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Lasko Tower Fans Reviewed

If you think a tower fan is what you need for your home or office and have started your research on what model or make would make the best choice to buy. You have probably come across or heard of Lasko tower fans. Maybe you’ve read some of the tall tower fans we’ve reviewed?

If you’re already familiar with the Lasko brand and now you are looking for what new models are available, even better – make sure you keep reading.

This article is going to be a short and quick review of Lasko Woodgrain Tower Fan that will give you enough information whether this is the fan you’ve been looking for.

We are going to compare several features and benefits, as well as how affordable this fan is compared to other models and brands.

The Lasko Tower Fans – Functionality and Design

Our experts have been testing and reviewing not just tower fans, but all sorts of home fans for over four decades.

If someone want to buy a tower fan, one of the most important thing they look for is how functional it actually is and will the design be something that will not go out of date within just a few years.

And from our experience, functionality and design have been exactly what made Lasko tower fans unique for all these years.

The sleek tall modern design of the Woodgrain tower fan, will look “just perfect” wherever you place it in your house.

And by placing it, I mean not just positioning it at the corner of the room and forgetting about it for years, I mean being able to easily move it around the room, around house, up and down the stairs with ease.

Why? Because it’s lightweight and it’s made this way because of many tower fan buyer complaints about not being able to move their fans.

That’s what I mean about functionality – and it’s quite important.

The base of the fan is wide and has some weight to keep the fan stable. Comparing it to some other fans, this is a good thing. Some fans fall down very easily. This one doesn’t.

The cage material is extremely durable even though it’s made of plastic and the blades are not visible or reachable with fingers. No need to worry about kids sticking their finger in.

The Features That Sets It Apart From Others

The whisper quiet speeds providing consistent air flow make it an ideal fan for your productive home office or your child’s bedroom.

You leave it on during the night and sleep comfortably without being disturbed by the noise a lot of other fans make.

The timer is also a really good feature, although most modern fans have this kind of feature, the Lasko tower fans has a few standard times you can set it on for.

What makes everything easier is also the remote control. Simply leave it at your office desk, and whenever you want to turn the fan on, you just pick the remote up and that’s it.

No need to move away from your chair and interrupting your work just to get some air flowing around the room.

The Lasko company

Lasko is not an unknown brand. They’ve been around since 1906. That’s more than a century ago, and during all this time they’ve been present at millions of homes in America in one way or another.

You can trust this US brand more than any other simply because they’ve been so long in the market and that’s because they make good products that last. Whether it’s a tower fan, a heater, or small appliances, Lasko is a brand you can trust. And they will take care of you, that’s guaranteed.

In all of our years of working with ceiling fans, floor fans, outdoor fans, and tower fans, we’ve been proud to recommend them to our customers.