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Outdoor Ceiling Fans with Lights

During a long summer night, all you need is your ceiling fan’s breeze and some illumination to have the most unforgettable late night talks. Who wouldn’t want this? Your patio, veranda, or porch definitely could use some light so you can enjoy your outdoor area to the max, without worrying when the night comes.

Outdoor ceiling fans with lights are hard to come by because you’ll need to really check for functionality since they can be damp or wet-rated. If your outdoor area is covered, a damp-rated fan will get the job done, but if you have an open area then of course, a wet-rated one will be the best choice for that. It’s really important to also check for the type of materials that the fans are made of because they’ll ensure a rust-free fan that lasts for a long time, without having to worry about blades going bad in a matter of a year.

While manufacturers like Hunter, Minka-Aire, Honeywell, Prominence, or Monte Carlo are constantly coming up with the newest and best outdoor ceiling fans, we offer you more than just these brands because you deserve some variety. What you don’t deserve is an outdoor ceiling fan which uses a type of light that doesn’t last for more than a month, which is why our first choice would be a fan that uses an LED light, but there are other options that can have the same effect too.

Now that we got these out of the way, you can start browsing through our list of the best outdoor ceiling fans with lights. There’s a variety to choose from, whether you’re more interested in the looks or functionality of the fan because our fans don’t lack either of those. Below, there are the top 10 best ceiling fans with lights, perfect for your outdoors, whether you prefer something simple or you want to go all out!

Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50512-01 Belmar Outdoor LED Ceiling Fan

The Honeywell Belmar outdoor ceiling fan has everything we mentioned from the functions, LED light, and design too. This is a great first choice for a porch, patio, gazebo, or any covered outdoor area basically since it’s damp-rated.

Features: At 52 inches, this will truly become your favorite fan for your medium-sized area because it has a high-quality motor which puts out a LOT of air and not to mention that it’s super quiet. The two included 6.5W LED light bulbs light up your place just sufficiently and they’re energy-efficient of course. It works on slopped ceilings as well as a flush-mount because it comes with a 4-inch downrod that you can use to adjust the heights.

Design: The ABS blades withstand harsh conditions and as a bonus, they don’t bend at all. The wooden texture of the blades and the dark bronze or white finish are a great addition to

any rustic or vintage exterior, especially with the frosted closed bowl which adds a beautiful contrast to the finish of the fan.

What we like:

  • Bright LED light bulb that illuminates the space
  • 3 speeds and pull chain included
  • Installation is a breeze – pun intended
  • Reversible motor for all year round
  • Weather resistant blades that don’t rust and last for a long time
  • Simple and clear instructions

What we don’t like:

  • No negative reviews on this fan

Hunter Key Biscayne Indoor / Outdoor Ceiling Fan

When you want to sit on your porch and relax with a light breeze, think of the Hunter Key Biscayne outdoor ceiling fan. This one comes with an LED light kit that has dimmable lights and you’re in total control of the lighting too.

Features: Again, this is a perfect outdoor fan for a medium space because it measures 54 inches, and it comes with a reversible motor that’s quieter than whisper and provides an amazing airflow. This one offers great illumination for your area because it uses LED light bulbs which last you for a long time. What makes this great is the fact that it’s damp-rated so it works perfectly in covered porches, patios, garages, and more. And to adjust every feature, this one comes with a pull chain control but it’s remote adaptable too (universal remote).

Design: The wooden texture of the blades and the painted white glass case are the perfect blend of a contemporary and rustic fan which have a mass appeal that looks great in whatever area you decide to hang it. It has a clean finish; it looks stunning, and adds extra coziness during the nighttime. It comes in an onyx Bengal finish and a weathered zinc finish, both of which add to that rustic vibe.

