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Tropical Ceiling Fans

You’re sitting on your room and you’re sweating buckets because you don’t own a good ceiling fan and you probably live in a hot climate area that’s hard to beat the heat. Sounds familiar? Well, chances are you need a highly-efficient ceiling fan because that’s the only rescue to a really hot weather. And what better option than a tropical themed ceiling fan that matches your interior or outdoor home décor?

A tropical ceiling fan is the best way to add an island and exotic touch to your beach house or just your regular home. They add beachy vibes but the best thing about them is that you can mix and match materials or styles and most of them come in different shapes so there’s a variety to choose from. If you want a Hawaiian, Florida, or just any beach themed tropical design, you got it all. But hey, even if you have a typical house and you want to add some spice to it with a tropical ceiling fan, you can do that too, and if anything, it will only enhance your interior or exterior more.

The most common design of a tropical fan is the wooden leaf or palm blades but they’re also one of the best type of tropical fans because they’re made out the best quality materials, sometimes even with real bamboo or ABS for a long-lasting fan. If you happen to have a beach house you have to invest in a tropical fan because they just match the setting and the décor so perfect. Tropical ceiling fans are not just pretty to look at; they also include a lot of great features that make this an even better purchase, not to mention that they can come with lights too so you get everything in one single fan.

Below, you’ll find a list of our 8 best tropical ceiling fans that have different themed designs and functions so you get a lot of options. Whichever tropical fan you decide on, we assure you that they’re all made out of high-quality materials and they match everyone’s styles because they’re so versatile. This is the best selections of tropical fans; they’re unique and include different features and accessories, so you really have a chance here at picking the best fan yet.

Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50503-01 Royal Palm 52″ Ceiling Fan

This 5-star rated tropical fan makes its way on our top best fans and for many reasons. The Honeywell fan has hand-carved wooden leaf blades and 4 light bulbs that add a rustic vibe to your room, while also producing a great amount of airflow, so you’re really getting only the best fan out there.

Features: In terms of its size, this one is perfect for medium or large rooms because it measures 52 inches and has a 12-degree blade pitch which makes it perfect to circulate air evenly. The motor is pretty silent too, comes with 3 speeds and is also reversible and great to use during the summer or winter. It also includes a light kit with 4 LED light bulbs and a pull chain to operate everything smoothly.

Design: The looks speak for itself such as the case of this Royal Palm tropical fan. The main focus is on the hand-carved artisan blades that are made out of basswood so they’re carefully carved in a leaf design that right away catches your eye and anyone who enters the room. The dark cherry finish of the blades just looks great in a vintage room with wooden décor pieces because it complements them so well and then the black body of the fan adds another beautiful contrast to the blades.

What we like:

  • Puts a decent amount of airflow even on its lowest setting
  • Amazing lighting
  • Has an aesthetically-pleasing design
  • Solid construction
  • Doesn’t wobble or make any noise
  • Good instructions

What we don’t like:

  • Installation takes a while

Palm Ceiling Fan with Remote 5 ABS Damp Rated Palm Blades

When it comes to aesthetics, this Akronfire tropical ceiling fan is hard to beat. The intricate design of the blades and the quiet motor are the perfect combination for your indoor or outdoor area, giving you plenty of airflow and something beautiful to look at.

Features: At 52 inches, this one is ideal for medium or large places like a bedroom or living room, but the best part about it is that the blades are damp-rated which is great for outdoor use in a covered porch or patio. This will save you a lot of money thanks to its powerful motor that includes 3 speeds and is energy-efficient. And to adjust the height of the fan, you also get a 4.9-inch downrod and a longer 9.8-inch based on the height of your ceiling. Lastly, to operate everything easy, a remote control is there to help you.

Design: Do we even have to say anything about the design of this one? Well, guess we should but just take a look for yourself and see how beautiful and properly sloped the blades are. They are damp-rated palm leaf blades made out of ABS material and they’re sturdy so don’t expect any wobble from them. It’s really stylish and totally an attention grabber whenever you have people over.

What we like:

  • Eye-catching design that’s safer and durable
  • Quiet motor that offers a great breeze and plenty airflow
  • Damp-rated blades that don’t deform and last for a long time
  • Looks great outdoors too
  • Easy installation process

What we don’t like:

  • Remote control doesn’t work too good on a very high ceiling

Quorum International 52″ 5-Blade Monaco Patio Fan

Sticking to that leaf design, this Quorum International Monaco ceiling fan brings the ultimate tropical breeze to your room, especially outdoors in a patio or porch because of its weatherproof blades which are great for wet locations.

