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Best Gold Ceiling Fans

You can’t go wrong with a cool ceiling fan that’s dusted in gold, right? If you happen to have a gold ceiling fan, chances are people will think of that fan as a luxurious piece in your home and one that adds a touch of elegance. And we can’t think of a better fan than a golden or sparkly one that is attention-seeking and performs just as amazing as it looks.

Many times, ceiling fans may disappoint you with their looks because they look cheaply made or the color is just off and it’s really hard to come across a beautiful and powerful gold ceiling fan that operates good and is aesthetically-pleasing. The warmth of gold in a room adds a beautiful brightness that’s enough to make you feel relaxed. It shows sophistication in a modern way, by reflecting and catching the light and it looks perfect in a dim space too.

Another good thing about gold is that it can vary in color such as metallic, sparkly, yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, or even green gold. It can even have two or three tones so you need to be very careful when picking a ceiling fan with that color because it can make or break your design. Gold makes a great combination with white or black, creating a beautiful contrast within your area.

Gold can never be boring and especially not after you’ve seen our list of the best-rated gold ceiling fans because this list will leave you wanting more of that gold and sparkle. These 10 gold ceiling fans are the best ones out there and we take into consideration their price point, functionality, and most importantly, that gold finish that you’re looking for.

Fanimation FP8511BS SculptAire 52 inch Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan

When design meets functionality, the Fanimation SculptAire is created. This is the perfect combination of gold and clear blades because the focus is on the motor housing, but the see-through blades do all the work for you.

Features: The SculptAire fan measures 52 inches and has a 3-speed reversible motor that provides a great amount of airflow – 4463 CFM on its highest speed. The fan is super efficient and includes an integrated 18W LED light kit that’s bright enough to illuminate your room, a remote control, it’s damp-rated, and great for outdoor use as well. Another great feature is that this is compatible with smart home devices such as Google Home and Alexa (sold separately) but it’s a worthy feature to look into.

Design: if you have a white interior or exterior, please take a look at this beautiful satin brass finish that’s the perfect addition to your room because it doesn’t overpower your design, instead it just enhances your overall décor. The clear blades are such a nice and well though-out addition because it doesn’t take away the shine of the fan; they’re just intriguing pieces that do their job.

What we like:

  • Classy, elegant and efficient
  • Super quiet
  • Dimmable lighting option
  • Can be used indoors/outdoors
  • Combines technology with beauty

What we don’t like:

  • Installation is a bit complicated

AFANQI 42″Crystal Ceiling Fan

When’s the last time you’ve seen something so elegant and stylish? This fandelier by AFANQI will be the highlight of your room for as long as you keep it there. It’s a crystal fan chandelier that includes everything and it’s so compact with retractable blades so you can use this as an illumination source only too.

Features: The 42-inch crystal fandelier is just the perfect size for your small living room, bedroom, or kitchen because it brings a sense of comfort. The best part about this fan are not its looks but the fact that it’s eco-friendly and cuts down on your energy bill, while also keeping your cool or warm. It has an LED light, 3 speeds, 4 time settings (1/2/4/8 hrs) and a remote control. You don’t even hear the motor operating because it’s silent but provides enough air circulation for your small room.

Design: A beautiful house needs to be brought back to life with a fan like this one. It’s made out of metal, ABS retractable blades, and a K9 crystal lampshade. The details on this gold and luxurious fandelier are to die for! The crystals are carefully placed so they become the focal point of the whole fan, but that’s what we like most about it. This is not only a classic piece but also a modern one because of the clear blades that are powerful yet simple.