What we like:

  • Dimmable and energy-efficient LED lights which put off a lot of light
  • Whisper wind motor
  • Adjustable height with a 3-inch and 2-inch downrod
  • Looks gorgeous and performs how it looks
  • Adds a warmth to your outdoor area

What we don’t like:

  • Instructions include some unnecessary steps

Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze Ii 74-in Oil-rubbed Bronze Outdoor Downrod Ceiling Fan

If you want double the airflow and double the aesthetics, this dual motor Harbor Breeze ceiling fan is perfect for your outdoor space. The frosted glass shade and the lights add a touch of vintage that looks outstanding in a porch, sunroom, or whatever outdoor area you plan on using it.

Features: This is a pretty hefty and huge fan – 74 inches, but it doesn’t lack in power because the reversible AC motor has an airflow capacity of 4450 CFM and 57 CFM/W which is pretty amazing. The candelabra base light bulbs have a decent illumination that’s just enough for an outdoors place and it’s damp-rated, can it get any better? It can actually. The Twin breeze II fan works on angled ceilings, includes a remote control for every feature and is energy-star rated – all in 1 single fan…well it’s dual actually but you get the point.

Design: Obviously, this is outstanding in terms of aesthetics but it’s also durable because it’s made out of sturdy materials, with 6 brown wicker blades that update your exterior at an instant. The oil-rubbed bronze works perfectly in a transitional or casual room décor because it’s pretty versatile in style. If there’s one word to describe the look of this fan is SLEEK, that’s it.

What we like:

  • Unique design and sturdy construction
  • The light bulb offers great illumination
  • 4-inch L donwrod to adjust the height
  • Quiet and powerful motor
  • Energy-star and damp-rated

What we don’t like:

  • Instructions could be better

Minka Aire F870L-TCL Windmolen – 65 Inch Smart Ceiling Fan

To spice things up in your outdoor area, this Minka-Aire Windmolen ceiling fan offers just that. What’s more is that it’s compatible with smart home devices, has an LED light bulb that’s very bright and doesn’t wobble or rattle whatsoever.

Features: At 65 inches, this is the perfect outdoor ceiling fan for your very large area that needs a cooling breeze. The DC motor is efficient, silent and powerful, with an airflow capacity that’s out of this world – 8848 CFM. The included 40W LED light bulb cuts down on your energy bill and adds a lot of brightness, but you can always adjust this by using the remote control. It works with Google Home, Alexa, Nest and Ecobee and that makes this a smart and convenient fan with multi-purpose features.

Design: The clean and sharp blades which are just slightly curved at the ends make this a minimalistic but very modern ceiling fan that looks great and enhances your exterior. This one will really make a difference to your environment, without being too much. The fan is available in 4 different finishes:

  • Textured Coal
  • Brushed Steel
  • Textured White
  • Textured Coal/Distressed Koa

The other finishes apart from the textured coal have an industrial-like finish that is also quite rustic, but the textured coal is the ultimate contemporary outdoor fan because it’s really simple but just enough to keep your area inspired.

What we like:

  • LED integrated light kit is energy-efficient and VERY bright
  • Multiple speeds thanks to its DC motor
  • Adds a modern flare to your space
  • Basically silent, even on its highest speed
  • Sturdy and doesn’t wobble or click
  • Easy installation

What we don’t like:

  • The highest two speeds can be overwhelming for some

CJOY Ceiling Fan with Lights, 30” Small Modern Ceiling Fan

If you happen to have a tiny balcony, porch, or whatever covered outdoor space, this CJOY is the perfect fan for that because it’s only 30 inches. Don’t take its size for granted because this one is highly powerful actually and it’s also very bright since it uses a 24W LED light bulb which delivers a flicker-free light.

Features: The diameter of this makes it just the right addition to a small outdoor space like a balcony or porch. There’s a soft radiation of the LED light bulb which brings comfort during the night; the motor is reversible and strong, with an airflow capacity of 5000 CFM, so don’t let its size fool you. There’s a remote control that you can use to operate the speed, brightness, timing, and turn on/off the fan.

Design: The fully-enclosed design brings a sense of modernity within your space, especially the 5 blades which add elegance because of the curved ends. There are two finishes to choose from: an elegant white and a matte black, one being more sophisticated and the other slightly more contemporary, so choose wisely based on your décor. This is 10x times better than what you expected, especially for its size and price.

