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Best Windmill Ceiling Fans

In 2022, you can find all types of Ceiling Fans in the market, with the most special features, as the capability to control them through your smartphone or smart house system, with extraordinary airflow capacity per cubic feet per minute, pretty, elegant, modern, and of any style that fits the interior of your house.

Yet, getting the right ceiling fan, takes a bit more understating than just reading about some surprisingly innovative features that nowadays fan have.

 A good fan, most of all, is a fan that moves the required air for you to be happy with it, doesn’t make annoying noises, is easy to install, has several speeds and maybe even a light which you can dim to the desired level of lightness.

Windmill ceiling fans have always been in style, and a pretty addition to a home, in particular to living rooms. Aside of being very functional through winter and summer, windmill ceiling fans have an extra look of traditional elegance, due to the number of fans.

In 2022 and the years to follow, windmill fans will be part of every stylish house. If you have no idea what’s with them, we have made a list.

Here are the best windmill ceiling fans for 2022:

Windflower Indoor/Outdoor 12-Blade Smart Ceiling Fan

A bold and beautiful windmill ceiling fan of a contemporary design that fits in every interior home style, to complete it aesthetically and functionally.

This windmill ceiling fan by Modern Forms has 13 blades and comes in three different colors: graphite, matte black, and oil-rubbed bronze. It exists in two different blade sizes, in 60 inches and 80 inches.

The fan weighs 32 pounds, and is mostly made of wood. It has a LED lightbulb of a voltage of 120 volts and a wattage of 57 watts, and a luminous Flux of 2041 lm, for what it is certified with the Energy Star as an energy saving product.

The most special feature of this windmill ceiling fan is that it belongs it 2020’s innovative technology making it possible for you to control it through your phone or tablet, iOS & Android App, as it is connectable with WIFI.

It works for both indoor and outdoor areas, and it is super easy to install in whichever. It has a super quiet motor, which makes it the ideal product for light sleepers who like a little breeze through the night.

Quorum 196015-86 Windmill Ceiling Fan

This amazing windmill ceiling fan by Quorum has fifteen weathered oak aluminum blades and a blade sweep of 60 inches, as well as a 30-degree blade pitch.

It comes in two different colors, brown and galvanized, each completed with a bronze finish.

Made of a combination of metal and plastic, this ceiling fan weighs 47 pounds and has an extraordinary Air Flow Capacity of 5880 cubic feet per minute and an airflow efficiency of 180 cubic feet per minute per watt, which means it moves quite a lot of air. This makes it perfect even for larger areas.

It has six different levels of speed which can be controlled through wall control, or you can separately buy the remote control, as the fan is adaptable to remote controls as well. The fan is reversible so you can enjoy it during the winter as well.

 It comes with a six inches long down rod included and a United States plug format. It has a UL listed certification which means it meets specific, defined requirements for a windmill of such capacity.

This is definitely a fan that fits the bill, as in addition to all its features it is quiet, it doesn’t wobble, and lasts quite a lot.

Monte Carlo 14PRR52AGPD Prairie II Windmill Ceiling Fan

A windmill ceiling fan with 14 blades and a motor that has an air flow capacity of 5003 CFM, this Monte Carlo product can be purchased in four different colors:

  • Brushed Steel-silver Blades
  • Aged Pewter
  • Aged Pewter-light Grey Weathered Oak Blades
  • Brushed Steel

It also comes in different sizes, so you can choose between 52 inches, 62 inches, or 72 inches according to your needs.

The fan has a diameter of 52 inches and a 14 degrees blade pitch. Its height is 14.14 inches from ceiling to the bottom of the fan light, and weighs 22.9 pounds.

It comes with a 6 inches long down rod, as well as a hand-held remote control, with which you can switch between its six different levels of speed, reverse its function for winter and summer, and dim the lights deepening on your needs.

Moreover, this windmill ceiling fan has a Premium Power Energy-Efficient 125 X 20 mm DC Motor and Precision Balanced Blades for Quiet and Wobble-Free Operation, what makes it worth the price.

Progress Lighting P250000-129 Springer Ceiling Fan

Progress Lighting brings us this twelve-bladed windmill ceiling fan, which is not only a beautiful showpiece but also has fabulous functionality.

Its 60 inches blades and the powerful but quiet DC motor that has an Air Flow Capacity of as many as 6485 Cubic Feet Per Minute will bring the change you need to the air movement in your room. As such, it is ideal for use in great rooms, living rooms, bedrooms and bonus rooms

The fan is made of steel and thus weighs 35.5 pounds. Its color of a rich architectural bronze finish and distressed walnut blades will give elegance to your room catching the eye of every visitor, so if you decide to get this fan get ready to receive a lot of compliments… and questions where you got it, how you installed it and more.

A remote control comes included with the fan, which has a US style plug format, and has a certification of UL Listed.

Casa Vieja Windmill Ceiling Fan

With an imperial bronze finish motor and eight gray oak finish blades, this windmill ceiling fan of Farmhouse style is a product of Casa Vieja.

