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Elegant Ceiling Fans with Crystals

Ceiling fans with crystals are a luxurious investment to your house because they add a touch of elegance but they also circulate the air like any other traditional ceiling fan. When it comes to this type of fans, the crystals are that luxurious element which accomplishes the elegant décor in your room.

It’s well known that ceiling fans are much more energy-efficient than air conditioners, but another thing which ceiling fans have is the versatility of styles, such as the elegant fans with crystals because you can’t find that in an air conditioner. Usually, ceiling fans with crystal have a chandelier style too so it’s a like a 2 in 1 type of fan that just looks great in any area.

Crystal ceiling fans are usually very delicate so the installation process is complicated. Based on the type of ceiling that you have, some ceiling fans need to be wired separately, and sometimes they don’t include a light kit or a light bulb so they have to be bought separately.

If you’re looking for an eye-catching and elegant ceiling fan which has crystals, our guide will help you pick the best one for your luxurious interior. Here, we have the list of top-rated elegant ceiling fans with crystals that are the ultimate combination of elegance and functionality which offer you comfort above everything else.

Here are the best elegant ceiling fans with crystals:

Warehouse of Tiffany CFL-8213AB Havorand 52″ 5-Blade Ceiling Fan Crystal Chandelier

As a top-rated ceiling fan with crystals, the Warehouse of Tiffany offers a variety of elegant fans, such as this Havorand Ceiling Fan Crystal Chandelier which is a great addition to any elegant room décor, although it has a simpler design. It comes in 5 blades, a reversible motor and a metal base which means that the fan lasts for a long time. This fan is comes in a chandelier-style design so it’s a 2 in 1 type of fan.

It’s a big fan for a medium to large-sized room since it’s 52 inches in diameter, 15.75 inches high and a 12-degree blade pitch. The downfall of this fan is that it needs six E12 40W light bulbs which are not included within the price so you have to buy them separately. The motor is reversible and pretty efficient, with 110 volts, 40 watts, and 3 reversible speeds too. When it comes to the switch options, the fan uses two options: hand-pull chain or remote.

It’s a full size crystal chandelier that’s extremely beautiful to look at and it comes in 5 wooden blades that have a brown finish. The wooden blades rotate at 3 reversible speeds which ensure optimal air circulation, whereas the fan is made of metal and has an antique bronze finish which means it’s long-lasting. The crystals are made of high quality crystal glass shapes that offer just the right amount of brightness in your room.


  • Well-made and sturdy
  • Reversible motor
  • Real high quality crystals
  • CSA, UL, ETL listed
  • 3 reversible speeds
  • Luxurious and simple design


  • The crystal chandelier requires separate wiring
  • Installation process is complicated and long (an electrician is recommended)

Parrot Uncle Ceiling Fans with Lights Crystal Chandelier Ceiling Fan with Retractable Blades

This Parrot Uncle ceiling fan has a contemporary design that’s also in the style of a crystal chandelier and it looks great in your living room or dining room. What’s also great about this fan is that it comes in 4 retractable acrylic blades that automatically retract when you turn off the fan.

The fan includes many features that you’ll love, such as the light kit that comes with 9 bulbs which are UL listed and energy-efficient since they use 32 watts. It also includes a remote control for you to control the fan and it works from anywhere in the room.

The dimensions of the fan measure 46 inches when the blades are extended, and 21 inches when they retract. It uses an AC/DC motor that’s very quiet and it uses 110 volts, 32 watts, as well as a 2679 CFM airflow.

It’s a beautiful and modern ceiling fan that looks amazing anywhere and the best part is that it comes in 5 color options:

  • Chrome
  • White
  • Silver
  • Black
  • Brown

Overall, the fan is made of top quality materials that don’t get rusted, such as the blades which are made of silicon steel. Usually, fans with retractable blades are great because they don’t collect dust when they’re not operating, so they don’t need too much maintaining. The crystals have a textured pattern that creates sort of an illusion of texture in your wall and it’s just a beautiful piece in general.

