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Best Wood Ceiling Fans

You want to add a cozy mood to your room? Wood ceiling fans are the way to go! Wood ceiling fans are an aesthetic piece to have in your room but it’s always a bonus when they perform as well as they look. You’ll find ceiling fans that are either made out of real wood or they’re just an imitation of wood, but from our experience, people prefer the real thing and we don’t blame them because they can be so functional and a real statement piece in your room.

A huge advantage of wood ceiling fans is that they come in unique styles and shapes because they can be hand-carved which instantly makes them 10x better . Many brands come up with new advanced designs such as modern, rustic farmhouse, or industrial so there’s a high chance you’ll find the ceiling fan you’ve been looking for.

What you need to know about wood ceiling fans is that they’re heavier than regular fans so they’ll need a bigger motor. The blades have to be properly shaped so they cut perfectly through the air, carefully polished and painted so their cost is kind of justified, don’t you think so? You can’t expect a wood ceiling fan to be very affordable because high quality wood is not cheap! But are they a good investment for your house? Definitely!

You’ll see in our list of 10 best-rated wood ceiling fans that these wood fans are a great investment because they’re long-lasting and highly functional. Our list includes only the top wood ceiling fans that come with different features, designs, and shapes, for you to choose from. They are flexible when it comes to decorating, there’s always a design that fits your interior or exterior, so keep on reading if you want to make your home more stylish.

Monte Carlo 3MAVR52BK Maverick II Energy Star 52″ Outdoor Ceiling Fan

The Maverick Monte Carlo ceiling fan is a classic when it comes to wood fans. With 3 carved out blades made out of balsa wood, the fan is also damp-rated which makes this even better and a great option for your covered outdoor area such as a patio or porch.

Features: This one has a lot of great features like the fact that it’s available in 5 different sizes: 52, 60, 70, 88, 99 inches so size isn’t an issue. Another thing is the DC motor that’s more efficient than regular AC ones, and it has a high airflow efficiency of 208 CFM/W and 5880 CFM. The motor is reversible; a remote control is included with 6 speeds for easier operation for you, and very balanced wood blades that circulate air evenly around the room.

Design: Minimalistic but amazing is the best way to describe the design of the Maverick. The real balsa wood blades really add to the look. There’s versatility in size as well as in finish because this is available in 8 different finishes such as:

  • Matte Black – Dark Walnut
  • Aged Pewter – Light Grey Weathered Oak
  • Brushed Steel – Dark Walnut
  • Brushed Steel – Koa Blades
  • Burnished Brass – White
  • Matte Black – Black

Although the blades are made out of wood, they resist humidity and moisture. The carefully carved blades give comfort to your room without being noisy, but then again, Monte Carlo is known for their well-engineered and beautiful fans that are versatile in design and the Maverick is no exception.

What we like:

  • Balsa wood blades generate a lot of power
  • Energy-star rated – consumes less energy and is eco-friendly
  • Damp-rated
  • Available with light kits too
  • Versatility in size and finish
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Matches any room design

What we don’t like:

  • Fan is a little too pricey

Cervantes Indoor and Outdoor 4-Blade Smart Ceiling Fan

The Modern Forms Cervantes is a combination of a modern and rustic design that brings a new look on your interior. This will truly make your life better with its smart features and functionality that lets you control the fan through your smart phone or voice command.

Features: This 56-inch wood ceiling fan is great for larger rooms that need a lot of airflow and illumination thanks to its integrated LED light bulb. The best feature of Cervantes is the smart compatibility option that lets you adjust the settings by using Amazon Alexa or Google Home and as a bonus, it also includes a Bluetooth remote for more options. Again, the DC motor is highly efficient and pushes a lot of air and it also includes a high powered LED light kit that lasts for a long time. Best thing about it is that it’s damp-rated for indoor and outdoor use so it endures harsh conditions.

Design: This is a reclaimed wood ceiling fan but it’s a striking addition to your home décor because it combines beautifully with the modern housing design. The clean offset blades have a contemporary look that you can’t go wrong with, especially with this graphite weathered gray finish which is the ultimate modern and rustic combination. If you have a dark-themed room, you could also opt for a matte black barn wood or an oil-rubbed bronze dark walnut finish and whichever one you choose will enhance your room.

