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Fancy Ceiling Fans

A regular ceiling fan makes or breaks a room, but a fancy one? That one takes your whole room into another level and it acts almost like a work of art. And fancy doesn’t always mean expensive, you can get fancy-looking fans even if you’re in a budget and sometimes, you’ll get more than what you’re paying for.

The curved blades, the seamless design and rich finish are some of the features which fancy ceiling fans seem to have. But in terms of functionality, a highly efficient motor, smart technological options, multi-purpose remote controls are few of the main things you need to look for. What’s important is that you find one which makes your home feel comfortable and not just look good.

But no home is complete without a ceiling fan and as much as they’re a necessity, it’s okay to upgrade them from time to time because manufacturers are constantly coming up with new fancy and extravagant fans which make your area look aesthetically-pleasing. The type of fan you decide on will either make your room feel expensive or dull, there’s no in-between.

For us, details are key when it comes to fancy ceiling fans, whether it’s an interesting globe light fixture, intricate blades, crystals, or different finishes. The fancier your place looks, the more complements you’ll get from your guests and we’re happy to help you find the one that matches everything you’ve wanted and more! Whether you’re into simple or more complex designs, we offer a variety of fans that feel and look fancy wherever you decide to put them. Check our list below for the top 10 best fancy ceiling fans:

Home Decorators Collection Reagan 52 Inch LED Indoor Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan

To start off the list, this Home Decorators Reagan just screams fancy, especially with the propeller blades which give off a retro and contemporary vibe to your room. Everything about this fan is so simple yet enough to make a statement in your area without trying too hard.

Features: The blade span of the Reagan measures 52 inches, making it a perfect fan for a medium or large area and trust us when we say that this one can really circulate air – 4551 CFM on its highest speed. It comes with a 16W LED light bulb that’s energy-efficient and long lasting and a remote control to adjust the light and speed of the fan from anywhere in the room. It’s also a tri-mount installation: standard, angled, and flush-mount.

Design: The unique blades look so attractive when they start to spin and they have an airplane-like design that really stands out and makes the room feel fancy. But the brushed nickel and the wood cherry blades really make this piece a focal point. If you happen to have a dark interior, the decorative canopy ring and the cover can hide any exposed screws that you might have.

What we like:

  • Blades are made out of real wood
  • Bright LED light and dims too
  • Moves a TON of air
  • The propeller blades seem to produce more airflow than paddle fans
  • No wobble or rattle
  • Installation is a piece of cake

What we don’t like:

  • The LED light is great but it may be too bright for some people

River of Goods Glam 52 Inch Width Crystal Double-Lit LED Ceiling Fan

The Glam fan by River of Goods is truly a glamorous fan that makes your place feel and look fancy. The fan acts as a chandelier and a ceiling fan with the dramatic crystals that make the fan a luxurious piece for your living room or bedroom.

Features: This one is 52 inches too and it works perfectly in larger rooms that need cooling down. This one may look classic but it’s very eco-friendly since it uses two LED incandescent light bulbs and four dimmable LED lights that save you a lot of money. The AC fan delivers a great amount of airflow, it’s pretty silent, and has a reverse function too. A fancy fan like this one needs a traditional pull chain to adjust the light or speed of the fan.

Design: There are exactly 149 K-9 glass crystals and three different layers of them to bring style and illuminate the room just how you want it. The 6 light bulbs complement the crystals by making them shine even more and the reversible blades in mahogany/antique black give you options to mix and match whenever you feel like it. The antique bronze metal finish on the motor housing just goes perfect with the blades and crystals and that’s how you end up loving this fan.

What we like:

  • It’s glamorous, modern, and classic – all in one single fandelier
  • LED light bulbs are dimmable and put out a lot of light
  • The crystals are just the right amount of bling, not too much
  • Puts out plenty of air
  • Comes with longer downrods to adjust the height

What we don’t like:

  • Changing the light bulbs takes some time

52″ Innovation Modern Ceiling Fan

Something about this innovative fan by Possini just looks out of this world, it’s definitely worth all the hype because just take a look at the design of this one. It doesn’t even look like a fan, right? Well we couldn’t have excluded this one from our list of the best fancy fans because…well it’s more than just a fancy fan, it’s like an optical illusion.

Features: The 52 inch blade span of this one lets the fan create a soothing breeze in any medium or large area and not to mention the airflow capacity which is 5577 CFM and 112 CFM/W – an insane amount of airflow. The integrated LED light is dimmable and adds just enough lighting and you can adjust this with the remote control that comes with the fan as well as the 3 speeds, reverse function, and more.

Design: Functionality? Check. Looks? Double check. This one looks as good as it performs and it brings a modern flare to your space with its minimalistic design that we LOVE so much. It’s a refreshing fan that enhances the interior even more with the brushed nickel finish on the motor housing and the silver ABS blades that complement one another so beautifully. The light cover is a small touch but it adds a lot to the fan. One word to describe the fan: futuristic.