The fan can be mounted on angled ceilings too, with an angle mounting that’s smaller than 15 degrees. Additionally, two optional downrods are included: 4-inches and 10-inches in length, so that installation is easier.


  • Modern yet elegant design
  • Acrylic retractable blades –safer to use
  • Energy-efficient
  • Unique and bright light fixture


  • Time-consuming assembly because each crystal ball has to be attached to a chain
  • Lights are not dimmable

YUYUE 42-inch Invisible Ceiling Fan Chandelier with Light,Modern Crystal Ceiling Fan Light Remote Control

Another bestseller of elegant ceiling fans with crystals is this YUYUE Invisible Ceiling Fan Chandelier because it matches any room décor and it comes with retractable blades. The style of the fan is a chandelier-like design with LED lights that come in 3 colors: white light, neutral light, and warm light so you can adjust the mood of the room.

The fan is 42 inches which means it’s ideal for spaces such as living rooms, bedrooms, cafes, or restaurants because it’s rather small in size. The motor is very efficient and strong because it’s made of copper wire so that the fan operates quietly and has a decent thermal performance. It has 3 speeds, a remote control that you can use to control the brightness, speed, and turn on/off the fan.

This is considered to be an innovative and contemporary fan because it includes modern features such color-changing LED lights and low-noise motor, but what stands out the most is the white finish of this fan and the metal bell which add a shiny element. There are 4 acrylic brown blades that are made of an ABS material, and the glass lampshade is simply beautiful, giving you a sense of comfort.


  • Modern design with retractable blades
  • No-noise motor
  • Great for smaller rooms
  • Long-lasting and color-changing LED lights
  • ABS material


  • Installation takes some time

Crystal Modern Ceiling Fan with Remote Control, Mute Electric Fans LED Chandeliers

This unique OUKANING ceiling fan is another bestseller because it has a crystal ball pendant that stands out from the crystal bowl and a sophisticated design that’s more modern. The motor is very powerful and quiet, with 3 different color options for the lights so that you can pick the right atmosphere.

The fan makes a great addition to any living room, bedroom, or dining room since it’s 44 inches and the floor height should be more than 110 inches. It uses an AC motor with 110 volts and 24 watts which make this fan energy-efficient too. It has 3 speeds and 3 color-changing options: white, neutral, and warm that you can adjust through the remote control.

The design of this fan is just so extravagant yet modern, with 4 stainless steel blades and a silver finish that add a sleek look. The base is made of metal and copper which means that it’s long-lasting and durable because it’s made of a sturdy material.

The thing about this fan is that the LED lights bring so much brightness in your room and as a bonus you also get to adjust the ambiance. It works both as a fan and as a piece of statement in your room because it provides enough light and cool air.


  • Stylish crystal lampshade
  • Well-made and sturdy
  • 3 color lights and 3 speeds
  • Timing options (1/2/4/8 hours)
  • Energy-efficient


  • Instructions could be clearer
  • It needs to be turned on/off with the manual switch

Whse of Tiffany Cfl-8111 Catalina 3-Light Bronze-Finished 5-Blade 48″ Crystal Ceiling Fan

If you prefer a rustic type of chandelier crystal fan, then the Whse of Tiffany Catalina ceiling fan is the right pick for you because it has a bronze finish which adds elegance to the fan and wooden blades that complete the whole look. It’s a functional yet elegant fan that’s great for smaller rooms and it’s a chandelier too so you get the whole package.

It has a 48-inch blade span, 3 lights and 5 blades that cut through the air perfectly with no noise. The fan uses 40 watts and requires three 60W Type B light bulbs which you have to buy separately. It’s an easy installation process since it comes with a 4-inch downrod, which is the ideal size for small rooms.

It’s an attractive fan and this is great because if you have a small space but still want a ceiling fan and a chandelier, this is the option for you. The crystals match the bronze finish in a perfect way, with the right amount of sparkle for your room. If you happen to not like the wooden blades, there are metal blades that you can choose for a sturdier base since they don’t break too easily.