What we like:

  • Really bright LED light with 3 different light options
  • Quiet motor that moves plenty of air
  • Straightforward setup
  • Minimalistic design
  • Works on angled ceilings too
  • Has a timing function (1/2/4/8 hrs) sleep shutdown

What we don’t like:

  • No dimming options

Prominence Home 51657-01 Freyr Ceiling Fan

This unique Freyr ceiling fan by Prominence Home is unlike any other rustic fan you’ve come across and that’s because of its galvanized finish which gives your outdoors a charm. The integrated light kit comes with Edison LED clear light bulbs that provide the best illumination.

Features: The blade span of this one is 52 inches, making it a perfect addition to any medium or large space and for being damp-rated, this will be your best friend during a humid weather. The lights are very energy-efficient; the motor is powerful as always, with 3 different speeds and a reversible airflow which you can adjust by using the remote control that comes with the kit. It also works on standard and angled ceilings (up to 17 degrees) with the angle bracket that’s sold separately.

Design: The outstanding finish of the fan and the small details make this the perfect fan to upgrade your exterior space because it has simple and clean lines which give off a simplistic aesthetic that you’ll love. It comes in a textured black finish too and it’ll have the same effect in terms of design and as an additional piece, this one has reversible blades in silver oak/dark maple to complement any area. But what we really like is the seeded glass that looks like a vintage lantern and it helps to distribute the light evenly.

What we like:

  • Eye-catching finish and design
  • The light has a color temperature of 2700K – more than enough to light up your place
  • Great for outdoors like pergolas, patios, porches, garages
  • Works with smart home devices like Google Home, Alexa (sold separately)
  • A modern and farmhouse style combination
  • Quiet, no wobble, great airflow

What we don’t like:

  • Installation is a pain – we suggest hiring an electrician

Hunter Ocala Indoor / Outdoor Ceiling Fan

This Hunter Ocala ceiling fan is perhaps the best purchase for your outdoor area because you’ll say goodbye to insects forever! With a multi-speed motor and an LED light kit, Ocala will give you everything you’ve wanted and more!

Features: If your porch, patio, or sunroom is a medium or large sized area, this will ensure that you get enough light and breeze because it’s 52 inches so it’s perfect. The motor is pretty efficient and powerful, with a 3200+ CFM rate – just enough for your outdoors. The LED light bulbs are also dimmable and last for a long time and they’re encased by the clear glass that distributes the light throughout the area. To turn the fan on/off or adjust the speed, there’s a pull chain control that comes with the kit; for adjusting the light and speed, there’s a universal handheld remote as well – operation has never been simpler.

Design: There’s an industrial and rustic feel to this fan and we’re here for it! This one comes in a noble bronze finish and a fresh white finish, both of which fit amazing in your exterior design. The clean finish of the blades and the clear glass ‘’globe’’ that protects the blades are beautiful contrasts that complement each other so well. It’s made of raw materials which are great quality so this makes it a worthy investment.

What we like:

  • Whisper wind motor – silent and powerful
  • Nicely finished and looks great in modern or rustic areas
  • Comes with 2 LED light bulbs that are bright white
  • Relatively easy to install – instructions are clearly marked
  • Pull chains have distinct icons (light bulb icon and a fan icon)

What we don’t like:

  • Remote control unit is sold separately

Trifecte Indoor Outdoor Ceiling Fan

What better option than the Trifecte Icebreaker ceiling fan to bring a new updated contemporary look to your outdoor area? This is smart, powerful, and has a light too – all the features that you’re looking for, really. Best thing about it? It’s wet-rated, not just for damp places.

Features: Okay, but this one takes the top when it comes to functionality. You can choose between a 52-inch, 56-inch, or 60-inch based on the size of your area, so there’s versatility. The blade pitch allows for more airflow – up to 7000 CFM which is just insane! It’s a DC motor with 10 different speeds and is reversible of course! Another thing we love about it is the fully dimmable integrated LED light kit and it illuminates your space bright enough. Also, it’s compatible with Alexa, Google Home, and Siri.