What we like:

  • Quiet and efficient motor – up to 70% more efficient than AC fans
  • Smart compatible and voice-activated
  • Wet-rated with a durable finish for outdoor use
  • Adds a modern luxury look to your décor
  • Wood blades ensure longevity and durability
  • Moves a LOT of air
  • Easy to install

What we don’t like:

  • Remote control is sold separately

Ovlaim 52 Inch Ceiling Fans with Lights and Remote,3 Colors Led Dimmable Light 3 Wood Ceiling fan Low Profile Ceiling Fan

Not a lot of wood ceiling fans include a light kit, and this Oylaim fan is one of those rare pieces. The wood blades are solid and carved out smoothly and the great thing about them is that they can be used indoors and outdoors because they’re damp-rated.

Features: At 52-inches, the fan delivers a great amount of airflow in a medium or large room, with a capacity of 5487 CFM and 314 CFM/W. The DC motor is quiet and reversible, with 6 different speeds that you can operate with the remote control; the wooden blades endure moist air on covered areas like a porch or patio. It also includes an LED light kit with 3 color temperatures and a dimmable option to adjust the brightness however you like it.

Design: This is truly a modern wood masterpiece for your area. The shiny motor housing and the burly wood make a great combination that looks amazing in a contemporary or rustic décor. This also comes in a brown and wood gray finish and they look just as good. The real unstained wood blades are beautifully crafted, making this an attractive ceiling fan for your room.

What we like:

  • Multi-color dimmable LED light kit
  • Natural unstained wood blades are great for covered outdoor areas
  • Multi-functional remote control
  • Energy-star rated
  • A huge amount of airflow
  • Can be installed in slopped ceilings up to 20 degrees

What we don’t like:

  • A beeping sound when you press a button on the remote
  • Installation takes some time if you DIY it

Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50614-01 Carnegie Ceiling Fan

That thing we mentioned earlier about wood ceiling fans not being affordable? The Carnegie Honeywell makes an exception and it’s definitely an all-time classic. This is our best budget pick if you want something stylish but functional to match your preferences.

Features: The Carnegie easily competes with other more expensive wood fans because it has great features. First, this one measures 52 inches so it works great in medium or large sized rooms and comes with a reversible motor that includes 3 speed settings and a great amount of airflow. It also comes with three 316 E26 base Edison light bulbs that illuminate at a 360 degree angle and a handheld remote control to operate the lights, speed, and switching it on/off.

Design: The Edison light bulbs give the fan a rustic and vintage look but the steel mesh drum has that modern appeal that looks so good in basically any room. The fan comes in a rough pine and chestnut finish with reversible blades, but it’s also available in:

  • Matte Black
  • Copper
  • Pewter

These finishes give you options to pick the one which best matches your space. This is a very attractive fan but it could also lean towards an industrial style too so it’s very versatile when it comes to design but that’s what we like best about it. The geometric appeal is very eye-catching and a great combination of the motor housing, the drum and the reversible blades – a truly perfect addition to your room.

What we like:

  • Very quiet and pushed a lot of air
  • The design matches any room décor – it’s a mix of styles
  • Well made and sturdy – doesn’t wobble
  • Bugs don’t build up in the cover because the light cover faces downward
  • Great for angled ceilings too

What we don’t like:

  • Some issues with installing the remote

Sofucor 52” Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Real wood truly makes a difference in looks, right? This Sofucor ceiling fan has 3 balsa wood blades that put out a lot of air and they’re damp-rated which makes them great to use outdoors in covered areas like a patio, porch, or sunroom.

Features: This has a blade span of 52 inches or 60 inches, a reversible DC motor with 6 speeds, and an airflow rate of 5021 CFM so it’s highly-efficient. A great feature of this one is the LED light kit that has a soft warm white light, but you could pick one without a light kit if you prefer that instead. The handheld remote control has all the basic functions that you need to operate the fan, light, speed, and timing function (1/4/8 hrs).