What we like:

  • Many features in one design
  • Energy-efficient fan
  • Includes fine crystals for an elegant design
  • Different color temperatures (warm/white/neutral)
  • Ultra-powerful motor that’s also silent
  • Remote control is easy to use
  • Hanging the crystal balls is not difficult at all

What we don’t like:

  • Instructions could be better

Minka-Aire F787-SBR/WHF, Simple 52 Inch Protruding Mount Ceiling Fan

Let’s take a look at a more modern gold ceiling fan, such as this one by Minka-Aire that has a soft brass finish which brings some color into your area. Apart from its looks, the fan is highly-powerful because it has an insane amount of airflow on its highest speed – 5669 CFM, which is crazy, and not to mention the fact that you can also use it outdoors since it’s damp-rated too.

Features: At 52 inches, this becomes the ideal addition to your medium or large sized room, with an unmatched performance that makes you love this fan even more. It features a reversible motor, a 6-inch downrod and a remote control to change the direction of the fan but you could also opt for a wall control (separately). While this fan is light kit adaptable, you can get that separately along with the slopped ceiling adapter that’s also sold separately but they’re totally worth it.

Design: With a sleek and modern design, this fan has a minimalistic approach that we love. The clean-lined blades are so stylish and when combined with the soft brass finish, they just take the whole look to another level. This isn’t the only color combination that the fan is available in; there are 6 other finishes worth looking, such as:

  • Black
  • Brushed Nickel Wet
  • Flat White
  • Oil-Rubbed Bronze
  • Silver
  • Soft Brass/Coal

Of course, our favorite finish would have to be the soft brass and white because it looks so clean and modern and we love that. It would look great on an outdoors area like in a porch or deck because there are so many colors to choose from, but the most important thing to know is that you’ll be impressed by their quality and design whichever one you decide to get.

What we like:

  • Simple and modern design
  • Installing is super easy
  • Moves good air and is quiet
  • Light kit provides a lot of light
  • Suitable for outdoor installation too
  • Attractive-looking blades

What we don’t like:

  • Instruction manual is not too helpful

Craftmade BRD52SB3 Bordeaux 52″ Ceiling Fan

This is such an illusionary piece, almost like an upside down glass of wine and we can’t get enough of it. This Craftmade Bordeaux gold ceiling fan is the perfect contemporary addition to your living room or master bedroom if you want to add a little spice to your interior.

Features: This 52-inch fan is great for any medium or large area and features a really powerful motor that works silently but delivers an amount of airflow at a rate of 3786 CFM. The 3 speeds and the 17W LED downlight can be controlled with the included wall control. The height is also adjustable, it works on slopped ceilings too and you can use the 6-inch downrod that comes with the fan.

Design: What’s not to love about the design of this fan? The satin brass finish gives a luxurious vibe to your room and when paired with the clear blades, that just creates the best combination ever. Another great thing about the design of the Bordeaux is the fact that it comes in 4 different color options and different blades:

  • Satin Brass – Clear Acrylic Blades
  • Polished Nickel – Clear Acrylic Blades
  • Satin Brass – Black Blades
  • Polished Nickel – Black Blades

The 3 see-through acrylic polycarbonate blades are not only powerful but they’re also long-lasting, with a unique curving that you can barely see but they make a huge difference in design and functionality.

What we like:

  • Minimalistic design but contemporary
  • Blades don’t collect dust
  • Dimmable lights
  • Great for large indoor areas
  • Manual reversing switch on the motor
  • Quiet and sturdy

What we don’t like:

  • No negative reviews on this fan

OUKANING 42 Inch Modern Chandelier Ceiling Fan

If the first fandelier didn’t impress you because you wanted something more modern, this OUKANING gold ceiling fan is the right pick for you. The clear retractable blades and the simple details make this an outstanding fan that not only looks good in your room but also operates just as well.

Features: If you have a small living room, kitchen, or bedroom, this would work great because it’s just 42 inches. It includes a very silent motor that doesn’t wobble and provides a great amount of airflow, LED lights with 3 different temperatures, 3 speed settings, all of which you can control through the remote control. All in all, it includes pretty good and straightforward features that you’ll really love.

