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Best Industrial Ceiling Fans

Best Industrial Ceiling Fans

If you happen to have a large area such as an office, factory or studio, then industrial ceiling fans are handy for that because they move a lot of air and they’re big in size. Generally, the blade span of industrial ceiling fans is longer, which means that more airflow is produced. They range a lot in styles and colors but often, they come in cage-like designs and in steel, bronze, or brushed nickel finishes. 

When it comes to industrial fans, there are some things to consider:

  • The blade span starts at 52 inches up to 100 inches
  • They are made of steel, industrial plastic, or aluminum material
  • They run at a lower speed but deliver great airflow 
  • They are very economical and efficient for warehouses or big spaces
  • They lower the temperature of the area
  • They use AC and DC motors

Industrial fans are usually louder than traditional fans because they are specifically designed for larger areas such as factories, warehouses, workshops, or other industrial settings. Apart from this, they’re also harder to install because they’re heavier so you might need an electrician to do the work. 

We offer you a helpful guide for the best industrial fans so that it’s easier for you to find the one that matches your area and delivers great airflow. These ceiling fans have the best reviews and they range in price and functions, but the one thing they have in common is their efficiency and ability to produce optimal air circulation. 

Westinghouse Lighting 7224900 Widespan Industrial Ceiling Fan

To start off the list, the Westinghouse Lighting Widespan Industrial fan is our top choice because it has 8 aluminum blades, 6 speeds, and a top-quality motor that offers amazing airflow and the best part is its quiet operation. 

The fan is 100 inches and works great in areas over 400 square feet and has a powerful AC motor that has a reverse function too. It’s designed for areas such as lofts, workshops, or any large room that has a high ceiling.

The 8 blades are sleek and have a brushed nickel finish, but the fan also comes in a matte black color option so you can choose the one that best matches your area. Overall, the fan has such a simple design so you can’t go wrong in terms of functionality or aesthetics. 

As a mounting system, the fan has a downrod mount only but you can also install it with an extension rod that you can buy separately. Additionally, the fan must be hung 10 feet above the ground. The operation of the fan is quite easy since it includes the remote control that you can use to adjust the 6 speeds or turn on/off the fan.


  • Produces great air movement
  • Powerful, quiet and reverse motor
  • Looks attractive in any room
  • Lifetime warranty on the motor


  • You can only turn it on with the remote control

Hardware House 41-5976 Ceiling Fan

The Hardware House industrial ceiling fan is our next best pick for an office or large room and it matches any interior because of its white sleek design. It comes with a multi-speed wall control and is very efficient because the estimated cost per year is $32.

The blade span of the fan is 56 inches so it moves a huge amount of air, while also operating quietly. It uses both an AC and DC motor with 110 volts and 50 watts and an airflow capacity of 4920 CFM. 

The fan comes with 3 metal blades that match the glossy white finish of the fan. Overall, this industrial ceiling fan is a great addition to any room because it has a white finish that complements any décor. 

The fan’s assembly is pretty easy, it doesn’t wobble so it’s very balanced and great for the price. The downfall of this fan is that it doesn’t have a reversible motor, but other than that, it’s a great fan with decent airflow. 


  • Multi-speed wall control
  • The large blades make it easier to move plenty of air
  • Great for the money
  • Easy installation


  • Doesn’t have a light kit
  • The steel finish can collect some dust when it’s not operating

Big Air 96″ Industrial Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan

This industrial ceiling fan by Big Air has a stylish design that complements any area, it’s damp rated and recommended for outdoor use as well, so it has to be in our top list of industrial fans. The large blades circulate a lot of air and provide a cooling effect that’s perfect for the summer.

But the fan has a reversible DC motor that works during both seasons. It comes with a 6-speed remote control so you can easily customize the speed of the fan. It has a downrod mount installation and it comes with a standard 6-inch downrod for you to adjust the height of the fan.

This fan is 96 inches and air circulation is no joke when it comes to this industrial fan. It comes with an efficient DC motor that saves up a lot of energy and it’s 65% more efficient than other traditional fans. Additionally, the motor uses 110 volts and 35 watts, which only add to the efficiency of this fan. 

The fan is available in 3 colors:

  • Silver
  • White
  • Bronze 

There’s no denying that this fan has a modern design that is both unique and functional, but the fact that it can be used indoors and outdoors, makes this fan even better. It looks great in shops, offices, or just large living rooms.


  • Damp rated (used outdoors too)
  • 6 speeds 
  • Sophisticated design for any area
  • Energy-efficient DC motor
  • Silent operation
  • Clear instructions 


  • The screws for the remote-control mount remove easily

Ciata Lighting Industrial 56 Inch Three Blade Indoor Ceiling Fan

Another budget-friendly fan is the Ciata Lighting Industrial ceiling fan that’s perfect for medium-sized rooms. Because it has a 360-degree arc, the fan has the ability to move exceptional airflow, at a rate of 97 CFM per watt. 

