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Best Low-Profile Ceiling Fans 2022

A ceiling fan is only one of the many ways to improve life, for both summer and winter, in either your house or workplace.

Nowadays, you can get all sort of information online, including reviews on ceiling fans, their mounting, their functions, their advantages and disadvantages. Yet, a sharp eye is needed to spot those low profile ceiling fan, which aren’t very much talked about, which look like the average fan, and do not give you the immediate feeling of wishing to take them home.

In order to decide what would be the best fan for your environment, it would be nice of you if you took a bit of time to look how ceiling fans functions (if you do not know that already). You should also check what features a ceiling fan needs for the size of the environment you want to place it in, outdoor or indoor, the style that would fit it best, and its capacity.

Once you have that clear, you may want to first check some low profile ceiling fans, which do not get a lot of attention, but are definitely worth it (and their price).

Following, we have listed the top ten low profile ceiling fans, which at first look will not seem as extraordinary, but the wonderful reviews they get, will convince you to add one of them to the environment in your house.

Here are the best low profile ceiling fans for 2022:

CO-Z Contemporary 52 Inch Ceiling Fan Light

This ceiling fan by CO-Z will give to the interior of your living room, kitchen or bedroom a contemporary look while also providing a quiet, wobble-free air movement.

This 18.05 pounds heavy fan comes in two different colors, so you can purchase the one that goes better with your environment, either brushed nickel or old bronze.

The fan is completely made of wood, has an Air Flow Capacity of 5800 CFM and a 70W carbon steel AC motor with 3 speed options, high, middle, and low, through which you can switch with the hand held remote that comes included with the fan.

The fan has the reversible option, so you can switch it depending on the weather, to keep you warm in the cold days and breezy in the hot ones.

Despite all these capacities of the motor, it produces almost unnoticeable noise, and the blades do not wobble at all due to their stability.

The fan comes included with a white glass shade, that transmits light with an 18W LED panel light, which has been tested for energy efficiency and certified as UL Listed. You can use the remote to turn the lights on and off, as well as to reverse the direction of the rotation of the fans.

Hunter 55042 Transitional 70″ Ceiling Fan

An indoor fan by Hunter in the color of new bronze, which may not attract a lot of attention, but is still elegant and beautiful, thus offering a contemporary twist to a classic to your home interior.

The fan is designed for bigger rooms, though it weighs about the average fan only 31.1 pounds. It can be mounted in your ceiling in three different positions, standard, flush or angled, depending on your choice.

When it comes to choices, it is also up to you if you want to mount this fan together with or without its 180-watt bowl light fixture.

This fan has an air flow capacity of 4890 cubic feet per minute, and an airflow efficiency of 101 CFM per watt, due to its 13 degree blade pitch optimized to ensure ideal air movement and peak performance as well as its exclusive powerful motor.

The fan has three different speeds, high, medium, and low, as well as the option of reversing the airflow function in order to create a chilly or warm effect depending on your choice.

The most special thing about this ceiling fan, it that its blades have a layer of nano particles that repel small moisture molecules, thus repelling dust particles.

Rainier Light Modern Ceiling Fan

RainierLight brings this Ceiling fan that has three functions: lighting a room, cooling or warming the air according to your needs, and as a decoration that is aesthetically pleasing for every eye. It is well crafted, with a beautiful structure and very easy to clean.

This fan completes the interior of every room, while at the same time meeting the functions it was primarily produced for.

It has five blades, two down rods that can be customized, and a LED of 3 lights: yellow, white and warm light, making lightbulbs unnecessary for this fan, thus saving you a bit of money that you would have to spend every now and then.

This ceiling fan also has three types of speeds, so you can set it on the ideal comfort level for you. You will be able to turn the fan on and off, as well as to switch between the levels of speed with the included hand held remote control, which is very convenient to use. Wall control is also possible with this fan.

The fan is made of stainless steel and weighs 20.4 pounds and it goes best in rooms that are approximately 106-322 square feet big.

Hakkatronics Ceiling Fan 52” with Wireless Remote Control

A superlight ceiling fan, that may not always take all the attention, but is a perfect product brought to us by Hakkatronics in three different versions:

  • 52 inches Flush
  • 52 inches Rod
  • 52 inches Rod LED
  • 60 inches Rod
  • 60 inches Rod Led

Those wishing to purchase any of the versions of this Hakkatronics fan can get it in either oil rubbed brown or oil rubbed red.

This is a pretty fan made of original wood hand-made process, with a unique and natural design, very popular nowadays, and a favorite decoration for many, as well.

It has three blades but six different speeds which can be controlled through a wireless remote control, which can also be used to turn the fan on and of, to forward or reverse it so it can be used through as seasons of the year.

