Are you tired of hot and long summer days that make everything boring? Is your summer excitement dying because you feel like suffocating every time you are in your living room, bedroom, or even bathroom and everywhere else in the house? Do you already wish it was winter though you hate cold too? Well do not worry, since there is hope for you to get better.

This might sound to you like the random air conditioner TV ad script, but it is not. In this article, we are not trying to sell you anything. We are just trying to give you the easiest, cheapest ideal solution you can make for yourself for summer. It is a fan, moreover a ceiling fan. Those things may seem to you as old fashioned, ugly and you may even be pretty convinced that they do not actually function that well, but you’d be surprised by the wind chill effect that they are able to create.

There are a lot of reasons why you should own one in your house, especially if you live in a country with hot long summers. However, the four main reasons why you must have a ceiling fan at least in your living room are, as following:

They cool you down – of course this is the main reason why one would purchase it. Maybe you have seen ceiling fans at other people’s houses and you were not amused by them, but you should know that there are a lot of types of ceiling fans, and often their performance depends on their manufacturer. That is why you need to learn a thing or two about ceiling fans before you purchase one.

They are cheap – compared to an air conditioner, they are way cheaper. They also last very long, which means you don’t have to spend money on new ones every three-four years.

They last long – there are people who have not changed their ceiling fans for around fifteen years and they are still happy with them. If you maintain them well they may last very long, without losing their performance.

They can help with heating in the winter –which not all people know, and not all ceiling fans do. Most of them have a switch which allows the blades to turn in a reverse direction, what enables them to push the hot air down, which usually goes up.

How to buy the best ceiling fan?

If you have been brought up in a house with ceiling fans, then you may know how to choose the right one. However, if you don’t, this guide will help you decide which is the best ceiling fan for your home. You do not want to just go online or at a store and buy the first fan you see, since you may get disappointed.  If you want a fan which will make you happy all summer long (and also winter), then look at its features when you purchase it, as following:

Size – You may think that the bigger the fan, the greater its performance will be, but that is not necessarily a good thing for you. The size of the fan should be according to the size of the room or office where you are going to place it. The bigger the room, the bigger the ceiling fan, its motor and blades should be. The smaller the room, the smaller the fan. If you place a small fan in a big room its effect will be hardly noticed, whereas if you put a big fan in a very small room then you will find it difficult to stay in that room with the fan on because of the amount of wind chill effect it creates and the noise.

CFM & Motor – The size of the fan is very related  to the CFM & the motor of the fan. When we say a big fan, what we actually mean, is a fan that has a stronger motor and a higher CFM. The CFM is the cubic feet of airflow per minute.  When purchasing a fan, always pay attention to the CFM, since the fans that have the highest CFM, not only have a better performance but are also capable of saving you more money.

Also pay attention to the noise that comes from the motor. Some of them can be very noisy and disturbing, and trust me you don’t want one of them in a place you spend a huge amount of the time of your life.

Watts Usage – Among the main reasons why people buy fans, is because they are cheap and help saving money. That is why you should always check how much watts does a fan spend, or more specifically how much electricity it spends when operating at its highest speed.

Despite many people’s belief, the size of the motor does not determine the amount of electricity a fan uses. Also, if a fan uses less electricity that does not mean they have a lower performance. Some of the best ceiling fans are those that have a good performance even when using least electricity.

Number of Blades – When people purchase a ceiling fan they go for the one that has most blades, blindly believing that the more blades a fan has, the higher its performance. The truth is quite contrary. Actually some of the best ceiling fans have only 3 blades. That does not mean ceiling fans with four, five or even more blades do not have a good performance, since it does not depend only in the blades, but other factors as well.

Angles of the Blades – While we are talking about the blades, check the angle they are set. It must be at least 12 degree, since anything less than that is very flat to move air efficiently, either for cooling or heating.

Design – Last but not least. Do not just pick the fan with the best performance. Pick a pretty one that goes nicely with the other furniture in your room. Later on, you will be more than happy about it.