  • Works great in small rooms where you need air circulation and a chandelier
  • Adds an elegance to a vintage room
  • You can opt for metal blades too
  • Quiet and no wobbling


  • Short blades don’t provide a lot of air circulation

Casa Deville8482; Antique White Light Kit Ceiling Fan

If you’re into antique stuff, this Casa Deville Antique ceiling fan is for you. Perhaps this is the most elegant ceiling of all because it looks like it belongs to the neoclassical period were everything was so overly luxurious. It includes a pink coordinating light kit with accented marbled glass, a powerful reversible motor and 3 speeds.

It comes with two 40W candle base light bulbs that are part of the antique rubbed light kit that’s 12 ½ inches wide and 10 ½ inches long. The overall blade span of the fan is 52 inches, with a 14-degree blade pitch that’s perfect for medium or large rooms, especially for kids since it has delicate pink details and a white marbled glass that has a doll-like appearance. Without the lights, the fan uses 70 watts and it has an airflow capacity of 6150 CFM which is a huge amount of air circulation.

The design of this fan is just beautiful with pink and white beads, fabric bands, and a rubbed white finish that seamlessly blends in with any room décor. It’s perfect for rooms that have low ceilings, it’s dual mountable with a 6-inch downrod that’s optional to use but you should note that the fan has a manual reverse air flow and a pull-chain operation.


  • A mix between Baroque and neoclassical style
  • Pretty accents in white and pink
  • Great for low ceilings
  • Circulates a huge amount of airflow
  • 3 speeds and reversible motor


  • It’s very heavy so it requires a professional to install it
  • Light kit is not glass

COLORLED Modern Crystal Remote Control Transparent Acrylic Blade Retractable Ceiling Fan Lamp 42″

The COLORLED Modern Crystal ceiling fan is both functional and unique in design, with transparent acrylic blades that are retractable, so this is definitely one of the top-rated ceiling fans with crystals. It includes 71 hanging crystals which have a bling reflection from the lights and the blades, kind of like a disco ball, especially when the blades are working.

It’s perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, or kitchens that are smaller in size since it’s 42 inches and it uses an AC motor with 110 volts and 36 watts that’s very energy-efficient. For easier operation, the remote control is very handy because you can control everything and the blades automatically retract when you turn off the fan.

The fan has 4 acrylic blades and a metal top that complement the gold finish in such a perfect way, along with the crystals that sparkle so much. It has a luxurious design, ideal for indoor areas that have a similar interior or for concrete ceilings with a flat surface. You can change the atmosphere of the room by changing the light since it has 3 settings: warm, bright, and a combination of both.


  • No humming noises
  • Transparent blades don’t overpower the crystals
  • Plenty of air circulation
  • 3 speeds and 3 light settings


  • The pins that hang the crystals are a little flimsy

52″ Casa Chic Rubbed White Ceiling Fan with 4-Light Kit

This Casa Chic ceiling fan finishes off the list for best ceiling fans with crystals because it has white candelabra-like lights and is similar to the Baroque style since it’s very luxurious and heavy on the details. It has a reversible motor with 3 speeds and four 40W candelabra light bulbs that illuminate the room just right, without being too bright.

The fan measures 52 inches, ideal for larger spaces, especially bedrooms. The motor is quiet yet powerful, with 68 watts and an airflow capacity of 5568 CFM. It includes a pull-chain and a 10-inch downrod with scroll, but you should note that the fan is not suitable for low ceilings and it’s really heavy, and is specifically designed for a 9-foot ceiling.

Another thing you should be aware of is the color of the fan since it leans more towards an ivory or cream color which is why you should take your décor into consideration. It has soft and feminine details, crystal beads that give a chic look and a white finish on the blades and the motor. When all of these are combined, the candelabra lights just finish off the look of this fan in a more elegant way.


  • Matching finish on the blades and motor
  • Candelabra coordinating light kit also match the finish
  • Well-made, no wobble
  • 3 speeds and powerful motor
  • Sophisticated and elegant style


  • A professional is required to install because it’s heavy
  • Doesn’t work on low ceilings