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Unique Ceiling Fans

Some people find it very easy to decide which fan they are going to purchase, once they make sure it has got the necessary features to have the right performance in their home. Some people choose tall fans, many others choose ceiling fans, purchasing a ceiling fan with great working features is just not enough. Instead they search for something more.

The ‘best ceiling fan’ notion is somehow relevant. To some people, the best ceiling fan is the one that does not make any noise, to others one that has a powerful motor and a high air flow capacity. Some people search for a fan that matches the style of the room where it is going to be placed, whereas there are also others who just don’t care. To them the most important thing is that the fan moves a lot of air, and makes them forget about the burning heat outside the door.

 The final category is made by those to whom a good ceiling fan means not only an efficient fan, but also a unique one. They will not be content unless they manage to find a fan that is unlike any other. A fan that takes the attention of everyone who comes inside the room, not only because it is attractive to the eye, but also because it is very unusual.

You may be surprised, but today you can find all types of ceiling fans, from all kind of styles, from antique to contemporary and everything in between.

In this article, we have listed and reviewed some of the most unique and very efficient ceiling fans, which are unlike any other. Who knows, maybe among them, you will find that one ceiling fan you have been searching for.

Hunter 59031 Fantasy Flyer Ceiling fan

This unique ceiling fan by Hunter has a whisper wind motor, which delivers ultra powerful air movements while having a super quiet performance. It has three paddles and a reversible motor so it can help with heating during the winter.

It weighs only 21 pounds and it is quite easy to mount it to the ceiling. It is created especially for children’s room, since when you look up at it, it creates the illusion of an airplane flying up in the ceiling. It is made of metal and is in the color of blue with gray paddles and a little red here and there.

If you decide to purchase it for your children’s room, you can always get a bit more creative by adding some cloud decals on the ceiling too, so it will look like a real sky.

Quorum 197215-86 Windmill Ceiling Fan

An unusual ceiling fan with 15 paddles that puts off a nice breeze thus making it possible for you to enjoy your summer.

It is made of metal and plastic in the color of oiled bronze. You can combine it with a variety of environment styles, from traditional to contemporary, since it belongs to the transitional style. It has a wattage of 32, a voltage of 20 and an air flow capacity of 6475 CFM. It comes with wall control included, to make it easier for you to maneuver with it.

It will be a bit hard to install it on your own because of the number of blades, therefore we highly recommend you to ask someone to give you a hand with the process of mounting.

Harbor Breeze Waveport 52 Ceilign Fan

A ceiling fan by Harbor, of the Downrod Mount style. It has a body made of metal, and three paddles made of wood which look like leaves, making the fan resemble to a palm.  It has a bronze color with a bronze finish. It comes with an incandescent light bulb included and is certified with an energy star for spending very little energy.

The fan comes packaged with instructions on its installation, that are simple and clear, making it easier for you to mount the fan to the ceiling.

It is perfect if you live by the sea, or you are a sea & summer lover. You may place it in the dining room, living room, kitchen or anywhere else inside the house. It will be a very good eye-catching addition to your environment.

38″ Esquire 3-Head Ceiling Fan

A rich bronze finish ceiling fan with three heads each containing three blades, produced by the Casa Vieja brand.

This is exactly the fan you have been searching for if you have a house with furniture that combines modernist styles with fine craftsmanship and rich materials, since the fan belongs to the Art Deco style.

The ceiling fan is a bit heavy, though. It weighs 72 pounds that is why a minimum 9-foot ceiling height is required. It is not suitable for sloped ceiling applications either. It comes with a remote control included, so you will be able to turn it on and off and change between its speeds even while laying on the couch.

It is quite powerful and moves a lot of air. It has some of the best reviews on Amazon, as one of the best ceiling fans, that is both unique and efficient.

52″ Innovation Brushed Nickel LED Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan that does not resemble to any other, by Possini Euro Design brand. This contemporary style ceiling fan comes in the color of silver with two blades in brushed nickel in the form of two egg-like circles with a 52″ blade span. It is made of metal and has a LED light that is pretty bright for a room with a 10 foot ceiling.

You may think that because of its very modern style it probably does not have the capacity and efficiency of a traditional ceiling fan, but it actually makes you feel the breeze even in a super hot summer day.

It has a very attractive fixture, and the remote that makes its controlling even easier adds to the reasons why this is the perfect fan for every modern environment.