The 56-inch industrial fan is best recommended for indoor use only and has a blade pitch of 8 inches. It has a DC motor as a power source that uses 62 watts only and an airflow capacity of 5973 CFM. It has a downrod mount installation system, and it comes with a 12-inch downrod, 24-degree slope angle, and a 54-inch lead wire. 

The fan is perfect rooms over 400 square feet and it has a minimalistic design too so it’s great for commercial use. The fan comes in 3 colors:

  • Brushed Nickel
  • Black 
  • White

The motor of the fan is a very powerful cold steel motor with a 265 RPM air circulation. Other features of the fan include the 5-speed wall control, along with the ball hanger installation system that helps with the installation process. 


  • Powerful and high-quality DC motor
  • Lightweight – easy installation
  • Looks great in any commercial area
  • Quiet operation


  • The wall controller doesn’t change the direction

72″ Casa Velocity Modern Contemporary Industrial Farmhouse Indoor Outdoor Ceiling Fan

If you have large spaces like office, warehouses, or retail, this Casa Velocity Industrial ceiling fan is a perfect addition because it moves a lot of air and the blades can work up to 30 feet below the ground. It works in areas that have very high ceilings or in areas that have a limited ceiling space, but it just needs to be 10 feet off the ground. 

The fan measures 72 inches and has a 16-degree blade pitch so it’s ideal for large areas. It has 4 speeds, uses 120 volts, and has an airflow of 6968 CFM. And if you happen to have a slopped ceiling, then the maximum slope is 20 degrees, but if you’re more into looks than extra speed settings, then this is the best fan for you.

The fan has a modern industrial design, with 3 metal blades that match the brushed nickel finish and add a refreshing look to your room or area. As an addition, the fan includes a 6-inch downrod that you can use to customize the height of the fan. 


  • Useful for spaces that have high or limited ceiling
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Modern industrial design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Decent airflow


  • The motor is not reversible

Craftmade UT56WW3M Utility 56″ Ceiling Fan

This Craftmade Industrial ceiling fan is one of the sharpest industrial fans out there and it moves plenty of air. The 3 blades are curved which make the airflow even more effective and it can be installed on flat and slopped ceilings with the right equipment. 

The fan measures 56 inches and has a 9-degree blade pitch. The height from the ceiling to the bottom of the fan is 19 inches, and it comes with an optional 12-inch downrod. It uses a hardwire as a power source with 120 volts and 73 watts, whereas the airflow capacity is 3853 CFM. 

As additional features, the fan includes 5 speeds and a wall control, but that’s a non-reversing rotary wall control. Another great thing about this fan is that it comes pre-assembled, except for the blades which you have to install. 

The fan has 3 blades that are made entirely of metal so they won’t wear off like plastic or wooden blades. It has a white finish that blends in seamlessly with any interior, especially in garages or rooms that have a high ceiling. It’s a very innovative and contemporary fan as it uses a J-hook to hang the fan from the ceiling, and it makes the installation process easier. 


  • Innovative design 
  • Powerful motor 
  • Simple installation
  • Sharp and moves a lot of air
  • Everything is made of metal, no plastic included


  • May wobble a little
  • The remote looks outdated

VES 60″ Industrial Indoor/Outdoor Moisture Resistant Ceiling Fan

This VES Industrial ceiling fan works best in smaller areas such as warehouses, offices, retail, or places that have a mid-level ceiling. It comes with a reverse motor, many settings, and it’s moisture resistant so it can be used outdoors as well. 

The fan is 60 inches, ideal for workshops, greenhouses, or garages. It uses a J-hook to hang the fan but it also comes with an optional 18 inches downrod, a 24-inch lead wire, and a 24-inch safety cable. It uses an alternating current (AC) as a power source, with 120 volts and 90 watts, along with a 5797 CFM airflow. 

The fan has 3 blades that are made of plastic and they can be found in 2 colors:

  • White
  • Black

When it comes to warehouses or other manufacturing places where the heat is overwhelming, a reverse motor is the best option because it provides great air ventilation and cooling effect. Apart from this, the moisture resistance feature of this fan is also important because in places where there’s a lot of steam, this fan works great because it removes the steam and helps to ventilate the air better. 

Being moisture resistant means that the fan is safe in outdoor places such as a patios or sunrooms, where the water or rain can’t get in. Overall, it’s a great looking fan especially since it comes in two basic colors which match any indoor or outdoor area. 


  • Moisture resistant
  • Delivers a lot of airflow
  • Well-balanced
  • Noiseless even on the highest setting
  • Multiple speed settings


  • Some complain that the reverse switch doesn’t work properly

Air King 9375 30-Inch 1/3-Horsepower Industrial Grade Oscillating Ceiling Mount Fan

This Air King Industrial ceiling fan won’t disappoint in looks or functionality because it works great in larger areas or rooms and it delivers a decent amount of airflow. It’s also enclosed so it’s safer around everyone and has been approved by AMCA standard 230.99. 

The fan measures 33-½ inches so it’s ideal for larger rooms. It has 3 speeds and a high airflow capacity of 8780 CFM at its highest speed. The fan also comes with a rear mounted pull cord switch as well as a 10-foot, 3 conductor SJT power cord, all of which have a powder coated steel. 

