blade pitch, that make it suitable for medium to large sized environments.

It includes traditional pull chains for turning the fan on and off and switching between its speeds, but also all Honeywell ceiling fan remotes work great with it. The fan is also reversible, so you can enjoy it in the winter as well, while saving yourself a good amount of money.


  • It is very light (17 pounds)
  • Runs smoothly
  • Easy to install


  • Remote control not included

Matthews DI-BN-WD Diane 16 inches Ceiling Fan with Remote Control

The first thing that you need to know for this super unique ceiling fan is that it is made only for smaller garages and workshops, as well as other smaller environments due to its petite structure.

It is available in five different colors:

  • bronze – metal blades
  • brushed nickel – metal blades
  • chrome – metal blades
  • matte black
  • brushed nickel

You can also decide whether you want the fan made of metal blades or solid wood blades, as it is available in both.

This small three bladed fan has a 16 inches diameter and a blade pitch of 19 degrees. It comes and comes included with a down rod 10 inches long.  It has the capacity of moving 1,623 cubic feet of air per minute at its highest speed.


  • Can be installed in ceilings angled up to 19 degrees
  • Has three speeds
  • ETL and CETL Approved for DAMP Locations
  • It comes with a handheld and wall mounted control


  • Doesn’t work in bigger environments