Features: This one measures 52 inches and has a 14 degree blade pitch which is amazing because it delivers a huge amount of airflow – 5055 CFM and 75 cubic feet per minute per watt, so it’s totally worth a second look. It’s light kit compatible but if you want that you can get it separately, it’s totally up to you! The motor is reversible, powerful and quiet, with 3 different speeds that offer you the most comfortable breeze ever.

Design: If you’re into flowers and leaves, the Quorum International is your best pick because it has such a beautiful tropical design that almost looks like a flower. The 5 ABS leaf-shaped maple blades ensure longevity and even airflow distribution throughout your area. One thing worth mentioning is the satin nickel finish of the fan which gives it that bright refreshing look that goes great with a modern or tropical décor, especially in a patio during a hot summer day.

What we like:

  • Works with a remote control and wall switch too
  • Stylish, well-made and the perfect accent for your indoors or outdoors
  • Puts out a lot of air
  • Completely sealed and UL listed for wet locations
  • Includes two optional downrods: 4-inch and 6-inch

What we don’t like:

  • Not a single bad review on this fan

Westinghouse Lighting 7236200 Oasis Indoor Ceiling Fan

Another great option for indoor and outdoor areas is the Westinghouse Oasis ceiling fan, with a similar leaf design and weatherproof blades which give you comfort and a cool breeze, especially in a patio, gazebo, or bedroom.

Features: At 48 inches, this fan performs best in small to medium sized rooms, or any backyard area basically because it has an airflow capacity of 3983 CFM and 80 CFM/W which is more than enough. It comes with a light kit and a medium base 10W Omni A19 LED light bulb that is very energy-efficient and super bright.

Design: The amazing leaf design and the rich mahogany finish act as a beautiful accent in your indoor/outdoor area and the best complement to that would be the yellow alabaster glass lantern which covers the light and adds a touch of elegance to the fan. The blades are weatherproof and they have a distinct wood pattern that’s really unique and when combined with the black finish of the body, this fan truly becomes a statement piece.

What we like:

  • High-quality motor that operates silently and efficiently
  • Delivers a great amount of airflow, even outdoors
  • ABS blades for a long-lasting and aesthetically-pleasing design
  • 3 options for installing: flush mount, standard, and slopped angle
  • Looks great in a gazebo, living room, or bedroom

What we don’t like:

  • Instructions could be better

Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50207 Palm Island Tropical Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan

If you’re into tropical ceiling fans but you want to add a little modern flare to your indoor or outdoor area then this Honeywell Palm Island fan will do just that. It has a reversible 4-speed motor that works during the summer or winter with an airflow capacity of 3516 CFM that’s pretty decent.

Features: As this is 52 inches, it’s the ideal size for a medium or large area like a bedroom, dining room, or outside ones like a porch, deck, or covered patio. The blades are damp-rated so it’s great for using outside in covered places where humidity is present and it’s very convenient. There’s also a pull chain control for an easier operation to turn the fan on/off but if you prefer a hand-held remote control, you can also get that separately because it’s compatible with remotes too.

Design: It’s a high-quality fan and this can be seen in the classic tropical design that’s mixed with a modern touch by the bronze leaf blades that complement each other so well. Your area will really benefit from this fan because of its breeze and because of its eye-catching design that’ll leave your guests wondering where you got it from. The blades and the overall fan are made out of a PVC material which means that they don’t absorb moisture when you use them outside.

What we like:

  • Great for a beach themed area
  • Makes basically no noise
  • Offers a nice breeze
  • Easy to install
  • Well balanced, no need to adjust the blades
  • Works great in places with humidity or moisture

What we don’t like:

  • Some people prefer more air rather than just a gentle cooling breeze

Concord Fans Fernleaf Breeze Tropical Ceiling Fan

Let’s spice up our list by adding this Concord Fernleaf Breeze fan because it’s such a unique design and a mix between a tropical and bohemian style, great for rustic or exotic rooms. One of the best things we like about this fan is that it’s damp-rated which makes it perfect for any outdoor use as long as it’s a covered space but it produces a decent amount of airflow so it makes this all worth it.