It fits great in rooms that have a sophisticated interior since it has 3 blades and a black finish that goes with any style, but the fan wouldn’t look too good in smaller rooms since the blade span is too big. Also, the fan is a little louder than other traditional fans but it makes up for its power and function.


  • Looks great in areas with good lighting
  • Delivers great airflow
  • Includes a lot of features and parts
  • Enclosed design for safety


  • It wobbles a little

Fanimation FPD8148BN Odyn LED 84-inch Ceiling Fan

The Fanimation Odyn LED ceiling fan is one of the best industrial fans yet because it’s so eye-catching and it’s a modern addition to any room. It has a powerful DC motor that consumes 70% less energy so it’s very efficient and the best part is that it has a reversible motor and speeds. 

There are so many details within this industrial fan, but it doesn’t lack on other features too. The fan uses LED lights which only add to the fan’s efficiency and it also includes a remote control for you to adjust the 6 speeds as well as a cap for when you don’t want to use the light.

This 84-inch ceiling fan is great for larger spaces and rooms with high ceilings. The air circulation is amazing with this fan because it has an airflow capacity of 9075 CFM and it uses 110 volts and 14 watts. It has the ability of delivering great airflow but also operating in a quiet way, even on the highest speed. In terms of installation, the fan uses a donwrod mount and it’s very easy to assemble, except for the blades that take a little more time. 

When it comes to its looks, the fan is undoubtedly a fierce-looking fan with an elegant touch to it. Some costumers even reviewed this fan as one to ‘’start a conversation’’ because of how beautiful it looks. It’s contemporary and fits any room décor because it comes in a brushed nickel color that’s perfect for any interior. 


  • Ultra-modern design
  • Powerful and quiet air circulation
  • Easy instructions 
  • 6 speeds


  • Attaching the blades takes some time

Hykolity 72 Inch Damp Rated Industrial DC Motor Ceiling Fan

Another minimalistic industrial fan is the Hykolity Damp Rated industrial ceiling fan because it has 8 blades that have a unique design, great for areas such as offices, garages, or living room if you want to give those spaces a contemporary look. 

The fan measures 72 inches, ideal for large areas or even covered patios since it’s damp rated, but you should note that this fan is recommended for indoor use only. It uses a DC motor that’s very efficient because it saves up to 65% more energy than AC ceiling fans and as a bonus, the motor is also reversible. 

It includes a remote control that you can use to customize the 6 speeds for ultimate comfort. It also comes with an integrated LED kit that has a very bright light, guaranteed to brighten any area. As an additional feature, the fan comes with a standard 6-inch downrod for you to adjust the height of the fan.

When we’re talking looks, this fan has it all. It has the brushed nickel finish that complements any room such as your kitchen, basement, or shop, and it just gives the room an upgraded modern style. 


  • Operates quietly
  • Efficient DC motor
  • Bright light
  • Straightforward installation
  • Stylish and modern design


  • The LED light is not dimmer compatible

Huff Collection Indoor/Outdoor 96″ Ceiling Fan

This modern Huff Collection Industrial ceiling fan is just perfect for indoor or outdoor places such as your bedroom, living room, or patio because it brings a modern flare to any area. It includes a remote-control that has all the functions you need for operating the fan and a reversible DC motor to keep you both cool or warm.

It measures 96 inches in width and 15-7/16 inches in height, great for larger areas that need a lot of air movement. It comes with a 6-inch downrod that’s optional, and it works with universal light kits too. The DC motor delivers a huge amount of airflow – 10080 CFM. 

The 6 blades have a detailed design that’s so beautiful because each has a decorative winglet and they come in a brushed nickel finish. Overall, the fan gives your setting a much more elevated modern design that looks great whether you put it in your covered porch or bedroom. 


  • 6 big aluminum blades
  • Full function remote
  • Operates silently
  • Works with universal light kits
  • Contemporary design that matches any room


  • Downrod is not included

TroposAir Titan Brushed Nickel Large Industrial Ceiling Fan with DC-Motor

Last but not least, the TroposAir Titan industrial ceiling fan is the next best addition to your indoor or outdoor areas because it has 6 different speeds and a reversible motor that works for both seasons. It comes with an integrated light and a light cover for when you don’t want to use the light. 

This fan is 84 inches and damp rated so you can use it on your living room or your patio. It’s also energy-efficient since it uses 303 CFM/W, but the overall airflow capacity of this fan stands at 9325 CFM which is very powerful. Another thing about this fan is that it’s really lightweight, it weighs only 30 pounds but it moves a lot of air around the room.

It has a modern design that you can’t go wrong with because it matches any room regardless of the décor. It has 6 blades that have a brushed nickel finish and it also includes metal plates near each blade for more details. The fan also comes in a black version too which looks amazing. 


  • Used for indoor and outdoor spaces
  • 6 speeds
  • Modern design and stylish details
  • Lightweight and well-built
  • Whisper quiet


  • The integrated light isn’t too strong