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Best Minka Aire Ceiling Fans

Upgrading your old ceiling fans is a great feeling for any homeowner, especially if that means you’re getting one of the Minka Aire ceiling fans. From the classic ones to the most unique-looking ceiling fans, they have it all.

Minka Aire Ceiling Fans are an important addition to your house because they’re both aesthetically pleasing and they offer features which are essential during the summer or when it’s cold. You can find different styles, shapes and prices because they have a variety of ceiling fans to choose from. They also come in indoor and outdoor fans, with replaceable blades that come in different sizes and shapes.

Minka Aire are manufactured in California by Minka Group and what distinguishes them from other ceiling fans are their uncommon shapes, designs and the ability to take ventilation to the next level. While they may be on the pricey side of ceiling fans, the ability to have a great airflow, noiseless motor functions and the fact they’re energy efficient make up for their price. They’re also customizable with fan extenders, which means that you can adjust the height so that the circulation works better.

What you’ll notice is that the Minka Aire ceiling fans include all the essential parts for installation, 16-watt LED light bulbs, and the set-up is quite simple.

In order for you to pick the best Minka Aire ceiling fan for your house, we have chosen the top 5 ceiling fans according to the environment, budget, size or style. Undoubtedly, they’re all high-quality fans, but depending on whether you like traditional or contemporary fans, the list is necessary to help you make the right decision.

Here are the best Minka Aire Ceiling Fans in 2021:

Minka Aire Light Wave 52″ Ceiling Fan

Minka Aire Light Wave, is considered to be the best ceiling fan for indoors since it has a 52-inch blade sweep and 3 blades, a wood material, and a kit that includes LED bulbs.

The blades are very powerful but slim, allowing the ventilation to work better, and they’re ideal for any type of room.

The fan can be found in three different colors:

  • Oil rubbed bronze
  • Flat white/Bleached wood
  • Brushed nickel

The fan’s weight is 14 pounds, a size of 52 inches, and it has a voltage of 120.00, with a wattage of 65.00. The motor’s dimensions are 172mm x 14mm, with 5,024 cubic feet per minute (CFM). The minimum hanging height of the fan is 13.5 inches.

The fan has an effortless use because it includes features such as a remote control that is used to customize the levels of cooling and lightning, along with three speed settings. Overall, it’s simple and what’s even better is that the fan has a low-energy consumption feature too.

And while the fan has a standard 6-inch downrod, Minka Aire company also offers optional downrods based on your ceilings.


  • A minimalist design, sleek blades, and a unique style
  • Low noise, you can only hear the blades cutting through the air
  • Voice-activated
  • Not made of real wood, but resembles Koa wood (great for humidity)


  • Has a manual remote
  • A humming sound within the first 24 hours of use

Minka Aire F868L-ORB Sleek 60″ Smart Fan

Minka Aire’s F868L ORB Ceiling Fan is a fancier model, minimalist and a smart fan that pairs with smart home tech or your phone, along with Google Home, Nest and Ecobee, and Amazon Alexa.

The set-up is easy since they come with instructions, so all you need to do is download the current Bond App to your mobile phone (iOS and Android), and then connect the app to your Wi-Fi, which makes the fan activate by voice.

The general size of the fan is ‎60 inches, it has 120 volts and 16 watts with a 5655 cubic feet per minute (CFM) and uses a corded electric as a power source. It has three blades, with a length of 60 inches, and as a whole, the fan weighs 14.87 pounds.

Additionally, the three blades have a 54-inches blade sweep, with a fan point of 13 inches to 6 inches downrod. The downrod is also optional, with different configurations to your desire. The length of the blades is 60 inches.

The ORB fan comes in five colors, and the blades match the color and finish:

  • Distressed Koa
  • Coal
  • Maple
  • White
  • Silver

This type of fan is carefully manufactured to make sure that the fans don’t clatter or shake after they get installed. It also has silent DC motors, and they consume low energy, while being powerful at the same time.


  • Minimalist design but stylish
  • Remote control is programmed
  • Can be run through a remote or manually
  • Voice-activated and includes smart devices
  • No batteries needed


  • Has only two speed settings (high and low)
  • Noisier on the high setting

Minka Aire Spacesaver 26″ Ceiling Fan

Minka Aire Spacesaver 26″ Ceiling Fan is a great option if you’re into small fans, if your room is not too spacious, or you just like modern fans. It’s perfect for rooms with limited space, and it fills up the place with a fresher air, despites the blades being small and bulky.

The dimensions are much smaller than the other fans that we mentioned, the overall size being ‎26 inches, weighing at 12.17 pounds. When it comes to its power source, it uses 120 volts and 32.00 watts, with the capacity of airflow being 1992 cubic feet per minute (CFM).

This compact fan is made of metal, and it comes in four colors:

  • White
  • Silver
  • Coal
  • Oil rubbed bronze

The blades are powerful too, with a 26 inches blade sweep, and a 14 inches blade pitch. The blades allow the fan to work better, while also saving space. The 4-speed motor is adequate for this fan, and is energy efficient too.

If you like to read in the dark, this fan is great for you because its light is not too bright. The light bulb is 15-watt, and has a dimming option. And this would work great in a bathroom too, since it ventilates quickly.


  • Blades are designed to work better and require less space
  • Customized dimming and illumination
  • Great for small rooms


  • Doesn’t come with a remote, it’s manual
  • Useful only for small rooms

Minka Aire Wave II 60″ Unique Ceiling Fan

Minka Aire Wave II 60″ Unique Ceiling Fan is perhaps the most unique out of all, and it doesn’t resemble a fan at first glance. It has a rustic touch to it, with the wood and its finish, while only having two blades.

It’s aesthetically pleasing, a great addition to anyone who is into interior design. It works quietly, even if you put it on the highest speed.

This unique fan has an ABS material and is available in four colors:

  • Distressed Koa
  • Driftwood
  • Flat white
  • Silver

Let’s talk dimensions. The size of the fan is 60.00 inches, weighs 12 pounds, a voltage of 120.000 and 19.00 watts. The fan includes a 6 inches downrod, the additional other downrods being 12 inches and over.


  • It has a unique design
  • Has a luxurious and rustic touch to it with the wood finish
  • Part of the cheapest fans that run effectively


  • The two blades make it less powerful
  • Not recommended outdoors

Minka Aire F566-WH Flush Mount Fan

Minka Aire F566-WH Flush Mount Fan is your budget-friendly type of fan, with a classic design and five blades. Since Minka Aire is known for their expensive fans, the Flush Mount Fan is the right one because it’s affordable among the other fans.

Being a traditional-looking fan, it only comes in white, with a white finish, material and blades as well. It looks quite plain, but it has three speed settings which are adjustable and it has an impact on the airflow too. The installation process is easy too because you don’t need to unhook the fan when screwing it to the mount plate, instead you just push it against the screw.

The overall size of the fan is 42 inches and weighs 11.44 pounds. The cutting diameter and the blade length are 42 inches each. Regarding its power source, the fan uses a corded electric, has 120 volts, 50.00 watts, and the cubic feet per meter (CFM) is 4700.

Some significant features from the Flush Mount Fan include the blades of the fan which, although they’re on the traditional side, the white finish gives them a more modern look. It also has a certain design which makes it possible for the fan to do its job right, which is expected from Minka Aire. It’s best used as an indoor fan, especially in bedrooms because it can frame the room and give it a sleek look.


  • Effortless installation
  • Cheap but effective fan
  • Includes noise-control plates
  • Has a direct hook
  • No wire cutters or wiring nuts


  • It may look old-fashioned
  • Not entirely silent (on high speed)