Design: If you already have a modern exterior, the Icebreaker is just what the name suggests – a fan to bring a fresh style to your space, without being too overly complicated. It comes in different finishes like: black, white, silver, and a silver/black combination – all of which bring the ultimate modern flare to your porch, patio, or exposed spaces. What really makes this stand out from the rest is the clear globe that protects the light and it looks unlike any other fan globe you’ve seen.

What we like:

  • LED light kit provides 50000+ hours of illumination
  • Has a timer (1-8 hrs) sleep shutdown
  • Wall-held remote control to operate the fan
  • 3 different sizes to choose from
  • Strong ABS blades that are unique in shape and they circulate a lot of air
  • DC motor is 75% more efficient than other AC fans
  • Wet rating (damp-proof and for outdoor exposed spaces)

What we don’t like:

  • Install instructions could be more detailed
  • Remote design is not the best

Monte Carlo 3CLMR56BSD-V1 Clarity Max 56″ Outdoor Hugger Fan

Monte Carlo never fails to deliver to best fans for any type of space and this Clarity Max hugger fan is no exception! It comes with a dimmable LED light kit and has a blade pitch of 12-degrees which offers the best airflow for larger spaces.

Features: Whether you have a smaller or larger room, this will be perfect because it comes in 3 sizes: 42 inches, 52 inches, and 56 inches. The integrated LED light kit uses a 15W light bulb that’s extremely efficient and long lasting; the motor is silent and operates at a rate of an average 6445 CFM; comes with a wall control that has 4 speeds and you can use it to adjust the reversing function and dimming of the lights.

Design: The Clarity Max doesn’t just come in different sizes; it also includes a variety of finishes to choose from such as:

  • Brushed Steel – American Walnut
  • Matte White – White
  • Brushed Steel – Light Grey Weathered Oak
  • Roman Bronze – Bronze
  • Brushed Steel – Teak
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze – Bronze
  • Silver

There are a lot of color combos to choose from so they’ll definitely keep your outdoors space inspired and updated. This one has a modern mass appeal to it and its simplistic design is what really gets all the attention and has every right to do so! The clean and sleek blades, combined with the metallic shine of the motor housing are a match made in heaven.

What we like:

  • Dimmable LED light that has a 2700K temperature range
  • No mechanical noise from the motor
  • Damp-rated, works great in covered outdoor spaces
  • It’s great-looking and very contemporary
  • Works with a remote control too (bought separately)
  • Standard installation process

What we don’t like:

  • Instructions are not the best

Craftmade Outdoor Ceiling Fan with CFL Light PAR52ESP4 Port Arbor

What better way to finish off our list than with this Craftmade Port Arbor ceiling fan, a perfect vintage ceiling fan for your outdoors area. A warm white light brings a soft illumination and the blades are weatherproof to endure any conditions because it’s wet-rated.

Features: This one has amazing features, starting from the fact that it measures 52 inches, the best size for any medium or large outdoor area. The integrated light kit has 1 fluorescent 13W light bulb with a sufficient bright luminosity; the motor is reversible with 3 speeds and an airflow capacity of 5409 CFM; it’s dual-mounted; has a pull chain that you can use to operate all the above features.

Design: If you have a nautical themed space, this one will be the best addition to that because it’s an amazing fan that is not only made from the best materials but it looks just as good. The ABS blades are sharp and with a slight curvature at the ends which match the style of the housing so perfectly. It comes in an espresso and galvanized finish but two small details which we love so much are the hammered texture on the surface of the motor and the swirling pattern on the light fixture because those really just make this even more worthy.

What we like:

  • Wet-rated, works perfect in uncovered areas
  • Can be mounted on flat, vaulted and angled ceilings
  • Nice, soft light
  • Well-made, sturdy, doesn’t wobble or rattle
  • Unique design with marine vibes
  • Assembly requires minimum effort

What we don’t like:

  • Doesn’t include a remote control