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Outdoor Wall Mounted Fans

If you’re looking for a way to keep you cool but you don’t have too much floor space, an outdoor wall-mounted fan is the one for you. One of the reasons we like wall-mounted fan is because they are so light, space-saving, and they provide a huge amount of air circulation.

They are considered to be very practical, especially for patios, porches or decks, and they can also be mounted outdoors which is great during the hot summer days. As the name suggests, wall-mounted fans need to be fitted to the wall and it’s a relatively easy installation since all they need is a lightweight bracket.

Wall-mounted fans have many benefits, such as:

  • They move a lot of air, offering a cool breeze
  • Space-saving – require no floor space
  • They don’t move when fitted into the wall so it’s more secure
  • Majority of wall-mounted fans include remote control or pull chain for easier control
  • Most of wall-mounted fans are lightweight, weighing only a few pounds
  • They include many good features

Of course looks aren’t everything, but it’s nice to also get a wall fan that looks attractive in your outdoor areas because it’s a permanent fixture. Another thing to check for is the size of the wall-mounting bracket because that’s what’s going to help you know if you should get a smaller or larger fan. Check for the airflow capacity of the fan too because that’s the most important thing that you’ll need. Lastly, keep in mind that because these are outdoor ceiling fans, some may be louder or quieter.

Now all you have left to do is follow our guide for the best outdoor wall-mounted ceiling fans that we have chosen especially for outdoor use such as patios or porches. These fans have different features so you have to consider them carefully before making a decision that will later become a permanent fan in your area. Below, you’ll find the best 8 outdoor wall-mounted ceiling fans that have the functionality, looks, and more.

iLIVING Wall Mounted Variable 18 Inches Speed Indoor/Outdoor Weatherproof Fan

This ILiving Weatherproof ceiling fan is a beast when it comes to air movement because it has a capacity of 6360 CFM which is great for an 18-inch fan. Just as the name suggests, this fan is weatherproof because it has a corrosion-resistant finish that’s perfect for outdoor use and as an additional piece, it comes with an adjustable wall-mount bracket.

The fan has 3 speeds and a pull chain that you can use to adjust them, whereas the motor is sealed in a permanent way which makes it great for wet locations. Another great feature of this fan is the misting feature that comes as part of the misting kit (sold separately) but it’s great during summer days.

Let’s talk dimensions; the fan comes in 3 sizes: 14 inch, 18 inch, and 20 inch and works great in warehouses, patios, workshop, or garages. The motor is powerful and it uses a corded electric as a power source with 120 volts, and it includes a 10 ft power cord.

The fan has curved fan blades which offer the best air movement and they’re coated in a powder aluminum finish that matches perfectly with the black finish of the grille. It doesn’t take up too much space in your outdoor area and best of all it just blends in with your exterior in a seamless way.


  • Weatherproof and OSHA approved grille
  • Great airflow capacity
  • Optional misting kit
  • Doesn’t wobble because it’s factory balanced
  • No assembly required


  • Installation instructions could be better

OEMTOOLS OEM24895 18 Inch Workstation Fan, 3-Speed High Velocity Fan

Another great wall-mounted fan for outdoor use is the OEMTOOLS Velocity Fan that’s energy efficient, gets rid of stagnant air and works during humid air too. It includes 3 speeds, a pull chain and it barely makes any noise thanks to its motor that comes with a 63dB rating.

This 18-inch wall-mounted fan works great in your patio or stalls and it keeps every area cool since it tilts at 360 degrees. It has a 1/20 HP motor and 1500 RPMs, as well as an airflow capacity of 3853 CFM. Overall, it’s an easy installation for your porch or covered patio and you don’t need to worry about mosquitoes because the breeze that this fan offers keeps them away.

It’s a high-quality fan because it has curved aluminum blades which offer optimum air circulation and the grille is black which works great with the design of the blades. It’s definitely an upgrade for your outdoor area and it saves so much space in your wall so it’s totally worth its money.


  • Cuts down on your energy bill
  • 360 degree rotation
  • Cuts through various fumes or air
  • Simple design
  • Great for large areas


  • It wobbles a little when put in oscillating mode

Matthews ME-TB, Melody Bronze 13″ Outdoor Wall Fan with Wall Control

If you’re looking for a real statement piece for your outdoor area, this Matthews Outdoor Wall fan is just that. The head radium is 13 inches but when including the mounting base, this becomes a 20-inch fan which is ideal for small spaces. Since the fan is made out of metal, it’s a strong and long-lasting wall-mounted fan offers great air circulation and keeps you cool at all times.

When mounted, the fan’s head stands at a 30-degree downward angle, it has a 31-degree blade pitch, 3 speeds, and a 5.5 inches canopy. It uses a wall control with independent oscillation control that you can use to adjust the settings, but it also works with a universal remote control. The AC motor of the fan provides 1328 CFM airflow which is a decent amount of air for a small fan, and it oscillates 90-degrees left-to-right.

It has an antique-like design with the curved mounting base that adds a retro look to your outdoor space. The fan comes in 2 finishes:

  • Bronze
  • Matte Black

The bronze finish adds to that vintage design, whereas the matte black offers a modern touch, complementing your patio or covered porch in an effortless way.