Features: This has a 52-inch blade span and a 14-degree blade pitch for that cooling effect, while the motor operates silently and at a rate of 3247 CFM. If you have a covered porch, patio, or sunroom, this will be your best friend during those hot summer days because it just creates a comfortable environment and cools down your body. There are 3 speeds that you can operate with the pull chain but it’s also remote adaptable if you want to buy one separately.

Design: The Fernleaf Breeze fan is specifically designed to match an indie and shabby chic décor, by adding a touch of exotic vibe with the fernleaf blades that transform your area into an island paradise. As an additional rustic appeal, the fan is also covered in a rich dark brown finish that makes it look a little vintage but in a cool way. We can agree that this will be a unique fan to any indoor or outdoor area because of its design and functionality too.

What we like:

  • A mix of bohemian and tropical which makes you feel like you’re in a resort
  • The blade pitch creates a great airflow for your environment
  • ABS blades that look and feel like real wood
  • Features a triple locking system and a 4.5-inch downrod to adjust the height
  • It’s dual mounted

What we don’t like:

  • Finding the matching width downrod is a little difficult

hykolity 52 Inch Indoor Tropical Ceiling Fan

Well this is definitely not your typical traditional fan with a light fixture, but it’s definitely an eye-catching fan that is a real crowd pleaser. This tropical hykolity ceiling fan creates a comfortable breeze in the room, while also being quiet both during the summer and winter.

Features: When it comes to its size, this one measures 52 inches and it’s perfect for medium rooms like a bedroom, living room, or kitchen because it provides sufficient airflow and illumination thanks to its LED light bulb. The motor is also relatively quiet, with 3 speeds that can be operated with the pull chains that’s included in the fan. As an additional feature, this tropical fan is tri-mount compatible so it works with a standard downrod, angled-mount and close-mount, with an optional 6-inch downrod that you can use to adjust the height.

Design: This is the type of tropical fan to take you back to that amazing vacation you had with the palm leaf blades and the bronze finish which creates a rich look that’s hard to beat. The blades are ABS constructed which look like real wood and create a sense of coziness within your room. It would also look perfect in a beach house because it’s so cute and the perfect size, and for the price point? Oh boy, that’s a real winner!

What we like:

  • Silent motor that delivers decent airflow
  • High quality design with beautiful palm leaf blades
  • Remote compatible too
  • Easy install
  • Excellent ceiling fan for the price – very affordable
  • Adds beachy and exotic vibes to your sunroom or living room

What we don’t like:

  • No negative reviews yet

Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze Ii 74-in Oil-rubbed Bronze Outdoor Downrod Ceiling Fan

If you’re bored of the leaf blades and you want something else that brings a tropical feel to your room, then this Harbor Breeze ceiling fan might just become your favorite tropical fan yet. Of course, the two motors are the most prominent feature of this fan and they provide an insane amount of airflow for your indoor/outdoor space because of its durability.

Features: If you got a large area that needs to be cooled down, this 74-inch twin breeze will do the job just right. It includes a light kit with and an alabaster glass shade and a candelabra base E12 that produces a really bright illumination in the room, without being too overbearing. The AC motor is reversible and features 3 speeds that are very powerful, with an airflow capacity of 4450 CFM and 57 cubic feet per minute per watt, and a remote control to operate everything. To adjust the height of the fan, there’s an optional 4-inch L donword included, while the fan itself works with an angle mount too.

Design: This is a stunning fan that updates your interior with an exotic vibe, along with the dual fan heads that create that eye-catching effect for you and everyone who enters the room. The brown wicker finish of the blades and the oil-rubbed bronze finish of the overall fan add a stylish appearance to your extra large room. It’s made out of sturdy materials which ensure a wobble-free base and lasts for a long time. It really transitions the décor in your indoor or outdoor area, while having a casual sleek appeal which many people love and also because of its focal point which are the dual fan heads.

What we like:

  • Unique design with two motors – extra efficient
  • Features a powerful and quiet motor technology
  • Rated for indoor and outdoor use
  • Outstanding design with a beautiful tropical vibe
  • The two fan heads tilt up to a 20-degree which create an even air circulation in the room
  • Instructions are clear and easy to follow

What we don’t like:

  • The set screw in the canopy ball can be a little too short to reach the downrod so you have to replace it with a longer one if this happens to you