This is the fan you need if you have been looking for something that would add an industrial-modern flair with a charmingly rustic touch to a chic living room or dining room setting.

The fan is completely made of wood, and an energy-efficient LED light is built into the bottom, with an opal glass covering for diffusing the lighting.

Its eight blades are 72 inches long, while the blade pitch is 25 degrees. It weighs 28 pounds and has a DC-165NL motor size.

Minka Aire F864L-BNK 64″ Barn LED Windmill Ceiling Fan

A gray windmill ceiling fan by Minka Aire, a combination of a smart technology and a DC motto.

Made of glass and metal, this is a windmill fan of a traditional style, of gray color with a brushed finish. It is 65 inches wide with a height of 21.5 inches, and weighs 32.4 pounds

It comes with a remote control which gives you full control over your fan speed and light brightness. You can also customize its look with optional 6 inches long down rods which are available in 60, 48, 36, 24, 12 & 3.5″ configurations.

What’s most special about it, is that this is a WiFi enabled ceiling fan powered by Smart by Bond technology, what enables you to connect it via WiFi to your preferred smart home system.

You should only download the Bond App to your smartphone, it works for both iOS and Android, and you will then be able to instantly add voice control with Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant.

Honeywell Ceiling Fan 50609-01 Xerxes Windmill Ceiling Fan

This wonderful and elegant windmill ceiling fan by Honeywell comes in two different colors:  Oil-rubbed Bronze & Brushed Nickel, both with a bronze finish.

It is a ceiling fan of a contemporary style that elevates the space in your home, moving a lot of air, thus affecting it not only aesthetically and functionally, but also by lifting the mood in that room.

This pretty fan comes with eight dual-finish fan blades and a remote control that helps you switch between the three speeds of this fan, as well as to turn on and off the lights. It is reversible, so you can enjoy it thorough all the reasons of the year. 

As per the lights, the fan’s integrated led has the power to light up a room, and is also dimmable so if you like a darker environment, you can just switch to your preferred one with the remote, dimming it from 10% to 100%.

The fan also works with smart house systems as Google Home and Alex with a Bond Home, which are of course, sold separately.

This fan weighs 31 pounds as it is made of steel, and has a size of 62 inches, what makes it the perfect match for any large area. It is very easy to hand it as you can decide yourself how low or high you want to hang it, since it comes with a down rod four inches long.

Monte Carlo 8TNR56PBSD-V1 Turbine Ultra-Modern 56″ Windmill Ceiling Fan

Monte Carlo brings us this windmill ceiling fan with a clean look, that is both modern and stylish. Whether purchased in matte black, matte white, or painted brushed steel, this fan will complete the look of your room while perfectly fulfilling the purpose for which it was bought for.

With a diameter of 56 inches, height of 19.1 inches from ceiling to bottom of fan light, including the 8 inches long down rod, this fan made of steel weighs 24.2lbs.

It has eight blades made of steel as well, with a span of 56 inches and a 15 degrees blade pitch. It has a very strong dc motor which has the air flow capacity of an extraordinary 6065 CFM.

Included comes a handheld remote control which enables you to switch between its six speed levels, from the lowest to the highest, as well the levels of light dimming. With the remote control you can also reverse the blades direction so you can enjoy it during the colder days as well.

This is a super easy windmill ceiling fan to install, and when done correctly, it doesn’t make any noise as the precision of balanced blade make a wobble free operation possible.

In addition to all of its features, it works perfectly well in outdoor locations.

Fanimation FPD8159BNWBL Odyn Windmill Ceiling Fan

A beautiful windmill ceiling fan by Fanimation that is not only beautiful and elegant, but also extraordinary with it functions, this is among the rare fans that have a mesmerizing Air Flow Capacity of 13,103 CFM.

This fan weighs 34.2 pounds as it is made of a combination of metal, glass and plastic, and has a size of 84 inches. It is of a modern style, color of brushed nickel.

A wall-mountable remote comes included with the fan, but you can also run it through your smartphone with Bluetooth, as the easiest way to access it from whichever spot of you room, or even whichever part of the house.

There are different fan speeds to choose among, from the highest to the lowest one that simulates a natural breeze. You can also set the time when you want the fan to stop, the furthest six hours later.

The fan is Wet Rated, which means you can also use it in outdoor areas. It is energy star qualified, for being an energy saving product, and UL listed for meeting all requirements and specific criteria for a windmill fan of this price.

65″ Destination Modern Windmill Ceiling Fan

This bronze or brushed nickel windmill ceiling fan by Possini Euro Design will create a contemporary look in your living room, kitchen or bedroom, while increasing air circulation.

Its eight blades have a blade span of 65 inches and a blade pitch of 13 degrees. The fan has a brushed finish 188 x 14 mm DC motor size with an air flow capacity of 6178 cubic feet per minute and an airflow efficiency of 259 cubic feet per minute per watt.

This fan also has an integrated white glass LED downlight, comes with a hand held remote control that makes it easier to control the operation of the fan, not only the speeds but dimming the light as well.

In addition to all, the fan also comes included with a down rod of 6 inches long.