Design: For elevating and giving your space a brand new look, this one doesn’t disappoint you. It has that rustic and farmhouse vibe that works great in a bedroom, kitchen, or patio. The 3 walnut wood blades are so well-made and beautifully carved and a great contrast to the black motor housing. The design and the finish of the fan matches your area so well although it’s a simple design but it’s definitely a conversation starter, we’ll tell you that!

What we like:

  • Damp-rated – works in outdoor covered areas
  • Can be installed in low ceilings with a hugger mount installation too
  • AC/DC motors, light kit/no kit options to choose from
  • Minimalistic but beautiful addition to your room
  • Very easy to install
  • Well-balanced blades
  • Reverse function can be done from the remote control

What we don’t like:

  • The warm white color of the light bulb is not everyone’s cup of tea

Monte Carlo 14PRR62AGPD Prairie Windmill Energy Star 62″ Outdoor Ceiling Fan

If you’re into that rustic and eye-catching type of fan, this Monte Carlo Prairie gives you just that! This windmill-inspired fan has 14 wooden blades that cut through the air perfectly, while also being super quiet.

Features: Something we really love about the Prairie is that although it comes with an integrated 15W LED light, you could also choose to get the fan with or without a light kit. It’s also available in 3 different sizes: 52-inch, 62-inch, and 72-inch, all of which can fit in your room seamlessly. The DC motor is highly efficient and uses less energy, but also very powerful, with an airflow capacity of 5003 CFM. This can easily be used outdoors in covered areas because it’s damp-rated and it withstands moist weather.

Design: The distressed wood and the weathered oak finish are such a bold statement in your area because it’s a great combination with the aged pewter finish of the motor housing. This is already industrial-looking, but if you really want to take it to the next level, there’s a brushed silver finish that you can choose and that takes a whole different look on your space. It blends perfectly in many different styles, especially if you have a tall ceiling – that’s where you’ll really see the effect of this amazing fan.

What we like:

  • Handheld remote control with 6 speed settings
  • Comes with a 6-inch downrod to use for slopped ceilings
  • Energy-star rated (highly economical)
  • Unique design that matches most styles
  • Dimmable lights
  • Relatively easy to install

What we don’t like:

  • Some wish the light was brighter

ALUOCYI 48 inch Wood Ceiling Fan with Lights and Remote, 3 Carved Wood Fan Blade Ceiling Fans

You’ve probably had enough of those large wooden ceiling fans because most probably, you have a smaller room and they don’t make the cut for you. Well, we have a solution for your small room too! This Aluocyi one is a great indoor/outdoor wood fan, with a blade span of 48 inches.

Features: This is smaller than other fans we listed above, but it’s considered to be a very reliable fan for many clients. This one has a DC motor as well, which makes this very efficient and eco-friendly but it delivers a decent amount of airflow for its size, with 4832 CFM and 105 CFM/W. It includes an integrated LED 24W light bulb and a 6-speed remote control that you can use to adjust pretty much every feature.

Design: This is such a unique design and a real aesthetic piece for your area. It’s made out of paulownia wood which ensures stability, longevity, and resistance to humid weather. It’s a really beautiful finish, with reversible blades that you can adjust depending on your décor, with an oil-rubbed bronze finish, a red-brown or a brown-black combination that give those rustic and farmhouse vibes to your room without trying too hard. It also works great as a contemporary piece because of its minimalistic design which we LOVE.

What we like:

  • Three color temperatures (warm, cool, and daylight)
  • 4 timer settings
  • Damp-rated for covered outdoor areas (patio, porch, sunrooms)
  • Made out of sturdy and solid material (wood, metal, acrylic)
  • Delivers a great amount of airflow
  • Updates your area at an instant because of its design
  • Easy to assemble

What we don’t like:

  • A slight humming sound (not too noticeable)

Matthews IR3H-TB-WA-52 Irene 52″ Outdoor Hugger Ceiling Fan

For the ultimate rustic and modern combination, this Irene by Matthews is the perfect one to go. The fan works for any type of room because it’s available in three different sizes: 42-inches, 52-inches, and 60-inches, giving you many options for different sized rooms.

