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Contemporary Ceiling Fans

You’ve rarely heard someone excitedly say ‘’let’s go and buy a ceiling fan’’ because not everyone thinks that buying ceiling fans is enjoyable. But, what if we told you that buying a fan is not such a boring thing to do? Nowadays manufacturers are constantly coming out with innovative ceiling fans that live up to every expectation and they’re a worthy investment for your house, not to mention that it’s fun to look at all the different designs.

What we like most about contemporary fans is their versatility in functions and looks, proving that aesthetics are just as important, but functionality is essential. Additionally, matching a ceiling fan to your interior or exterior is not an easy task because you want everything to blend in and complement each other, without being too overpowering. Brands such as Minka-Aire, Hunter, Honeywell, Monte Carlo, Casa Vieja, Hykolity or SNJ are known for their attractive designs that keep your area inspired, which is why we’ve included some of their best modern ceiling fans in our list.

From the regular bedroom to outdoor areas, the options to find a modern ceiling fan are endless. We made sure to create a list of the top best picks for contemporary fans that keep your space cool and stylish. You can browse the article to find many options for modern innovative ceiling fans whether you’re just looking for a simple fan or you want to go all out on the looks. From the simplest to the most intricate-looking contemporary fans, you will also see that these fans come with amazing features and designs, all of which you’ll love.

Vortex Indoor and Outdoor 3-Blade Smart Ceiling Fan

This Vortex ceiling fan looks unreal, it’s like it came out of a 3D machine. It’s compatible with smart home devices such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Nest and Ecobee through their exclusive Modern Forms app that is used to adjust other smart features and speed, with an optional RF remote.

Being 60 inches, the fan is ideal for larger areas, especially since it has an efficient DC motor that is 70% more efficient than other fans. The fan’s features don’t end here though; it’s factory-balanced so it doesn’t wobble or move, wet-listed for outdoor areas too, 6 speeds and so much more. One of its best assets is its efficiency because it works at a rate of 7800 CFM on high speed and with a modern technology that saves you money.

One of the main reasons why we chose this fan is for its outstanding design which can be found 3 different finishes:

  • Automotive Silver
  • Gloss Black
  • Gloss White

Right away, the automotive silver and the gloss black options are our favorites because they’re truly a highlighting piece in your area. We like to consider this as a work of art and that’s exactly what it is, no doubts about it.

What we like:

  • Wi-Fi compatible (controls mode, speed) and the app works great
  • Silent and pushes a huge amount of air
  • Unique design and color options
  • Voice commands to recognize your voice

Highly efficient motor

What we don’t like:

  • Installation takes some time if you’re not experienced

Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50201 Duval Damp Rated Indoor + Outdoor Ceiling Fan

We want to continue the list with a simpler yet contemporary design such as this Honeywell Duvall ceiling fan which has a tropical feel to it. This is a very popular pick on Amazon and for many reasons. First of all, this is damp-rated which means it can be used in places where humidity is present; includes a reversible motor with 4 speeds; wet-rated wicker blades that are suited for outdoor use and so much more.

This 52-inch ceiling fan is perfect for medium to large sized rooms with 3 different mounting options: close mount, downrod, and angled. It’s a highly efficient fan with an AC motor that has an airflow capacity of 5022 which is more than enough for your room. And to make everything easier for you, a pull chain is included to adjust different settings on the fan.

The Duvall is available in an oil-rubbed bronze and white finish with hand carved wicker blades that circulate air so effortlessly. It has a different modern look partly because of its tropical design and also because of its oil-rubbed finish which gives it that modern touch.

What we like:

  • Ideal for indoors and outdoors
  • Amazing airflow and quiet operation
  • Easy-to-follow instructions
  • Looks great during the summer because of the tropical design

What we don’t like:

  • Has a humming sound on high speed

Minka Aire F803DL-LN Artemis – 58 Inch Smart Ceiling Fan

With such a unique modern design, this Minka Aire Artemis ceiling fan is just everything. There are so many features we like such as the fact that it’s energy-efficient with an estimated yearly energy cost of $7 as well as its compatibility with smart devices like Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Nest and Ecobee (Bond Homeapp iOS & Android).

For being 58 inches, the fan is ideal for medium to large sized rooms and it’s factory balanced which means that you shouldn’t expect any wobbling or rattling. It includes a 20W LED integrated light kit, a remote control, 6-inch downrod, and a powerful DC motor with an airflow capacity of 4,878 CFM.

Perhaps the most distinctive feature of this fan is its versatility in color because it comes in not one or two, but 7 different finishes:

  • Liquid Nickel
  • Maple
  • Coal
  • Distressed Koa
  • Translucent
  • Silver
  • White

Each finish has its own flare and they add a modern touch to any area that you decide to install it. It’s simply beautiful and we’re sure that whatever finish you pick, you won’t be disappointed because they’re made out of high-quality materials that ensure a long-lasting fan.