What we like:

  • Unique and simple design that matches every interior or appliance
  • You can feel the breeze even at its lowest speed
  • Bright LED light but dimmable
  • No wobble or noise on the motor
  • Worth every penny in terms of functions and design

What we don’t like:

  • Installation is a little time-consuming and difficult if you haven’t installed one before

Morpholife Crystal Ceiling Fan with Light and Remote, Modern Fan Chandelier

The Morpholife crystal fandelier is enough to bring that oomph in your room; it’s the perfect blend of fancy and contemporary, the pictures don’t do it justice because it’s that beautiful. This one also acts as a fandelier, so what’s not to love about it?

Features: This is for the small and medium places that need to be cooled down because it measures only 44 inches. It has a super quiet motor that works during the summer and winter, it circulates the air evenly and puts out a great amount of airflow. The integrated LED light kit is energy-efficient and can brighten up any area. The remote control is extremely convenient and easy to use and it includes the 3 speeds, on/off function, and light/dimmer.

Design: The part you’ve all been waiting for…the design of this modern masterpiece. The focal point of the fan is the globe that looks like a disco ball and is covered in crystals. The design allows the fan to match any contemporary, rustic, or fancy interior that you got going on, it’s that versatile. The blades have a stainless steel finish and they look great with the overall silver finish of the fan and a quite monochromatic vibe.

What we like:

  • It’s well-made and very sturdy
  • The dangly crystal is a beautiful decorative piece that adds a fancy element
  • The LED light can be set to a natural light
  • Looks more expensive than it is
  • Silent operation and circulates plenty of air

What we don’t like:

  • Instructions about the remote control and blades could be more clear

56″ Casa Esperanza Vintage Indoor Ceiling Fan

This Casa Vieja Esperanza looks like it just came out of the Victorian period with this rich teak finish on the blades and the dome that create a fancy and elegant ceiling fan. It looks very traditional but it’s pretty modern in terms of functionality.

Features: At 56 inches, the Esperanza will be a perfect addition to any large area, while also illuminating every part of the room through the two 6W candelabra base LED light bulbs. The height of the fan is adjustable, with the included 4 1/2-inch and the 10-inch downrods. The motor is powerful enough to deliver a decent amount of airflow with a noiseless operation. Lastly, the handheld remote control is there to help you adjust any setting that you want.

Design: The classic and stylish design of this one is to die for! The bronze and gold motor blends right in with the shaded teak finish of the blades and the decorative scroll is there to add that fancy element that we love so much. The iron accents add those classic and vintage details that go so well with the design and it makes it a real antique fan that will definitely leave your guests in awe when they see it.

What we like:

  • The quality of the materials is amazing
  • No wobble even on its highest speed
  • A beautiful and extravagant fan – looks better than in pictures
  • Works great on rooms with a high ceiling
  • Lights are dimmable and have a 2700K color temperature – just bright enough

What we don’t like:

  • Instructions could use some help

Minka-Aire F596-BN Cirque 54 Inch Ceiling Fan

Another retro and fancy-looking fan? Count us in! The disc-shaped blades of the Minka Cirque will for sure be a conversation starter and it goes amazing with an art deco themed room because of the sleek and shiny design.

Features: Since this one measures 54 inches, it will look great in any medium or large area and it circulates a huge amount of airflow – 6000 CFM which is just out of this world! Although the cap of the light looks small, it actually lightens up the room bright enough with the integrated light kit that includes 2-Pin halogen light bulbs. The motor is silent and has a reverse function, along with 3 speeds that you can adjust with the wall control at any time. Another great thing about it is that it’s compatible with smart home devices such Google Home or Alexa but that’s sold separately.

Design: This ultra-modern yet fancy ceiling fan looks stunning and really meets your expectations. It has an intricate and interesting design that you probably haven’t seen before so it’s totally worth it if you’re upgrading your room and you’re into arts because we can guarantee you’ll get a lot of compliments. The brushed nickel finish adds to that retro vibe; just make sure you display it in a room where people will see it because it’s a shame if they don’t. And don’t let the blade design fool you because they generate a great amount of airflow.

What we like:

  • A showpiece for your room
  • Completely silent on low and medium speed
  • It lights up the room pretty bright
  • Retro art-deco appeal
  • A combination of function and design

What we don’t like:

  • Makes a slight wind noise on the highest setting

Retractable Ceiling Fan Modern Chandelier

You wanted fancy, we’ll give you fancy! This Parrot Uncle contemporary ceiling fan is the right bling addition to your room, with clear retractable blades that add more style and very practical to use because they need little maintenance.

Features: The blade diameter of this cute little piece is 42 inches, which makes it perfect for your small living room or bedroom. The LED lights bright up the space beautifully; the motor uses an advanced technology which makes the fan operate silently and at a high rate of 2674 CFM that’s more than enough for the size of this one. To adjust the height of the fan, you can use the included downrods (4-inch and 10-inch) and to operate everything smoothly, the remote control is there to help you.