Design: The modern design of this chandelier and fan is the perfect element when you’re updating your room’s interior design because it looks so shiny and gives a rich vibe to any area. The great thing about most of these fans are the clear ABS blades which are retractable because they operate great but they also look exceptionally good next to the gold color of the fan. If this color doesn’t match your preferences, you could consider the 3 other options:

  • Brown
  • Silver
  • Silver 2 (a slightly different design)

What we like:

  • A contemporary piece that looks great wherever you install it
  • Mute motor
  • Doesn’t wobble or rattle
  • LED lights with different temperatures
  • Made out of sturdy materials
  • Doesn’t take too long to install
  • Puts out good airflow

What we don’t like:

  • The lights don’t fully dim

Morpholife Gold Ceiling Fan with Light, Champagne Chandelier Fan

A golden interior deserves a golden ceiling fan like this one from Morpholife which comes in a beautiful finish, almost like a rose gold finish. This one is a mix between a modern and rustic/farmhouse type of fan so we love the versatility in design but you should know that it has a powerful yet silent motor that’s capable of delivering a pretty good amount of airflow.

Features: The 52-inch fan looks great with most interiors up to 220 square feet, so it’s an ideal size for a medium or large room. The copper motor delivers strong airflow, at around 4500 CFM and that’s a really good amount for its size. It includes an integrated light kit that uses an 18W LED light bulb that’s also energy-efficient and long-lasting. And what we really like is the remote control which lets you control the 3 speed settings, dimming the lights, and switching the fan on/off.

Design: We love the simplicity of this design because there’s not much going on but the golden finish is what elevates the overall appearance of the fan. The fan is like a combination of a golden and champagne finish so it’s like an in-between type of color that looks great, especially in a bedroom or living room. Even the blades are really light and made out of ABS so they require minimal maintenance plus they look great and clean.

What we like:

  • Energy-saving motor that operates quietly
  • Well-balanced and secure
  • Comprises simplicity and modern style
  • Bright light
  • Includes a downrod for vaulted ceilings too

What we don’t like:

  • Installation instructions are not the best

HNDDS 42″ Bluetooth Chandelier Ceiling Fan Smart Music Player Fandelier Ceiling Fan

The HNDDS fan is not your regular fandelier, it’s a cool and smart fan that looks and works really well. It’s smart and fun to look at and not to mention the fact that it’s compatible with Bluetooth so you can use it to play music and create a fun atmosphere in your room.

Features: This 42-inch fandelier is the perfect size for your small bedroom or living room and it’s quiet but with a powerful airflow and the best thing about it is that it uses an energy-efficient LED light bulb that has 3 different colors. The remote control’s best feature is that it includes a timing function (1/2/4/8 hrs) which we always love. But the fan’s best feature would be the retractable blades that automatically retract or stretch out and don’t collect dust.

Design: The reason we absolutely love this fan is the gold finish that just brings a modern yet simple vibe to your room. The details make the huge difference, especially the intricate pattern which creates that contemporary design, along with the frosted globe that covers the light. The shiny gold and the clear blades are the perfect combo for when you want to update your room or add a little pizzazz.

What we like:

  • It’s a smart chandelier and a fan at the same time – 3in1
  • Fabulous see-through blades that provide a lot of air movement
  • Includes a 4-inch and 8-inch downrod for adjusting the height
  • Pure copper motor that’s long-lasting and noiseless
  • Puts out a lot of light

What we don’t like:

  • Remote control instructions could be better

Busting World Enclosed Metal Shell Low Profile Fan

This enclosed gold ceiling fan by Busting World screams money! It looks so expensive but in terms of functionality, you actually get what you pay for and so much more. It’s so lightweight and has a low-profile design that’s perfect for low ceilings, but it produces just enough air to keep you cool.