  • Damp-rated
  • 90-degree oscillation
  • Constant air flow
  • Looks and performs great
  • Runs quiet and smooth


  • On the pricey side

Misting Direct Wet Location Fan w/Designer Wall Mount

With double humidity-resistant materials, a sealed and thermally covered motor, this Misting Direct Wet Location fan will work through any weather and it lasts for a long time. It’s wet rated and entirely made of wet resistant materials; it has 3 speeds, a pull chain control, and an oscillation mode on/off.

The fan is 24 inches so it works best in large outdoor areas but the best part about this fan is its super powerful motor which has an airflow capacity of 9450 CFM which is insane, especially for a small fan like this one. As an additional feature, the fan has a corrosion-resistant finish which helps with the longevity of the fan.

It has a clean and simple design that has a black finish but that’s what we like about this fan because it’s easy to put anywhere and it won’t take too much attention. The aluminum blades just cut through the air, circulating a huge amount of airflow and offering a cooling breeze too.


  • Made of entirely wet resistant materials (blades too)
  • Optimal airflow
  • 3 speeds
  • Minimalistic design


  • The mounting can’t be adjusted

Hurricane Wall Mount Fan – 16 Inch | Super 8

When it comes to wall-mounted fans with technology features, the Hurricane Wall Mount fan is the best option because it includes the 8 pattern technology which offers great airflow as well as other features. It works great outdoors in big open spaces and it’s very quiet because it includes a super quiet technology.

This fan measures 16 inches; 3 speed settings and 3 oscillation settings, with an amazing airflow capacity of 2118 CFM on the highest speed. It has a 6-hours increment timer, a remote control, and the best feature is that if a power cut happens, the power backs up to the previous setting.

Just from glancing at this fan, you can see that it has a modern design because you can see all the technology features that are on the base of the fan. Since the fan comes in a black finish, the 3 blades come in a blue color that contrasts with the black in a beautiful way.


  • Technology is the highlight of this fan
  • 8 pattern technology
  • Remote control is included
  • 3 oscillation settings
  • Metal gear construction for noiseless operation


  • Oscillation can be uneven because it leans more to the left

OemTools 24″ Outdoor Oscillating Wall Mount Fan

If you don’t lack space in your patio and you want good air movement, this OEMTOOLS Outdoor Oscillating fan is the right pick for you because it has all the basic needs an outdoor fan should have. It has an energy-efficient motor, 3 speeds, and it oscillates at an adjusted positioning.

Although it measures to be 24 inches, the fan may actually be bigger because of the mounting bracket so it’s ideal for large areas and it’s water resistant so it can endure rain or snow. This high velocity fan has a 3-speed 1080 RPM motor and an airflow capacity of 6800 CFM so it circulates a lot of air while also keeping the mosquitoes away. For optimal outdoor protection, the fan also comes with a GFCI plug so you can easily use it on your porch, patio or deck.

This fan will beat the heat thanks to its steel body and aluminum blades which cut through the air perfectly. It has a rather simple design and color since it comes in black only, but functionality is all what this fan is about.


  • Circulates a large amount of air
  • Water and dust resistant
  • Easy assembly
  • Includes safety hardware
  • Covers large areas well


  • A bit noisy
  • The pull switch is not great quality

Simple Deluxe 20 Inch High Velocity 3 Speed, Black Wall-Mount Fan

If you’re looking to replace your average outdoor wall-mounting fan, this Simple Deluxe High Velocity fan is the one for you because it has a 3-speed thermally protected PSC motor which makes this a powerful wall mount fan. It’s sturdy, doesn’t wobble, and has a low noise thanks to its newest technology that reduces the noise level by 40%.

The fan is 20 inches, great for patio, backyard, or porch because it also tilts at 360 degrees. When it comes to airflow, this has a strong capacity of 4650 CFM when on the highest speed, and it operates without too much noise because of the 60dB rate.

It also comes in 2 styles: 1 pack and 2 pack so if you have a larger area, you can pick the 2 pack and it circulates twice as much air. It’s made out of powder coated steel construction and a sturdy metal frame that looks great, plus it’s easy to clean. You can also adjust the tilt of the fan if you want to circulate air in a certain area by loosening the knob.


  • Great for outdoor, industrial, commercial use
  • One of the quietest fans
  • Easy to install
  • Adequate air flow
  • Doesn’t feel cheap


  • The speeds may be a bit too high

Tornado – 20 Inch High Velocity Industrial Wall Fan

Last but definitely not least, the Tornado High Velocity fan is a great option for outdoor use because it tilts at a full 360 degrees and it’s well-built with a sturdy base that ensures the fan stays balanced. The PSC motor doesn’t let the fan collect any dust and it operates quietly since it uses new technology that reduces the noise level by 40%.

The fan is 20 inches and it works great in patio or backyard; it uses an OSHA rust-resistant grille, 3-speed heavy duty thermally protected motor, and a 6 ft power cord for easier use. It has an extremely powerful and quiet motor that has a capacity of 4750 CFM and uses 120 volts.

There’s no doubt that this fan is made out of sturdy materials because it has a powder coated steel construction. Another good thing is that it’s a great addition to your outdoor area because of its simple design so it matches any exterior décor.


  • Made of high quality materials
  • 3 speeds
  • The motor is heavily protected
  • Quick assembly
  • Provides great airflow


  • The mounting system could use some improvements