Features: Because of its different sizes, the fan matches any room no matter how large or small it is. It comes with great features such as a DC motor that’s efficient, silent and has an airflow capacity of 5325 CFM which is amazing; is damp-rated for covered outdoor areas but even bathrooms where humidity is present. This is specifically designed to be a hugger fan, great for low ceilings. And to adjust every setting, the fan comes with a handheld remote control that has 6 speeds, or you could get a wall control too.

Design: The cast aluminum and heavy stamped steel construction of the fan creates a sleek and bold touch to the room along with the textured bronze finish which seals the deal. It’s the perfect combo of a rustic and contemporary fan that gives you the opportunity to mix and match different blade finishes. It’s available in 8 finishes that you can pick based on your home décor, such as:

  • Barn wood – Barn Wood Tone
  • Barn wood – Matte Black
  • Barn wood – Walnut Tone
  • Brushed Brass – Barn Wood Tone
  • Brushed Brass – Matte Black

The minimalist cylindrical motor housing matches the finish of the blades so well and they create this distressed wood pattern that looks just so good. Basically, this is the whole package that you need.

What we like:

  • Compliments any design (cottage, rustic, contemporary)
  • 3 different size options for different rooms
  • 8 finishes that you can mix and match
  • Ultra-quiet DC motor (consumes 70% less energy)
  • Remote control is handy
  • Flawless functionality

What we don’t like:

  • Installation is a little difficult if you don’t hire an electrician

Hykolity 60 Inch DC Motor Farmhouse Ceiling Fan

First things first, the blades in this Hykolity fan make all the difference! The 6 wooden blades offer you optimum comfort and breeze, moving up to a 5374 CFM capacity which is pretty impressive for an indoor area.

Features: Being 60 inches, this makes a great use for larger rooms and it comes with an integrated LED light kit which is always a bonus. The motor is also reversible, and being a DC one it means you’ll save a lot of money but it distributes a great amount of airflow at a rate of 228 CFM/W and we’ll argue that’s pretty good compared to other wood fans. To adjust the brightness, timer, speed, and switching on/off, a handy remote control with 6 speeds is there to help you.

Design: It’s a pretty straightforward design and simple but what we love the most is the black and grey colors which are a rustic and contemporary combination that always looks good. It’s also oval-shaped so its shape definitely is one of the first things you notice, but everyone loves the look of it. The blades are made out of plywood which is a high-quality type of wood and they’re also reversible with a walnut finish on one side and driftwood on the other to give you a little extra versatility.

What we like:

  • Cutting-edge features
  • Fully dimmable LED light bulb
  • Looks amazing in a transitional room décor
  • Energy-star rated is always a good thing
  • Great efficiency rating for being a wood fan
  • Fully functional remote control

What we don’t like:

  • Dry-rated – can be used in indoors areas only

Springer Collection 60-Inch 12-Blade Distressed Walnut Coastal Windmill Ceiling Fan

Another top favorite when it comes to windmill-like wood ceiling fans is this Springer Windmill by Progress Lighting which has such an intricate and eye-catching design that performs as well as it looks, if not better.

Features: This is also 60 inches and it has a large width of blades too but what’s great about it is that the blades pitch at a greater angle so the fan moves at an insane amount of airflow – 6337 CFM and 206 CFM/W. This one also uses a DC motor so it makes sense that it’s highly-efficient but you can also get this in a 52-inch size too. The handheld remote control offers you all the functions and settings like the 6 speeds, reverse function and much more.

Design: The stunning windmill design makes this stand out from the rest because it looks amazing whether you put it in a modern or rustic room, and it just blends right in. It comes in a rich distressed walnut finish and that’s gives it that rustic and industrial flair, but it’s also available in an antique nickel and matte black which would be great for a more modern interior.

What we like:

  • Can be installed in a slopped ceiling up to 22 degrees
  • A statement-making ceiling fan that impresses your guests
  • Available in 2 different sizes
  • DC motor is powerful, efficient, and silent
  • A high airflow rate – great for large indoor areas

What we don’t like:

  • Can’t be used in damp areas
  • Doesn’t have a light kit option