What we like:

  • Easy to install
  • Saves up on your electric bill
  • Works with smart devices
  • Moves air really well even on low setting
  • Many finish options to choose from

What we don’t like:

  • Some minor complaints about the blades being unbalanced at times

SNJ Ceiling Fan, 52-inch, Indoor Use

If you’re into ceiling fans that have unusual contemporary designs, this 52-inch SNJ fan is the one for you. Just by looking at it, the waved-shaped blades give the fan a sleek look that’s perfect for any room, especially a beach house. We also like how this is wobble free and it looks like real wood, except the blades are made out of ABS plastic which is even better than wood because they’re long lasting.

This SNJ fan includes a 15W LED light that’s covered by an opal frosted glass shade and has 3 different color temperatures (30000K/40000K/65000K); a remote control to control the lights, switching the fan on/off, the speeds and the timer. This has a downrod mounting system which includes a 2 piece downrod to adjust the height and a motor that works relatively quietly but efficiently.

We really like how this fan has a vivid natural walnut finish on the blades and a white option to match your interior design. The blades have a shiny finish to them which makes them look like real wood, except they’re not but that’s what we like best about it. Both finishes will for sure complement your room whether you have a dark or light décor, especially if you have wood pieces lying around.

What we like:

  • Eye-catching design
  • Different light temperature options
  • Works well and is quiet
  • Pushes air great
  • Wobble free

What we don’t like:

  • Not a reversible motor

FINXIN – Indoor Ceiling Fan Light Fixtures

For the price of this fan, you’d think this wouldn’t meet your desire for a sleek and modern ceiling fan, but this FINXIN ceiling fan is actually the opposite. It is insanely powerful on its highest setting and moves a lot of air, while also being energy-efficient and quiet.

This 52-inch ceiling fan is truly one of the best investments for your medium or large sized room and you get provided with a remote control that has great features. It includes an LED light fixture with white hard plastic fittings that illuminate your room perfectly.

Although this fan has a clean and modern design, the motor unit has a vintage black bronze finish which adds a touch of vintage so it’s like a combination of the two. Just from the looks of it, the fan looks well-made and expensive because it’s made out of metal, matte black colored hard plastic and acrylic, all of which ensure a high-quality fan that lasts for a long time.

If you don’t want a mix of modern and vintage, then you could opt for the all matte black finish which is the perfect color for any room that has a minimalistic design. And for the price point, this is a great investment piece in your living room, bedroom, or even kitchen.

What we like:

  • Made out of high-quality materials
  • Remote control includes many convenient features
  • 10-year warranty
  • Amazing functionality and airflow
  • Easy to put up and use
  • Bright light

What we don’t like:

  • Instructions pamphlet could be better

Hunter Fan Company Hunter 44″ LED Kit 59454 Minimus 44 Inch Low Profile Ultra Quiet Ceiling Fan

If your style leans towards modern and simple ceiling fans, the Hunter Minimus fan is our number one recommendation for that. With a multi-speed reversible motor that’s whisper wind and energy-efficient LED light bulbs that are dimmable, this fan will be around you for a long time.

For optimum control, this 44-inch fan includes a premium remote control that you can use to adjust the light, speed, switch on/off and much more. It has a 13-degree blade pitch that provides great airflow and keeps your room cool at all times and is great for rooms with low ceilings because it has a low-profile design. You can see that some people have complained about a beeping sound but that can easily be fixed with the remote control, so don’t worry about that.

The name minimus suggests that the fan has a minimalistic design but a clean finish that contrasts beautifully with your space. We also like how this comes in different finishes such as in a brushed nickel, fresh white, and a matte black color which look great. Whenever fans have a cased glass that covers the light, that instantly makes them look much more modern and this is the case with this fan too because we like how the white glass keeps the style of the fan simple and clean.

What we like:

  • Casual and modern design
  • Great for rooms with low ceilings
  • Fairly easy installation
  • Runs silent and a decent airflow
  • Remote control isn’t bulky, just the right size

What we don’t like:

  • No controls without the remote or wall switch

Hykolity 42 Inch Indoor Ceiling Fan

If you have a dark interior and want to enhance that even more, this 42-inch Hykolity ceiling fan is just the perfect pick for that and it comes in an ideal size that works great in a bedroom, living room or a den up to 400 square feet. The style of this fan is undoubtedly a contemporary one as it comes in only one black finish; includes a 3-speed reversible motor; a remote control and much more.

Basically every feature of this fan is designed to give you a sense of comfort all year round, while also being stylish and efficient. It also comes with an E26 base bulb socket that can be dimmed to your preferences by using the remote. When it comes to its mounting options, you can choose to mount the fan with or without a downrod on standard or high ceilings and on an angled or slopped ceiling with an extensive downrod.

We love the whole concept of this design, it’s simple but very stylish and will for sure match any room décor. The frosted glass that covers the light bulb also contrasts with the black finish, making this an effective and stylish fan at the same time. This is an affordable fan that you can’t go wrong with, simply because you get more than what you pay for.

