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Turn of the Century Ceiling Fan Reviews

Turn of the Century ceiling fans are trending today due to their beautiful aesthetic and perfect cooling capacity. The models cover simplistic and stylish ceiling fans, but also affordable and exclusive fans.   

The Turn of the Century fans have a stylish line of ceiling fans which offer quality craftsmanship and effective cooling capabilities. These indoor ceiling fans will fit in any interior decor and are designed to complement any room size. 

The Turn of the Century ceiling fan parts are designed so that the blades can be reversed to give warm air without increasing the bills. Besides utility, the fans also look very sleek, attractive, and unique.

Their down rods have been designed to supply sufficient air in a high ceiling room while their low-profile fans would work well in a low-ceiling room. They also have double mount fans that can be perfectly positioned even without the need of a down rod.

These ceiling fans come in a number of classic colors and eye-catching designs so they can suit different tastes. There are also models with longer fan blades for larger rooms as well.

The vertical rods also come in varying lengths. This comes quite in handy because ceilings of different houses have different heights.

There are plenty of choices in colors, designs, shades, and accessories. There is also a model that uses a dual mounting system so that the down rod is not required. With so many options, you will definitely find a Turn of the Century ceiling fan that compliments your home décor.

We have chosen seven ceiling fans from the Turn of the Century so that you can see some of the types that this company has.

Here are the top 7 Turn of the Century Ceiling Fans for 2022:

Turn of the Century Grand Haven 62 inches LED Ceiling Fan

Turn of the Century Grand Haven 62 inches LED Ceiling Fan

The Rubbed-Bronze-Ceiling by Grand Haven is made for larger rooms and unlike the majority of ceiling fans, this one has eight blades so it can provide a maximum circulation of air. The fan is available in two different colors:

  • Warm Cherry
  • Dark Elm

The fan has reversible blades so you can switch the motor to rotate in reverse direction, so this way you can enjoy the fan all year round, summer to winter. The brightness of the attached LED light can also be adjusted so that there is plenty of illumination even in the corners of the room.

If you are looking for a Turn of the Century ceiling fan for a bigger room then this is the perfect one for you.


  • Easy to install
  • It is very silent for its size


  • You can’t change the light (the light is built-in)
  • It wobbles a little when on the top speed

Turn of the Century 52 inches Manchester Cage Light Ceiling Fan

This Manchester-Light-Ceiling Fan is a dual-mount fan that has five stylish, durable, and reversible blades. It has three motor speeds and had a darkle maple bronze finish.

The item includes a light kit, three bell-shaped metal shades ¾” deep X 6 inches length download with a 54 inches lead wire including three bulb lights. The fan weighs 19.26 pounds and its dimensions are 25.3 x 16 x 9.3 inches.


  • It does not require batteries
  • It has cage lights
  • It includes 3 bulbs in the box


  • It does not come with a remote controller included

Turn of the Century Ashton 52 inches Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan Light Modern Remote

Ashton-Brushed-Ceiling has a design that combines style with utility so that you can run it on three speeds when you click the remote.

It uses halogen as a type of bulb, has 52 inches Brushed Nickel blades and uses 100 watts as a light source. You can rotate the blades of the fan clockwise or anti-clockwise with the help of the remote so you can enjoy it through summer to winter.

This type of model comes with an opal glass light fitting attached and has durable metal blades that will cool down even a very large room.


  • It comes with a remote control


  • Can be a little noisy

Turn of the Century Midori 52 inches Oil Rubbed Bronze Ceiling Fan

This Midori-Rubbed-Ceiling features an oil rubbed bronze fixture and has five blades made of burnt maple and light oak. The fan is Light Oak in one side and Burnt Maple is on the other side.

Each of the blades is 52 inches long, thus providing an excellent air circulation with the help of the powerful, but quiet motor. 

It has a reversible motor so you can also enjoy it during the winter, while the blades  along with the fan are polished for enhanced style in the room.


  • It includes a pull chain
  • It includes a remote control


  • It is only rated for dry locations

Turn of the Century Lanyard 52 inches Oil-Rubbed Bronze Traditional Damp-Rated Ceiling Fan

Turn-Century-Oil-Rubbed-Traditional-Damp-Rated comes with five blades that feature a walnut color on one side and maple color on the other side. This ceiling is mostly rated for a medium-sized room where it would look wonderful.

It has 52 inches blades that generate a sufficient airflow so that every person in the room can feel the air moving.

It uses 60-Watt bulbs which makes the room look really bright and beautiful. It has three speeds that can be controlled by the remote so you can set it at the desired and needed level.


  • It immediately catches attention due to its beauty
  • It has pull chains
  • It has reversible blades


  • It does not go well with smaller rooms

Turn of the Century Apollo 52 inches White Ceiling Fan

Apollo-White-Ceiling is one of the most sophisticated models of the Turn of the Century fans. The fan is available in a white shade called “alabaster glass” that has a unique oak finish.