Features: If you have an itty bitty room, this is the perfect fan for you because it’s just 19.7 inches but it’s made out of sturdy materials that ensure longevity and great airflow. There are a lot of features to love about this fan such as the remote control which includes timing function, 3 speed settings, and different color temperatures. The best feature is the quiet motor which operates with a low noise but is really powerful and it’s energy-efficient too which is a double win.

Design: It’s sleek, stylish and ultra-modern and easily blends with your interior. The golden rim around the cage is all sparkly, with pieces that look like diamonds almost. It’s a combination of gold and coffee which looks so good in a dark-themed room décor especially with the clear blades that have a black tint to them. Another great option to consider is an all gold finish which is just as great, if not more amazing. The last one would be a white finish and that looks good too but we prefer gold all the way!

What we like:

  • Simple minimalistic design that looks luxurious
  • Enclosed cover – great for kids’ rooms, especially with bunk beds
  • Static motor operation
  • Timing function to automatically turn off (1/2/4 hrs)
  • Cuts down on your electric bill
  • Requires minimal maintenance and the cage is easy to remove
  • Quick and easy installation

What we don’t like:

  • Not a reversible motor

A Million 42″ Modern Ceiling Fan

This one is without a doubt a wow factor and a total winner when it comes to a good gold finish. This contemporary ceiling fan by the brand A Million it’s really well made, sturdy, and highly efficient, so what’s there not to love about it?

Features: This is a standard small-sized fan which works great in smaller areas such as bedrooms, offices, kitchen, or even in a restaurant. It comes with 4 amazing blades which rotate fast and provide a great amount of airflow, while also being pretty noiseless. It includes 3 speeds, an LED light bulb with 3 color changes, 2 downrods (4-inch and 7.8-inch), and a remote control to operate everything smoothly. What’s interesting about this fan is that when it’s operating, it looks quite big in size, but when the blades retract, the diameter of the fan drops at 19 inches which is a big difference.

Design: It’s truly a chic design but also modern and elegant at the same time so it integrates with many interiors. It’s made out of high-quality materials, while the blades are acrylic which makes them even better and more efficient. The gold finish looks very luxurious and it makes the LED light seem very soft and not overly bright so it’s a good contrast. When not in use, the fan looks like a fabulous light fixture, but when it’s turned on, that’s when people really turn heads because it looks exceptional.

What we like:

  • Moves air well
  • Gorgeous gold finish, very eye-catching
  • Easy to install
  • Rustproof motor that’s also silent
  • Bright light
  • Works great in small rooms with high ceilings too

What we don’t like:

The separate manual for the remote control is not too good

SMAAIR 52 Inch Smart Ceiling Fan

This SMAAIR smart ceiling fan is the cherry on top, the ultimate gold and black ceiling fan that’s the perfect modern addition to your room and a great investment too. It works both indoors and outdoors, it’s damp-rated and includes smart features too, only the best features.

Features: This is a fan for medium or large areas since it measures 52 inches and looks great indoors or in your patio or covered porch, in ceiling heights of 8 feet and greater. Being a smart fan, this SMAAIR one is compatible with smart home devices like Alexa, Siri, Google Home, and it’s all voice-activated. Other common features include: a reversible motor with 10 speeds that generate a huge amount of airflow at its highest speed – 4850 CFM, an integrated LED light kit, and a remote control that you can use to adjust other features too.

Design: This sophisticated black and gold ceiling fan is just what you need for your contemporary interior or exterior and it matches great with most decors. It’s cool to have a fan like this in your space and the blades just look so sleek and clean, not to mention the black and gold finish which is a match made in heaven. The frosted glass that covers the light is the perfect balance between these two finishes and the final touch that adds another simplistic element.

What we like:

  • Damp-rated and can be used outdoors too
  • Voice-activated with smart home devices
  • 10 super powerful speeds
  • DC motor that’s 75% more energy-efficient than other ceiling fans
  • Very bright light but dimmable
  • Unique black blades go great together with the gold finish

What we don’t like:

  • Smart connection takes a little long to setup