It is a superlight fan as it only weighs 13.8 pounds, and it can be used for both, indoor or outdoor environments.  You can install it in your living room, kitchen, bedroom and even garden with shelter covered.

Honeywell 50611 Phelix High Power Ceiling Fan

This captivating ceiling fan by Honeywell will elevate the space in your for up-beat living room, bedroom, den or common areas, with its charm and elegance.

Honeywell Phelix is a ceiling fan made of metal that weighs 18 pounds and has three thick plastic blades in the color of brushed nickel.

It comes with branched LED light fixtures with 3 LED bulbs that are included with purchase. You can light up the room to the level of your choice as the fan also has the dimming option.

The fan has a quiet motor which has the capacity to move a lot of air. You can however, set the speed of the fan at three different levels, depending on your need. You can also reverse it so you can enjoy it both through winter and summer.

As per mounting, the fan can be hung in any ceiling with its standard 4 inches down rod, that comes included, or in angles ceilings, with an angle bracket that is sold separately.

Hunter Indoor Low Profile Ceiling Fan

This four-bladed indoor only ceiling fan by Hunter, has a low profile but a Whisper Wind motor that delivers ultra-powerful air movement with whisper-quiet performance.

Moreover, the motor is reversible so you can reverse the direction of the blades to save more energy heating your room in the winter. It has an optimized 13 degree blade pitch that ensures ideal movement of the air, with a maximal air movement capacity of 4107 CFM.

It is especially designed for rooms with low ceilings. Made of metal in the color of brushed nickel with a brass finish, the blades of this ceiling fan are in the color of black oak.

It comes with a hand held remote control that enables you to turn on and off both the fan and the light, as well as to reverse the direction of the blades.

Hykolity Indoor Ceiling Fan with Light Kit

Hykolity brings to us this indoor only ceiling fan in two different colors, so you can purchase the one it goes best with the environment where you want to mount it:

  • Brushed Nickel
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze

With five reversible blades, this ceiling fan makes it possible to move a huge amount of air making is a low profile but efficient ceiling fan in particular perfectly fitting for larger rooms.

You will be able to change the direction of your fan from downdraft mode during the summer to updraft mode during the winter, what helps keep the heat in the room, saving you quite some money.

The fan weighs 18.35 pounds, and has a size of 52 inches. It comes included with a pull chain and frosted glass shades.

It is very easy to mount in the ceiling, as it comes with clear instructions, and all necessary pieced for mounting included in the pack.

Hyperikon Ceiling Fan with Remote

A very unique ceiling fan by Hyperikon with a contemporary style, in the color of brushed nickel, that can complete the look of any room of smaller size in your house, including your living room, bedroom, and kitchen.

It is a very light ceiling fan as it weighs 13.1 pounds and has an assembled height of 11 inches, length of 52 inches, and width of 52 inches.

This fan has a BLDC motor with 100% copper winding, and airflow capacity 1,970 cubic feet per meter and air flow efficiency of 52 CFM/W.

It also has the reversible control function allows you can change the direction blades from downward airflow during the summer to upward during the cooler winter period.

The best thing about this small fan, is that you can easily operate it from anywhere in your room, as there’s a hand held remote that you can use to choose between six speed levels upon your choice. You can also use this remote to turn the lights on/off, change the spinning direction, or set a timer.

Minka Aire F624-CL Roto XL 3-Blade Ceiling Fan

A very elegant three bladed ceiling fan by Minka Aire in coal color, of a contemporary style. It is a perfect combination of form, function, and design, and very pleasing for the human eye. Due to its very simple style, it will match with any interior design.

It is a super quiet fan even at the highest speed, and moves a ton of air. You can also reverse the blades by choosing summer or winter mode – one pushes air up, while the other one pushes air down.

The fan weighs 18 pounds and there will be zero wobbling issues with it as the blades are balanced very well.

As it is a very light weighing ceiling fan, it is super easy to be mounted. You will really enjoy this fan.

Casa Vieja Predator Outdoor Ceiling 

Casa Vieja brings to the market of low profile ceiling fans this outdoor fan, that can be purchased in six different versions:

  • No Light Kit – Bronze – Outdoor
  • Frosted Glass Light Kit – Bronze – Outdoor
  • Hooded Glass Led Light Kit – Bronze – Outdoor
  • Lantern Led Light Kit – Bronze – Outdoor
  • Marlowe Cage Led Light Kit – Bronze – Outdoor
  • Opal Glass Led Light Kit – Bronze – Outdoor

This predator fan has a blade span of 72 inches blade span and a blade pitch of 14 degrees.

It has a surprisingly high air flow capacity of 6310 cubic feet per minute and an air flow efficiency of 198 cubic feet per minute per watt.

The fan has six different levels of speed and the option of reverse air flow, which can all be controlled bu the full function hand-held remote control.

It weighs 26.5 pounds and is UL listed.