It has five reversible blades that are 52 inches in length. It has a strong motor with three speeds that can be controlled by a remote.

You can choose between the hugger (or flush) mounting or downward rod fitting when you purchase one of these ceiling fans.


  • You can choose if you want the fan with or without lights
  • It matches the majority of furniture’s due to being a neutral color


  • It takes some time to install

Midori Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan

The Brushed Nickel Ceiling is ideal for any living space due to its quiet motor and the unique designs. It has a combination of Walnut, nickel, and maple matches that would look good in any type of room.

The fan comes with 13 watt CFL light bulbs and has five reversible blades that are long enough and are built to enhance air circulation even in larger rooms. You can also control the fan by pulling the chain.


  • It includes a remote control
  • It has a one-year valid warranty


  • It is only rated for dry locations

Turn of the Century Ceiling Fans – What Makes them Unique?

Turn of the Century ceiling fans are considered unique due to them being classy with beautiful designs that usually do not cost much. You can replace your air conditioner with a ceiling fan from Turn of the Century BUT with half of the price.

All of the Turn of the Century ceiling fans have reversible blades which are perfect for any season that can also be controlled by a remote.

If the blades are pitched towards the right the airflow is downwards and if it is combined with the high speed than the cooling effect is very fast almost the same as an Air Conditioner. In the winter you can reverse the blades which will also help you be warm in the cold winter.

If the blades are pitched to the left the airflow is upwards, the air does not cool too fast but keeps a warm temperature. This is most useful when the outside temperatures suddenly drop in autumn.

Who Makes Turn of the Century Ceiling Fans?

Back in the day, the manufactures mostly for India, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, or other Asian Countries although over the years ceiling fans have gained quite the popularity in the West. Maybe because they can be used in the summer to cool down a room or in winter to warm the room.

Nowadays manufacturers from all around the world make turn of the century ceiling fans, with their craftsmanship and powerful motors, revolutionizing the market of ceiling fans and brining new powerful designs that match every environment.

Today’s ceiling fans are mostly a combination of utility, comfort, and aesthetics so that even the picky buyers will find something they like.

Some tips before you decide buying a Turn of the Century Ceiling Fan

Before you decide on purchasing a Turn of the Century ceiling fan you need to analyze a set of factors.

First thing you need to look into is the blade size. The largest blade size is 62 inches while the smallest blade size is 32 inches. You need to find the right blade size for your room so that it can move a good amount of air. Bigger rooms require larger fans and vice versa.

Some of the other factors are:

  • Budget
  • Room size
  • Installation type
  • home décor etc.


You need to look for ceiling fans that are in your budget and not too expensive. If your budget is not too high no worries there are lots and lots of beautiful ceiling fans that look beautiful, work properly but are also not too expensive.

Remember: Just because it is expensive it does not mean that it is good.

Room size

You need to know your room size so you can find the perfect blade size. For example: Let’s say you have a small room close to 80 square feet then you will need a 36 inches blade span.

A 100 and 150 square feet would need a blade between the sizes 36 and 48 inches. A larger room that is more than 300 square feet would require approximately a 62 inches blade span, etc.

Remember: You also need to know the height of the ceiling so you do not get a really low one and have trouble later.

Installation Types

Next, you need to consider what type of installation is required. Some type of installations that these types of ceiling fans require are:

  • Down rod (low profile ceiling)
  • Dual mount (for a room that has a high ceiling)
  • Flush mount (low ceilings height of nine feet and below)
  • Tri-mount (triple mount ceiling fans have an angle mount option that allows for installation on a sloped ceiling)

Home Décor

You need to consider the fans that would fit your room décor and fortunately, Turn of the Century ceiling has many options that you can choose from. Some of the most common styles are:

  • Transitional
  • Traditional
  • Contemporary

For example, contemporary styling would fit many traditional but also modern spaces. So you can’t go wrong if you choose the contemporary style due to its smooth and metallic finishes, minimal adornment, and clean lines.

You need to think of a ceiling fan as a compliment that you would give to someone. The ceiling fan should make the room look even better. 

Therefore, do not hurry to buy a ceiling that is trendy now cause in a couple of years the styles will change a new style will come and you will need to change the ceiling fan again. So the best thing to do is to focus on a ceiling that works properly and has a simple design with neutral colors.

Look as many reviews as you can on the ceiling fan that you are looking to purchase. That way you can thoroughly see how good that ceiling fan is what are their weaknesses and if it is worth buying. company gives refunds if the client isn’t happy with the delivery. So, don’t hurry take your time cause that ceiling fan will be with you for a couple of years.