What we like:

  • ETL listed
  • Works great on angled or slopped ceilings
  • Dimming options and a bright light
  • Remote control is easy to use
  • An upgrade to your room

What we don’t like:

  • Instruction manual is a no-no

reiga 52-in Silver Ceiling Fan

You can easily consider this reiga ceiling fan as one of your best investments for your house because it looks and performs great. Perhaps the best feature of this fan is the silicon steel DC motor which ensures that no noise can be heard and that it’ll last you for a long time. It’s so well-balanced that you only hear the blades cutting through the air and nothing else.

Some of the best features of this fan include the reversible motor that provides a great amount of airflow; a remote control for adjusting the light temperature, 6 speeds, timer, and more. It’s a 52-inch ceiling fan which works perfectly in a medium or large room such as a bedroom, office, or kitchen. It’s mounted with a downrod (standard) or angled-mount up to an 18-degree angle. The reversible motor is so powerful and energy-efficient, with an airflow capacity of 5614 CFM and only 24 watts.

This fan looks luxurious and that’s because it is but we totally think that this is worth your money. There’s something for everyone since this comes in 5 different finishes:

  • Silver
  • Bright White
  • Hand-painted
  • Maple
  • Gold Black

Our favorites are the silver and the gold black ones because they look so pretty and totally a statement piece in your room. We love the details that are printed on the fan such as the gold rim on the black finish which is a beautiful contrast and a modern touch.

What we like:

  • Delay timer (1/3/6 hours)
  • 3 kinds of color temperatures to protect your eyes
  • Quiet motor
  • Attractive and sleek design
  • Moves a lot of air even on low settings
  • Easy to assemble

What we don’t like:

  • Fan responds a little slow to the remote
  • No dimming options

Matthews EKH-WH-WH Eliza 56″ Outdoor/Indoor Damp Locations Hugger Ceiling Fan

Described as a ceiling fan which ‘’exceeds expectations’’, this Eliza Matthews one looks even better than you can imagine. It’s designed like a wind turbine with a sturdy construction that doesn’t let you down when it comes to looks or functions. This 56-inch ceiling fan is great for medium or large sized rooms that need sufficient air circulation, especially damp areas since it works for indoor and outdoor places.

We love its features such as the 6-speed DC motor that’s reversible and silent; the remote and wall mounted control for adjusting every setting, and the airflow capacity which stands at 4033 CFM. The fact that this uses up to 70% less energy than other fans, just makes this fan 10 times better because it’s equipped with a new reliable technology that’s super efficient. The wall control is a wireless Decora-style type of control or if you hand, you can opt for the handheld remote control too.

It’s a beautifully constructed ceiling fan which people describe as ‘’unbelievably quiet, to the point where I often leave it on by accident’’, it’s just that good and silent. Aesthetically, this is a modern fan with no visible hardware that hugs the ceiling, and the blades come in different colors, such as:

  • Gloss White
  • Black
  • Barn Wood Tone
  • Brushed Nickel
  • Gray Ash Blades
  • Matte Black
  • Old Oak Tone
  • Walnut Tone

Apart from the blades, the motor also comes in a brushed nickel, gloss white, and matte black finish so you can easily find the one that best matches your interior. It’s made out of cast aluminum and stamped steel which makes this a very solid fan that moves air at no time. The shapes of the blades create less blade drag and the motor works even better – a perfect combination of a minimalist design and utility.

What we like:

  • Damp-rated
  • Blends in with any room décor
  • Includes a remote and wall mounted control
  • Improves HVAC system
  • Unique blade shape for optimum air movement

What we don’t like:

  • A barely noticeable noise on high speed

Casa Vieja 52″ Capri Modern Contemporary Indoor Ceiling Fan

With 5 crisp blades and a clean design, this Casa Vieja Capri ceiling fan is the right pick to finish off our list of the best contemporary fans. With a 52-inch blade span and a 14-degree blade pitch, this fan is able to deliver a sufficient amount of airflow, while also being energy-efficient.

It includes a white opal integrated light and LED light bulbs, a handheld remote control to adjust settings, a 5-inch wide canopy, and a 6-inch downrod to adjust the height. It also has 3 speeds and you have to manually reverse the airflow but this makes up for the fact that it has a capacity of 5383 CFM, which is a high amount of airflow and efficiency.

When it comes to its design, the blades of the fan look like they might cut if you come near them because that’s how sharp they appear to be. The Capri comes in a brushed nickel finish which just enhances your area, adding a sleek touch. Right from the bat, this fan catches everyone’s attention with the curved blades and white opal glass which adds that final touch to it.

What we like:

  • Clean and modern feel
  • Great breeze
  • Runs silently
  • Decent lighting
  • Easy to install
  • Well-balanced blades

What we don’t like:

  • Bulky remote
  • Non-dimmable lights