Design: This is such an attractive fan and a real statement piece which blends right in with your modern interior. The 3 retractable blades look so cool when they extend or retract, so you can use it as a chandelier only, whenever you don’t want cool air. It looks fancy, luxurious and the crystal pieces just create that romantic mood, and who doesn’t want that? The chrome finish compliments both the crystals and the see-through blades and as a result, you get this beautiful fandelier.

What we like:

  • Whisper-quiet copper motor that ensures no noise
  • Dimmable LED light
  • Remote control is convenient to use, has a timing function, and a signal up to 49 feet
  • Fancy-looking fan and chandelier that creates a unique atmosphere
  • Works for flat or slopped ceilings up to 15 degrees

What we don’t like:

  • Instructions are not the best
  • Installation is difficult if you’re not an electrician

Westinghouse Lighting 7814465 Turbo Swirl One-Light 30-Inch Six-Blade Ceiling Fan

Who doesn’t love a good Westinghouse ceiling fan with a fancy appeal? We know we do! Everything about this fan is just so worthy, starting from the design of the blades, the finish, and of course, the many different functions that you’ll come to love.

Features: The Turbo Swirl ceiling fan is perfect for your itty bitty room because it’s only 30 inches but it produces a great amount of airflow for its size – 2393 CFM. The motor and the blade pitch allow the fan to operate at a silent but powerful rate, with a reverse function that lets you save lots of money. It also uses one candelabra base light bulb that brightens up your small room perfectly. The fan is operated by a pull chain but it also works with a remote control too if you want to get that separately.

Design: The swirling of the blades is one of the fancier models out there and you can see why. The brushed aluminum finish and the 6 light maple blades go great together and they match your contemporary or classic interior. It also comes in an antique brass which offers an even more elevated look that looks amazing in a dark-themed room. The small size of the fan is enough to stand out on its own because it’s just that beautiful.

What we like:

  • Can be installed close to the ceiling
  • Quiet operation
  • Minimal maintenance – just needs dusting from time to time
  • It’s aesthetically pleasing to the eye
  • Well made and sturdy base; no wobble or rattle

What we don’t like:

  • Installation takes a long time
  • The light could be brighter

Moooni Fandelier Retractable Ceiling Fans

This Mooni ceiling fan is that extra pop of fancy that your room needs. It’s a mix between a classic and contemporary fan because of the retractable blades and the fancy designs on the lampshade which make this worth the money and all!

Features: This one best suits small or medium rooms but it also comes in two different sizes: 42 inches and 36 inches, and when the blades retract, the fan stands at a 20-inch diameter. This is adjustable in many ways, such as the extra efficient LED light bulb that is dimmable and has many light settings; it comes in 3 different speeds that are highly powerful and produce sufficient airflow and you can always adjust them with the handheld remote control.

Design: The Mooni fan is very functional yet elegant at the same time and it has just the right amount of bling to make your room feel fancy. When you feel like you’ve had enough of that cooling breeze, the fan works as a fandelier too because of the lampshade that’s covered in small crystal details. The metal body, the brown retractable blades and the matte black finish of the fan create this outstanding combination that’s hard to beat!

What we like:

  • 5/5 in terms of functionality
  • Matches many styles, not just elegant
  • Variable speed and color settings
  • Remote control has a timing function too
  • Comes with a 5-inch downrod to adjust the height

What we don’t like:

  • Putting this up can be a challenge, especially with the crystals (it’s worth it though)

AFANQI 42″Crystal Ceiling Fan with Light Chandelier

It looks like a fancy chandelier but…SURPRISE it’s just a pretty ceiling fan that works as a fandelier too. The AFANQI fan is not for people who can’t handle extra decorative pieces because this one it’s truly a very extra ceiling fan, perfect for a villa, restaurant, living room, or anywhere really.

Features: Wait until you hear of all the amazing features that this one has, such as the 42 inch blade span, an LED light bulb with different color temperatures, 3 different speeds and a great amount of airflow for your space. The remote control is multi-purposeful; you can adjust settings such as the time function (1/2/4/8 hrs) for an automatic shutdown, the lights, speeds, and turn the fan on/off. It’s convenient to use and you can easily create a comfortable atmosphere from anywhere in the room.

Design: Your interior will thank you for bringing the AFANQI in your room because it’s not something you want, it’s something you actually need. It has a lightweight design with a K9 crystal lampshade and ABS retractable blades that complement each other so well, creating a beautiful and fancy fandelier that will for sure turn heads. It’s available in two finishes: black crystal and silver crystal; the black one has a modern flare to it, while the silver finish looks really elegant, but both of them have a sleek design.

What we like:

  • Has that wow factor that your room needs
  • Remote control works great
  • Generates a decent amount of airflow
  • LED lights have 3 temperatures: warm/white/neutral
  • Factory balanced to ensure no wobble or rattle

What we don’t like:

  • No clear instructions on how to install the crystals